World of Warships- Major Buffs To San Diego & Super CV Buffs

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Hey guys, today we take a look at some changes coming to the upcoming Tier VIII Premium American Light Cruiser San Diego, the United States, & subs, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Might is where the problem , with any planes, the CV Player can display skill and effort and effect devastating damage and surface ships might down a plane here and there RNG manner even with multiple ship AA bubble , call this equal and balanced for both side of the conflicting teams

  2. I like the Tulsa buffs, not enamoured with the rest of it but Ce’st la Vie that’s WeeGee 👍👍

  3. Not liking the lack of flavor even after SD tweaks but gameplay wise I will take a fast firing t8 American cl with heal!

  4. shooting more planes down but it can put more planes out. basically a non factor change.

  5. Steven Wiederholt

    Jet Torpedo Bombers. That’s Just WRONG.

  6. Why can’t they just let us choose our ammo type in all the guns on the boat?

  7. AP shells with Atlanta arc is next to useless, might as well remove the second bullet choice if they want to switch it to AP.

    • With an Atlanta it’s not that bad against lower tier ships, it all depends on how bad the pen is. Orbital shells can get some pens from the deck.

    • Yhorm The Midget

      @Antoine Chauvet lets be real, you do not see lower tier with Atlanta. T7 is the current MM hellhole. Also, pluging AP will likely just pen the superstructure or autobounce on the deck. Hell, superstructures can bounce her AP with that 8mm overmatch. Her AP is only good for sub 5km cruiser broadside nuking. SD losing HE is pretty bad. She has nothing against slightly angled BBs and CAs.

    • I really don’t have the big of an issue with Atlanta, Flint or Chumphon. You just have to know how to play US CLs, and that is my favorite branch. Already redid it twice. SD players will quite literally be raining hell on people.

  8. Sub now can get force detected by Hydro means that you cant even able to get close on any ships that have Hydro equip. Finally thank you WG what subs needs is the force detected. Hydro must be able to detect subs even at maximum depth. This is a huge game changes. Means that German ships able to hunt subs at any times and subs can’t get away with it. Hydro + Oil leak will be subs nightmare because Oil leak does leave a very long trails and it does leak quite a very long time.

    San Diego buff is much needed BUT it still not Sandy I know. She suppose to be an AA cancer. Not a second Austin. In my mind at least. She is known for an AA I prefer. Sure the Defensive AA buff is nice but Sandy must have Cancer AA where even Jets don’t dare get close into it.
    So overall I’m happy that Sandy have buff massively but she buff in a wrong area. I mean if she is basically Atlanta all stats of her but the AA is through the roof would be fine. Remember the French CV? That design to take down aircrafts? Yeah Sandy is the version of that. That’s how Sandy works Historically. I mean come on. In Azur Lane is more accurate than this version. Broken AA but garbage at the rest. IDK if I wanted her because Sandy is one of my fav ship in Azur Lane and I wanted her in WOWs. But she act as a Austin Jr. IDK about it. I happy for the changes but still not goin to convince me enough to basically 3 Divisions AA cancer. Wait… maybe once and see how I can make her be in full AA built. I expecting her AA to be basically Hood before the CV rework. Come on, Sandy be best AA cruiser in the game please. Where flak burst is 15 or 20 or something. But glad that defensive AA is full burst double the damage. So atleast I can noticed her AA but again, I want her Passive AA to be second thoughts for CV drivers.

    United States buff is stupid I guess you’re not allowed to CV snipe again. But wait. They didn’t say no to Sub CV hunt. And the fact that Subs have a lot more health. Maybe it is okay to hunt down CVs.

  9. Austin gets a 75% reload booster not 70%…

  10. Sure SD was buffed a tad and that’s ok, but nothing to the AA. Which is what SD is famous for…

  11. Just when you though they exhaustively tested subs to balance…..they buff them again…😒

  12. When does San Diego get improved AA? Isn’t it meant to be a late-war Atlanta with monstrous AA fire?

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      She has the 4th best AA at T8 with DFAA active

    • Yhorm The Midget

      @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings She should have absolute top tier AA, not 4th place with buff active. Her class was specifically designed to eat planes, so 4th place when running DFAA is pathetic. Not to mention she is still a shitty T7 atlanta hull at T8 with bad guns, so they could at least give her the AA.

  13. djbjunior Barbosa

    Wait, DFAA on pc is only 50% or 100%? On console DFAA is +200% aa damage

  14. 9:32 70% reload booster on a 5 second reload is 1.5 seconds

  15. I have had the Atlanta since it had tier 10 match making and godlike AA and it was all but useless since it didnt have the range on the guns to engage from a safe enough distance even with the captain skill for added range and it would just get popped every time. Its AA was pretty much useless against tier 9 and 10 carriers. I cant see spending money on a tier 8 version of the same thing but without the ability to set lots of fires.

  16. An atlanta without HE? What’s the point of that? I was interested before, but now I’m doubtful

  17. WG fix the Mass tier 8 secondaries,fix some of these mistakes would make me real happy.

  18. Mountbatten ,I saw a post here that Tulsa got a buff Is this true? I just about ready to get this ship or a different one…..

  19. What do you think if they add another Atlanta class cruiser I don’t know maybe USS Juno CL 52?? That would be a cool ship to put on and have some special camouflage scheme for her for the Battle of Guadalcanal. Also it’s the 80th anniversary of the bell goal canal on November 13, 1942. Also maybe they can put in the USS Laffey DD 459. They were in the same Battle together!!

  20. Buffs to super sky cancer can only be an April fools joke

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