World of Warships – Main Battery Reload Tweaks

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Couple Developer Blog posts discussing different tweaks coming to French ships before Main Battery Reload launches. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII German Z-39 Replay – Discord Server


  1. Title.EXE has stopped working

  2. You’re taking this Untitled thing too far now 😛

  3. Title unclear, I think im watching wot.

  4. After their nerf of Akizuki to make Kitakaze look good, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to pull a similar thing with the French battleships.

    • Already are with the nerf to Alsace to spice up Jean Bart and the upcoming Bourgogne.

    • nerf to Akizuki? What the fuck are you talking about? Akizuki got buffed overall by the recent changes.

    • I mean that they nerfed the concealment and rudder shift because Kitakaze wouldn’t be an upgrade. Kitakaze has the same penetration buff so relatively nothing changed there. I’m not arguing that Akizuki got worse overall, even though certain play styles are far less viable now, but it comparatively got nerfed to make Kitakaze look better even though it has the same stats as Akizuki used to have.

    • Kitakaze got a speed buff though, it does 36 kts AFAIK.

  5. Clearly there exists a title, its just in white 😉

  6. next level of “untitled” series

  7. So much for “There will never be T10 Premiums”.

    • Orbital Vagabond it’s not pay to win if you can’t pay for them)

    • Sailing On Thoughts

      Orbital Vagabond How exactly do you pay to get them? If you do it by buying go navy chest they would cost a ridiculous amounts of money. And even than you will only get salem which tbh isn’t even as good as des Moine

    • I think they meant never release T10 premiums that you can insta-buy in the shop…oh sure, you can plunk down $1,300 to buy enough coal to get the Salem, but who’s really going to spend that much for it?

    • Michael Murillo Boudewins

      now that is bullshit…. i think youre not that well imformed how the economy of premiumships is working……

    • I stull dobt understand why you can’t sell prem t10. T5 and t10 is the same game. They would sell a t10 at 200 and people would buy it.
      I am glad they makes these in game ships because at least there is a chance I could get one.

  8. Kaga ́s Playground

    I like how all people hate on the jean bart but i dont see anyone talk about harugumo?!?!

    • Harugumo is still a huge, slow destroyer with awful maneuverability. It literally just has guns going for it. It’s not *directly* overpowered. It has very powerful gun armament, but that’s all it does have. If you take that away, what are you left with? Nothing.

    • Kaga ́s Playground

      did i every say something about op?

    • People hate on Jean Bart for being “OP” and you are suggesting they should focus attention on Harugumo, thereby indirectly implying Harugumo is “OP”.

    • Kaga ́s Playground

      eh no

  9. Keep up the great content Notser and was great running against you a couple days back in your T-61 … you guys completely nuked our team on two brothers .. i was the last hold out pinned down beside an island in our cap in my Massachusetts …you guys should have had a resounding victory, until one of my team mates capped and there was no one near to stop him … Happens far too often … (Lucky me!)

    Agreed regarding the over the top T10 requirement games. I really enjoy a lot of my T10’s, but there are so many fun ships at lower tier that you can’t play or be punished in some form… T10 for ranked, clan , another good example is/was the red/blue , double points for t10 over t5 … this is a team event and all points should have been equal.
    Another suggestion for WG would be if they want more folks into T10’s then perhaps a ranked season or 2, using T7, 8 & 9 for the 3 splits … the grinding in ranked would get many into their first t10(and maybe help the dismal random quality play)

    … Also, imho, nerfing ships instead of buffing weak ones in many cases is a mistake … Making all ships mediocre is not the right solution …so many nerfs to bring ships closer to the terrible Izumo level like Alsace sigma and load, sad.

    … WG has a tough job with all of our opinions, but I hope they really think out decisions better and don’t power creep the premiums like so many games do – it will harm their base that doesn’t have deep pockets – I love warships, but this is a really expensive game! I’m glad I have the means, but it is too much for some – Premium time, ships, consumables … i understand no one has to, but in reality, Yes, yes they do …

    Off to plunder some ships! Arghhh!

    Good Hunting!

  10. I think they nerfed the Alsace too much, either accuracy or reload. Both was over the top. I hope they rebuff one of the two again…

    • Nah, they will keep the nerf so that people buy the Bourgagne

    • I agree the inaccuracy of Alsace is punishing for the player. Countless times I’ve taken shots at broadside cruisers within 12km and shots have scattered to the point I’m lucky to get one or two overpens. I can deal with the huge number of overpens, even overpenning the citadel of some ships, as long as the shots actually hit. Just upgraded to the Republique and her accuracy is much better, able to do more consistent damage even with less guns as the shells actually go near where you aim.
      Looking into the details of the Jean Bart and Bourgogne, it’s clear the Alsace was nerfed to make the premiums more appealing. Bourgogne is basically a pre-nerf Alsace with reload booster.

  11. Yamato power creeped.

  12. I agree with you on the nerfing Alsace for selling the Jean Bart and the Bourgogne. I grind that line for the Alsace and the nerfed version (T7 guns without the numbers) is just broken and this kind of dishonesty won’t make me buy the new french ships even if I like them.

  13. Hmmm 380mm Guns are to weak in T10… guess who have 380s and is matched vs T10 all day long…. right German t8 BBs… France T8 BBs … and thats without Reload Booster…

    • That’s a MM problem. Not a balancing one. Make the MM a 1 tier spread. For example, tier 9’s and tier 10’s. No 8’s.

  14. I think one of the most boring aspects of the game right now, in Tier X, is the god dam maps. I wish there were new maps. Right now, all maps in rotation in Tier X are made to spam, nothing else. They even lowered the borders of most big islands so that even fast shells can go over it. WG is promoting spamming meta like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t know why but they seem to love it.

  15. T10 premiums are a terrible idea, no way you should be able to buy into top tier only matches like clan battles. It will be Captain YOLOs everywhere you look.

    They should put it in as a T9 FXP and set the parameters around that tier. Yes, you could still convert xp but you would have had to earn it first so would at least have some idea of what you should be doing.

  16. TomsonPRoDuctions

    LMAO WG: they want to introduce a new French paper-Tier 10-battleship while an objectively better (and active) navy like the Regia Marina still hasn’t a _single_ Tech Tree?
    I mean seriously, we are 3 years in, what the hell do they have against them!? Italians literally *gifted* half their fleet to Soviets and even designed tons of their ships, c’mon at least show some aknowledgment!

  17. I’ll Catch you next time.. Isn’t that Jingles thing?

  18. T10 Premiums WTF t10 is already so superior to the rest. Plus I’m sick to death of everything T10 so many good ships at lower tiers never get to play much because you are forever grinding T10

  19. Colonel David Davenport

    Great video overview NOTSER!  I do think that WG killed my Alsace with the nerf – too bad, I loved her!  Guess we can look forward to monster OP ships becoming the norm!

  20. “Remaining Optimistic” in a WG game is an exercise in futility. They’re like the Trump of arcade battle arena pvp, for every good thing they do, they will ultimately do 2 bad things. Example: They put out an event that let’s players earn a mediocre premium ship, then proceed to put out an “event” that allows the players to buy things instead of earning them, and also nerf a tech tree ship that players had to grind for.

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