World of Warships – Maltese Knight

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He’s from Malta, but sadly he’s not actually a real Knight.
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  1. Whether it’s the carrier’s direct damage or spotting that DDs need to fear depends primarily on the carrier’s teammates and secondarily on the carrier’s skill. The DD’s skill barely enters the equation.

  2. HMS Hood is still one of my favourite ships in the game. Despite the massive nerf of AA to the point it is useless I still fondly remember the days of the Hood utterly OBLITERATING entire waves of CV planes like it was nothing. People complained about the armour being lacking, like it’s a Battlecruiser… what did you expect? Stop playing it like a BB, it’s not a BB. She was the perfect T7 kiting ship.

  3. 3 minutes into this one and I already want to uninstall the game again because of carriers again

  4. It starts with silent G and ends with neisenau.

  5. Always love catching Jingles at 4 in the morning. My favorite Brit.

  6. I like to pose the “Carrier vs Battleship” issue like this:

    Imagine if the Yamato had magical siege mortars for guns, so it can fire over/past all cover. Now imagine that the shells from those guns could be remotely guided, directly down your throat.

    But it’s OK, because the control cuts out just before the shells reach your front teeth… So you can just dodge it from there, right??

    Yeah… Right.

    • @Tate Roberts You forgot to mention that when the Yamato would shoot, a big circle would appear on the target screen showing where the shot would fall before the shoots are actually fired.

    • @Eelke van der Brug It all depends what your in vs what your facing.. I doubt that most BB players enjoy playing against DD that they can’t even see most of the time (unless the DD fucks it up badly.)

      For the most of the ship class, you exchange HP for damage. The mecanic with CV is not the same. CV exchange firepower for damage. Just like at the start of the match, doing 5K damage to a BB that has 100K isn’t dramatic, losing 2-3 place at the start of the battle is not the end for the CV, but as the battle unfold, the BB starts losing more and more HP and in the end, 5K when he only has 15K left IS big, just as losing 2-3 planes when the wave has 4-5 IS big.

      Imagine if the surface ships used the same mecanic, everytime you shoot, you have a chance of disabling one of your ship’s gun barrel.

      All ships are designed to get weaker as the battle progress. They just are not using the same metrics.

    • @Tate Roberts “Realism….”???

    • @HnKMephisto You’re right – in the first paragraph. CV’s do not lose firepower, only if the player is terrible. They also don’t do small damage numbers. If I get hit by a CV in a DD, I lose probably a third to half of my hp in one strike. In a BB it is not uncommon to lose 10 to 15K in higher tiers, not to mention cruisers that lose half their health to ridiculous skip bombers or AP rockets.

      Regardless, the attrition mechanic you’re describing simply is nowhere near balanced. CV’s don’t lose enough planes to prevent a “full strength” strike because AA may as well not be present. You’re lucky to prevent a second strike, as you can see in the video – and that is a tier 6 cv against a tier 7 battleship with defensive AA. Furthermore, CV’s magically regenerate planes, instead of having finite supplies. Given your analogy, the BB should have constant regenerating health then, right? But it doesn’t, it’s healing is limited. Carriers face 0 risk to their ship. Zero. They do more consistent damage than any other class. Just look at average damage numbers. They have no actual counterplay, because you can’t “just dodge” most of the time, and if you can you get clapped by battleships and DD torpedoes. And combining AA bubbles does nothing, either. That clearly points towards a severe balance problem.

      Thus, CV’s are way stronger as the battle progesses, relative to other classes. They have full ship health, they have regenerating squadrons, and they only need one or two strikes to sink others. Their squadrons move multitudes faster than other ships, and detect them too. Please tell me how this is not a problem.

  7. Lowenhart is the definition of overpowered with those dive bombers, especially when it targets destroyers. Or light cruisers. It ruins tier 6 brawls and ranked.

  8. suffering in a cv? Good!

  9. ‘There are so many thing about the submarine implementation that doesn’t make sense’ Failry sure that applies to everything in World of Warships. Look at the new Hybrid BBs.

  10. I used to enjoy WOWS, then WG introduced the carrier changes, making them almost impossible to counter, and then introduced submarines, WG have managed to suck all of the fun out of the game.

  11. Got my very first Solo Warrior in a game with Maltese Knight on the other team…of course, he was the high XP earner in the game, with just over 2,000 in his Bismarck. Didn’t know it was him until I saw the after action reports. I think he was playing competitively for O7 at the time.

  12. You may not think your stories are all that interesting, jingles, but to the rest of us, it is interesting to hear about your time in the navy and your experiences. Never change old man, we love you the way you are.

  13. Actually Jingles it wasnt ‘Goal Lazio’ it was ‘Golaccio’ which i think is like ‘good goal’ or ‘fantastic goal’

  14. Brynjard Øvergård

    Jingles: “Top tier, obviously – it’s a tier 10 tank…”
    Wargaming: Hold my bier!

  15. WTF, what kind of land vehicle can carry a battlecruiser caliber gun? The gun alone must weigh a couple dozen tons, with each shell coming in at around half a ton..

  16. Holy Hood, Thanks for the Feature Jingles!

  17. @Xethuron there’s more than one lol

  18. Darkness Nighthingale

    @Rich Ivey And all of them, well, all the ones on artilleries deal less damage than guns 80mm smaller.
    When a 210mm does the same damage as a 140mm…

  19. @Rich Ivey OK, let me rephrase that. “Without atleast one Actually… comment”

  20. I love that 3 years later at least half of every video is dedicated to railing against how broken CV’s are.

    keep doing gods work man!

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