World of Warships- Mainz Second Impression

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Hey guys, today I bring you my second impression of the new Tier VIII German Crusier Mainz, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. this thing is….. like a tanker Mogami?

  2. kopf auftischhau

    I find it really interesting how you pronounce Mainz, because you got (i would guess by accident) the accent almost spot on. Not the German accent, but the accent of the people living in Mainz.
    The “normal” german pronunciation would be more like “mine” with an s added to the end (“mines”).

  3. hey mountbatten can you tell which captain skill and module you are running just like notser does in his video (putting small icons on screen) it is super help full hope you start doing this thanks for your osome content EVERYDAY 😀

  4. “Mine-z”
    not mance

  5. Hey My Lord Mountbatten can you pls tell me what is the worst ship in WoWs even if it is a premium i have 200$ for it.

    • I think it might be Kawachi. I watched Flambass’s review on it and it was terrible. It has probably some of the worst accuracy in the game and terrible AP pen that will lead to most shells being non pens.
      It’s probably the reason for HE spamming Yammys.

    • Awsome thx so much u chandeg my life.

  6. absolutely agree…she is a solid and good ship..if you made a mistake you’ll get destroyed pretty much,but if you play a bit smart itsa a fun ship
    .i woud say its a solid investment if you like KriegsMarine

  7. Secondary impressions, as in how good the secondaries are? Full secondary mainz build when 😛

  8. I wish you had released this video earlier. I wouldntve bought it.

  9. Crimson Missouri

    I like the look of it 100% as with any other German ship, I am really good in them all. As soon as I am able to get it I definitely will!

  10. Needs a heal

  11. I really wish you would start including the builds you use to be a more informative video.

  12. I just got her and only played 6 games but have a 83% winrate! I love this ship.

  13. Lol, I have been saving commander xp flags for when i bought JB and now i threw all of them all. In 3 days I have grinded 3 12 pt captains. One is a hybrid (secondary and survivability) one is full secondary, and the third is full survivability. It’s not the best idea but it is really fun throwing whichever one I wanted

  14. The Pyro Jawsome

    I still stand by this ship being one of the best ships put in the game, and I still consider it balanced. I set my new overall damage record in this thing two days ago, but it’s still extremely easy to get deleted, and that’s why it’s more balanced than Smolensk. While a heal would be _nice,_ cruiser heals don’t tend to do much (I also play the Takao every now and then), and it wouldn’t really make sense for a T8 German CL to get a heal when the only other German cruisers that have it are Eugen, Roon, and Hindenburg, all of which are heavy cruisers.

    Overall, it’s still incredibly fun, and still satisfied with my purchase. NOW LET THEM TREMBLE BEFORE THE MIGHT OF GERMAN STEEL.

    Edit: I have also only used the Mainz’ torpedoes once. I used them on a Bismarck that made the mistake of getting too close.

  15. I like the Mainz so far.

    Worcester is pronounced as “Wisstuh” locally.

  16. Mynts, Mynts, Mynts!!! Arghhh!!!

  17. This ship is a lot of fun.

  18. So her playstyle is similar to Roon

  19. Overall, she looks really interesting. I’m still debating picking her up. My only real beef with her is her concealment. They gave this ship worse armor AND worse concealment than Hipper. For reasons. I think the armor is fine as she’s a light cruiser (that moves like a narcoleptic heavy cruiser, granted), but her concealment should drop down closer to the 10.5 – 11km mark. She’s too sluggish and needs to be able to disengage by going dark since she can’t easily disengage by just running away while spotted like a faster ship could.

  20. I like her. A rare time the WG hype is close the what’s delivered.

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