World of Warships- Make Secondaries Great Again

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Hey guys! Today I again take the stand and plead for the improvement of secondaries, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. Ah yes my Massa secondaries have good accuracy, enough to hit the shadow of a DD’s aft at 2km

  2. I sometimes think i’ll just take a holiday from WoWs and come back when they’ve fixed things.

    • I have done this after more than 20000 battles and switched over to wt and ultimate admirals dreadnoughts.

    • You’ll never come back mate

    • I’ve done this a couple of weeks after the commander rework.
      I was playing for weeks without having any fun (I love secondary builds), and then I thought to myself “Why do I play and pay a game I don’t even enjoy playing anymore…”
      So I quit, and I’ve not touched it ever since.

      Shame on WG, I was what you guys refer to as a whale. I’ve spend filthy amounts of money on this game because I really enjoyed it and it helped me cope with my burnout and depression.
      But since the commander rework, it only made it worse, so I had to move on.
      I played every day, deep into the nights. I made quite some hours.

      Been putting my time in other games like Phasmophobia and Valheim.

    • @SpaniardNL Brother, your message could have been written ver batim myself. I am exactly where you used to be. Wows is my gateway, my evening distraction from depression at the moment (I stay active doing other things during the day), but man, its making me feel worse nowadays. Between the inept roll out of updates, to the grossly unethical monetisation of every event, toxic players (Not all), its grinding me down. I think its time to find a new game or take an extended break. I will look at the games you posted

    • Then you’re gonna have a long vacation or maybe an endless one 😉

  3. Yeah, it is really frustrating… I love my secondary builds and they just aren’t as effective anymore 🙁

    My cousin had his Izumo specced for secondary as I used my Alsace and that used to be so much fun!

  4. I want my Agir back, now it cant hit destroyers at 4 km and a full brawl with a BB with 2 passbys got me only 25 secondary hits for like 4k damage with fully secondary specked Agir, its just sad. REVOLUTION!

  5. 30 min ago Fubuki come too close too my full secondary built Bismarck, stayed visible for around 1 min(shooted at me HE salvos) and got hit 2 times by secondaries. I have no word after that.

    • And that’s not right. That’s unacceptable hit ratio. Which also sucks is that DD’s have a skill which worsens dispersion of shells going at there ship…

    • I feel your pain. I too have full secondary German BB’s (almost at GK ) and since the commander rework, I’ve had plenty of games where my secondary hit rate is BELOW 10%. It is both hilarious and deeply frustrating when a DD is in your secondary zone and that DD ISN’T being punished for it. Secondaries are now just fireworks celebrating your imminent demise.

  6. On console they have a skill that increases your bb he shell fire chance by 40% when your heal is active and increases damage you cause by 5%. The skill works on secondary’s.

  7. again the fact they rushed this when there wasn’t even a call for it is amazing

    • BS! There was a call to get rid of dead eye but it did not mean replace it with another half baked joke that does nothing but take up space!

  8. Secondary feel like the AA on most ships, they are there, but you dont feel them ^^

  9. MeG_a_ReX on Blitz

    If Wg makes secondaries great again, I shall spend over 5 grand in the game.

    • me not that amount :p but I used to be a medium (or big? :P) whale spending around 50 to 80 euro’s per month for 5.5 years until the commander rework update. Now I spend 0 euro’s per month just to boycott WG and their stupid decisions. Only the art department does a good job there. I’m glad to see Dead Eye removed soon BUT if they don’t fix secondaries I still won’t spend money on the game. Only if secondaries are fixed and perform atleast the same as before the rework…

    • @Mrs_Ragdoll honestly even the art department is lazy. Great example is reuse of ships, especially AL Litorrio

  10. Secondaries were a great finishers, there is nothing more infuriating than leaving a target at 2k only to have to wait another 30 seconds for a reload, this is why I loved secondaries, but they took this away 🙁

  11. The title MADE MY MORNING and as someone that loves Secondary BB’s so much that I got most of the Germans and I love The Massachusetts so much I’ve got both! This this Sea Lord made my morning!!! On that note Top Of The Mornin’ To Ya!

  12. Sea Lord you are so right about secondaries I have a lot of warships that I love to play as secondary ships, not just Germans but French, American and British they all used to great fun…

  13. I’m regrinding german BBs and i’ve just rediscovered this branch with secondaries (i’m at the FDG right now) and i’m having fun !! It’s not in the meta but secondaries are still good with a full comander build. Also i’m doing great salvos with my primaries (surprisingly), the commander skill close quarter combat skill is very nice !! I’m surprised of having such good games with germand BBs !

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    One problem is also how some ships rely on the secondary guns or brawler meta to actually succeed Even some premiums had that as a gimmick so, when they removed it, they actually nerfed those premiums without giving an option to return them or to make them better in other aspects to compensate That’s how I see it

  15. For secondaries, we salute!

  16. Glad you are voicing a major community concern. Good work SLM.

  17. The Shikishima is the old “bait and switch” and because you “work for it” instead of spending $ they can get away with it.

  18. I need to see the DevStrike from Shikishima´s secondaries…

  19. If both sides of your secondarys are shooting you messed up anyways lol

  20. What weegee did to secondary builds was criminal.

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