World of Warships: Mainz – Not Great, Not Terrible

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The Mainz – an okay cruiser. I don’t enjoy her too much. There are better ships and better play styles for me.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German light cruiser Mainz on the map Crash Zone Alpha.


  1. Not terrible ? It’s like a mini Hindenburg 🙁

    Kite with this thing must be great no? I mean, it has good HE penetration, good reload, and good armor

    I rush to see this video 🧐

  2. Yay you’re back

  3. It is mediocre in every way. It has decent HE, decent AP (great son but pen angles can’t compete with USN), decent Toros, decent armour, decent flak,… You get the idea. You are relatively good in every way which makes you great as a whole. You always have a way to pay your opponent.
    Carrier? AA and fighter to make it difficult for them to drop you
    Battleship? You have better DPM, fire chance and you have torpedoes
    Cruisers? Get their broadside and spam AP
    Destroyer? German hydro to deny all torpedo damage, use your amazing shell speed and DPM to hit them accurately and take them out quick

  4. the Mainz is the best T8 light cruiser IMO, the pen, the damage is a little low but the fire chance is higher than other flamethrowers with the same caliber, you don’t need IFHE to play it

  5. She looks like a decent ship, for my money though I would prefer a Prinz Eugen, but that’s just be because I generally prefer Hevy Cruisers to light cruisers.

  6. That’s tier 6 CV tho

  7. Nah mate this is a great ship

  8. HE only yamato when?

  9. Which do you think is better, the Mogami or Mainz?

    I can do quite well with a Mogami in T10 n T9.

  10. use the AP some more! The AP DPM of this ship is nuts.

  11. I give this ship a 3,6

  12. I’ve wondered if premium ships get special match making that’s more likely to be uptiered.

  13. Frédéric Laliberté

    How would you compare the Mainz to the Bayard?

  14. why do i hear weird voices after he shoots like wtf!!!!!!

    • Prinz Eugen voiceover. If you pausr the video and they continue, take your pills.

    • @ArthurTFE ii am talking about the anime noises

    • @John Wilcox If you’re a Weeb, pause the video, and still hear the voices, take your pills and repeat “My anime waifus aren’t real” three times. There you go buddy

    • @John Wilcox Yea I just wondered too… Aeroon said he uses Lütjens no? Maybe it’s a mod and all captains have now anime-voices? Is that weeb-next-level? Aeroon?

  15. Those CV are T6

  16. Scharfschutze 99

    I have this ship and Im good with it. the tips I will give you is its a Hindenburg without a Heal. you will face the exact same advantage and problem Hinden faces at T10. I even use Hinden captain in it.

    Anyway to play this ship you have to be very sharp in your senses cause this ships has huge concealment and armor is crap so you must pay attention to the PT markings to know if enemy is shooting you or not. You will take easy citadel from Stern but not from Bow. Use propulsion mod and not Rudder with speed flag.

    Can deal lot of damage. and dont spec IFHE in it. you are a great DD hunter with 6km Hydro and 6 sec 12 guns. even though I said its a T8 hinden its has a crap AP. use it only at broad side under 10km. dont get too coocky when you are brawling and wanna trop enemy. Torp when you are really close cause your bow have ice breaker and you wont take citadel but slight belt and you will be gone. Shells slow down at range so lead accordingly but you are great Range only 0.3 km less from Hindenburg

  17. very nice commenting. I just want to point out that mainz guns has significant improvements in terms of AP pen and ballistics compared to the nuremburg. She can citadel probably any broadsiding tier 8 cruiser on 11 or 12 km not just huang he, it wont citadel BBs, but on that range it can pen many of them on the upper belt. Honestly you shouldnt pick a fight in a hipper or eugen with a mainz, it will out dpm them. If someone is considering buying mainz, i would recommend bayard. I have both, because i like 150mm guns. Bayard is overall the better ship in my opinion. The biggest problem mainz has is that she cant outrun BBs with that speed and concealment.

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