World of Warships- Mainz First Impressions

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my First Impressions Review of the new Tier VIII Premium Mainz, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Bismarck OttoVon

    Wg trying to make a HE spammer for Germany. Then the Mainz existed.

  2. Daniel Christian Rohrer Peters

    Now it’s getting nerfed, yay

  3. Try secondary build on prinz ital frendrick, for the lols

  4. I’m trying to get Yamato I started playing a few months ago

  5. Great content man. I think this ship is pretty interesting: having hindemburg torpedoes (4×4 instead of hipper 4×3), germna hydro, 12 guns with 6 sec reload that can pin 32 mm… it’s just better at dealing with dds and with ships up-close than Eugen.
    The hull might look the same but WG has respected they’re Light Ca protocol: 25 mm nose and central deck instead of 27 and 30 of Eugen, also the loss of the heal… it’s a more high-risk high reward oriented ship. At long range if not shooting bbs i’ve noticed that although the high muzzle velocity they get pretty floaty because of their light weight and are but yeah, interesting overall, i might regret having bought Eugen

  6. I bought the Mainz and i pretty much enjoy it, normally i don’t really enjoy playing he spamming ships, it’s basically a cross between a mogami and a mini hindenburg and unlike Smolensk, Mogami ,Mainz and Irian have no smoke, no radar and can be punished for making mistake.

    • Smolensk has way worse shell arc and HE has poor penetration. You can have a grand total of 3 smokes even with premium consumable and captain skills. You can actually hit something at max range in the Mainz, not like the Smolensk. And with the Mainz, you can limit some damage. With the Smolensk, if you are lucky, you get overpens, if you are not, anything can pen you from any angle. BBs do not need to shoot AP at you. With its armor, you can citadel it using HE.

    • I have to admit that the turtle back of the Mainz, can be quite trollish at time, i recently charged a Yamato and it had a hard time killing me and i was able to unleash my full 8 torpedoes before it was finished off by an allied ship.

  7. I have to admit the chat in the first game is funny to watch. Just enough salt for my french fries.

  8. This might be one of those ships that benefits more from double rudder shift mods instead of concealment especially if you don’t mind holding back and throwing HE.

    I don’t see myself spending money on this though I’d be happy to get it in a container or for free xp/Coal.

  9. Domitius Severus

    I’ll say this once and hold my peace – try to pronounce this ship as “Mynts”

    • Agreed! I was stationed at Lee Barracks in Mainz, Germany for two years and I cringed EVERY time you pronounced it.

    • Domitius Severus

      Perfection Man 👍🏼 I only know a little German but still. Don’t know if you have heard the related witticism but here goes. Germans jokingly refer to Frankfurt am Main (myn), as Mainhattan because of the banking sector and skyscrapers there!

    • “Mines” is the actual sound analog

    • Negative on that Chupacabra. Studied German for five years in school myself and Domitius is correct. The “z” at the end of Mainz is pronounced “ts”. This has been driving me nuts because I saw NoZoupForYou review the ship and he was pronouncing it the same as Mountbatten, with a long A sound in the first syllable and an S at then, like “Mains”. No. Long I sound in the first syllable and TS at the end.

  10. She’s really fun to play. HE spammer, but doesn’t feel overpowered since she can’t smoke or turn on a dime.

  11. austinpowersfasjer

    The amount of cancer in this game is unheard of.

  12. I finally got to kill you last night in the Clan brawl. 😂 tho you guys won. And we got ocean 10 matches in a row. Was fun

  13. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    My hopes is that they save the correct names for future ships Namely, the Imperial German BC Seydlitz That would be awesome

  14. Broadside Potato

    I’ll take this over the smolensk. My RNG in smolensk with starting fires is just atrocious.

    • Same here for some reason. The worst thing about the Smolensk though is how much everyone hates it, so you’re just a shell sponge as everyone zeroes in on you.

    • true that, before if a DD gets spotted everybody drops what they’re doing and shoots them. Now if anyone sees a smolensk, they stop shooting the DDs and shoots the smolensk.

    • This was the exact plan comrade. Nerf a mechanic on ship that a lot of people are playing, make those ships significantly weaker, then release a ship that does the same thing that is unaffected by the Nerf. Classic WG.

    • and since the IFHE nerf, it is worse because you are forced to pick IFHE with such a small caliber and your fire chances are cut in half.

    • Everyone in this complain about smolenk now Lol , NEWS FLASH the pos ship is balanced now , like it SUPPOSED TO BE SINCE THE START

  15. The Pyro Jawsome

    I think that I might just buy this thing. While it’s not overpowered like Smolensk is, that’s a good thing, so CL players aren’t deluded into a false sense of invincibility. While it can deal a lot of damage and light fires, it can’t take it in return, and it doesn’t have smoke to instantly hide, meaning it can be countered easily. Ironically, it does better at long range, rather than the short range German ships are more known for.

    In other words, WG created an actually balanced ship, not the ‘balans’ of the underpowered Odin or the overpowered Petropavlovsk.

    Edit: I bought it. First game was 100k, and I haven’t looked back.

  16. Pronounced “Mine-z’

  17. Mainz has less armor than Hipper/Eugen, so not the same hull.

  18. just bought it today, pretty fun ship! those guns are accurate, and double quad launchers each side, make for some hilarious yolo torp kills

  19. I like how it’s the specs Germany was suppose to use with the Hipper so it’s not overpowered….unlike Russian paper ships

  20. Hah. Got the Mainz today and after first battle I thought, “Cleveland with torps.” Wish it had radar.

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