World of Warships- Major Petropavlovsk Nerf

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Hey guys, today we go take a look at a new DevBlog going over a large nerf that the Petro is receiving, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. They already nerfed the turret rotation speed on the Petro., but I have not seen any comment on this. It could have been while I had the game uninstalled after subs were introduced.

  2. 3:33
    50 metres! No wonder why she’s so survivable

  3. HandsOn KeyboardandMouse

    Been working coal for Kutznezov to go further up the Soviet Petro cruiser line past tier VI, and that just became far less of a priority while a potential stream of nerfs are coming. Now will wait until Petro isn’t banned from clan battles, as that will be a sign WG is done nerfing the ship.

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it. As mentioned in the video, Petro is still incredibly tanky bow-in. I have comfortably held a flank and won clan battles against as many as three ships at once by staying bow in and holding a cap; a circumstance which the raised freeboard doesn’t effect at all. All that really changes is that now you can’t afford to be as reckless about showing side. The bad players will suffer for it, but the good ones who know how to position themselves well will barely notice it.

    • @Dr. TeaRex hit the nail on the head

    • By the time it gets nerfed repeatedly to a point where it’s not banned, it means the ship isn’t as good meaning getting it also has less value. That kind of reasoning becomes moot: you are waiting for something to have a lowered value to get it which makes getting it less worth it.

  4. “The Petropavlovsk is one of the hardest ships to kill” he says as he get basically devstruck by an Ohio.

    • he took next to no damage from the ohio lol. the ohio has 18 inch guns and was outgunned by the petro and destroyed. the petro has 8 inch guns yet hits as hard as 15 inch guns and has lazer accuracy to boot.

    • I just thought “not if you play it like that” right after that lol

    • @jebes909090 Only accurate up close. Long range has great velocity to help aim but dispersion is poor past 11km or so in a non linear fashion.

    • a yama with the mod deleats all ships in the game , petro no exception

  5. i feel they should give the petro 15km torps and smoke to ballance out the nerf. can you hire me wargaming! i can come up with stupid ideas all day!

  6. Also for Taskent reasons: they introduced new TX for XP (Delny), that spurred a lot of people to play the Tashenk again and realize how masively power crept the whole line got. maybe even more buffs to the whole sovied DD line incoming (the original one)

    • Князь Мышкин

      soviet dds are badly powercrept by other newer lines and left unattended forever. Tashkent buff is in place as I always wondered why it ridiculously sit high. BUt I dont really understand Petro nerf. It is a very situational cruiser (close range combat) and in ranged meta it sucks

    • Manik Samaraweera

      @Князь Мышкин the ship is stupidly hard to kill, with its low profile making it hard to hit, and amazing armour that shatters most HE and most AP fired at it. When broadside, more often than not you just get over pens. This won’t change much though, just make it easier to punish when broadside, so good Petro players will be largely unaffected, while poor players will be punished. People call it OP, though like you I highly disagree (she gives up almost all damage output, except against retards, manoeuvrability, and a lot of utility for incredible tankiness).

  7. There isn’t a single ship that I have ground for, worked hard for, spent money to get that they haven’t nerfed after I got it. How is it possible for you to show something, advertise something, have people spend their money to get it…..and then change it into something else? That’s called fraud in the world I grew up in.

    • How can u buy petro with real money? U buy it with ingame credits.

    • welcome to the world of live service, where game need to make money and survive without a real “finished product” ( beside the closing of the game and server) everything will be changed

    • @Odd Y Not speaking specifically of the Petro, but of other premium ships I have purchased. Even with the Petro…it was about to be removed and put on the can no longer get list…people tend to grow weary of the grind, or they are in a hurry as I was and you start converting free exp to move faster….that’s spending real money….which is why they make the grind so painful.

    • Sorry, that was the Smolensk….

    • U put in real money to convert FXP? Lmfao

  8. Dosn`t realy feel like a bad nerf its just balance at its finest

  9. Another little thing unfair with petrosky it’s some ships with 203mm guns can’t reach his citadel above 10km

  10. the thing is a petro in the hands of a good player can be devastating in the hands of a potato its just as shit as anything else

  11. I would’nt call it a major nerf, but it’s cool that they are taking the effort to change an area which made the Petropavlovsk really frustrating to figth, rather than just lazily changing the reload. Would like to see a concealment nerf too!😊

  12. Well, this is a Nerf everyone can agree with

  13. Call me any name in the book, but I don’t think that Petro was an exceptionally good ship piror to that nerf either. In my opinion the ship feels like a mini Kremlin, which is not a good thing, since it has the inaccurate guns and horrible mobility of the Kremlin, with half of her HP. Her armour is only as good as long the CV does not decide to f”ck you, since it’s AA feels weak, despite it’s long range. Not to even mention, that if you get attacked by a CV, the ship can’t dodge anything very well, so you are more likely to eat more torps and bombs with this thing. The ship has a good potential to tank damage, as long as the enemy is at a distance, since at very close distances, most ships can hit her 25mm upper bow, and cause damage that way, and the lack of torps make the ship vunerable against other “brawling” ships like Hindenburg, Schilffen etc.

    • Shhhh it’s the most broken ship ever because it’s Russian, just ignore any of the real downsides the ship has and only watch really good players one shot ships in compilations! That’s definitely all Petro is, it’s not like those clips are hand selected over clips of every shot missing because of the horrible accuracy at anything other than point blank range

    • @Weaboo Trash OMG, I might had just leaked secret documents, the Flamu fans are gonna hunt us down, and execute us putin style.

    • agree , that is i have found the petro to be

  14. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I haven’t unlocked the Petro yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it soon and enjoy it before it’s whacked too much with the Nerf Bat

  15. They seem to have nerfed the Conqueror to be more in line with the Soviet battleships regarding AA taking massive damage from HE hits. I had a match yesterday where a single volley from the enemy Conqueror took my AA down to 5% and then the next one that hit left my AA at 0. Thankfully there were no carriers in that match because the first 2 salvos that hit me turned me into an Arkansas Beta.

  16. WG: “To compensate for the raised sideboard, Petro armor will now be 95% Stalinium.”

  17. The main thing IMO that would actually nerf the Petro without actually changing damage and armor values is fire duration. It’s a heavy cruisers, most, if not all, heavy cruisers have a 60s fire duration, Petro has the light cruiser version of 30s. Or a middle ground, to make it unique, 45s duration.

    • Most heavy cruisers get 30s fires. And yes, 60s fire duration would be a nerf, but do we really need fires to be more prevalent in the game? I think either the 50mm deck plating should be removed or the freeboard be raised significantly.

  18. My Minotaur knows all about high freeboard.

    The UK CL line could use a correction pass, especially related to where the citadel sits so high combined with a freeboard and width that makes it impossible to miss.

    Of everyone knowing it was overpowered and they are making a minor change.

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