World of Warships – Man Pants

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In which the German tier 10 cruiser Hindenburg has to strap on his man pants and take ALL the brave pills, but will it be enough?

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  1. Jemarc Quash Boxhill

    Salt mines are at 67% capacity we found a new salt deposit of high density salt,and will increase profits by 52%

    • Jemarc Quash Boxhill

      Nickhasarrived ah yes yes indeed but islands on the Russian north coast tend to not have alot nitrate

    • Jemarc Quash Boxhill Our miners in Chile and Peru need to start mining nitrates. Where I live the salt supplies are running dangerously low and we might have to switch over to coal or mining salt water. The gnome overload will not be happy.

    • Profits? Hang the capitalist pig! Hard labour is our reward and communism our cause.

    • Hell, Rita added that much salt, yesterday alone.

    • Even communism requires money to work! The dissolution of the glorious Soviet Union taught us that.

  2. I left my man pants at home. What do I do?

  3. That moment when you see a jingles video and drop everything to watch it

  4. Cpt Placeholder

    Good video jingles, but when are you gonna play that stompy robot game again?

  5. Jingles is crap and that is the way we like him!

  6. Jonathan Schmidt

    But…but… Master Jingles, real men don’t wear pants, they wear kilts.

  7. Jingles! The salt mines have fallen into chaos!! Our video is late!!!!!!

  8. Apothecary Terry

    Never get a better chance than that at the Prinz Eugen…but Jingles, the Prinz Eugen isn’t spotted, he’s shooting at an enemy Hindenburg!

  9. There is no justice…

  10. The amount of contempt for Conqueror drivers is infinity.

    • Yup. The other team’s Conqueror got their second place.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Dolomaticus And if he used his ship properly earlier it could have been an easy win. If others had not taken and blocked enemy caps the game would have been over long before he had entered the battle.
      There’s a reason why that “player” has only 43% win rate in his Conqueror with over 300 battles played in it (apart from the fact that he did more than 1K co-op battles and hundreds of random battles with the whole tier 8 premium ship collection to skip every ship up to tier 7 in any line he played).

    • Robert Therrien so when I push up hard in my tier 10 RN BB you folks don’t like it ?

    • Play aggressive, but play smart. Noone wants the BBs to suicide, but they need to be in positions where their full potential can be used. This includes their ability to absorb damage.

    • Dow do drive ship?

  11. 14:25 Oh Jingles, you have done it again. That’s not a Prinz Eugen…

  12. John Angelo Tenorio

    And this is why Japanese Maritime forces serve curry every Friday.

  13. So Jingles, why no mention of the Henri IV when discussing tier 10 cruisers?

    • He’s English, ignoring and bothering the French is a national pastime for him

    • Commander Nightingale

      ^ what they said, and also he may be unaware it exists or didn’t remember it was a thing..

    • Wel, Henri 4 is good, and very good at one thing: Kiting away and raining HE into the enemy at long range, since most of them have….. mediorce stealth, and their tool is not suitable for DD hunting ( Their setup, aside from speed boost, is very similar to other Cruiser other than Soviet and American Radar line).

      And…. since we already have the magnificent Zao for that job, and he have better stealth than HIV, yeah, Henry just pretty much fly under the radar.

    • Mammoth Mk3 lol, “HIV”

      Implying the French give you AIDS? >:3

    • Lord Sylph Nah, it’s the name coined by Flamu for the early testing version od Henri 4, due to how crap it was compare to other tier 10 ship. And well, since the ship’s playstyle is pretty much long range bombardment and kiting ( The speedboost is to either get in to position faster, kiting away or dodging shell), plenty of people say Henri 4 playstyle is cancerous. ( Anyone who got constant HE bombardment from the Zao at long range will know the feel) 😉

  14. Yikes that was an epic carry. Ending was tragic… OK Fleet did everything he could to keep his team in the match nothing to be disappointed by what a game. Even better player.

    • Only thing he did wrong at the end was he was only able to get 1 set of torps out the gap into the enemy Kurfurst. If he’d gotten the 2nd set off that might’ve been enough to kill it. If it had died, the 60 points that the red team would’ve lost there would mean the Iowa would’ve died a half-second after it killed OK Fleet’s Hindenburg, and thus it would’ve been a win.

      Then again if he’d dropped the 2nd set of torps, at least one of them would’ve hit the island. And that might have alerted the Kurfurst that torps were incoming.

  15. Dude had to carry so hard that he broke his back five yards from the finish line.

  16. Really amusing whenever seeing many Conqueror player sitting far back and HE sniping despite the fact that they got the best heal and the concealment to pull some suprise barrage at mid range. 😀

    Though to be fair, behavior like that start to increase from a lot of BB once the Asashio sale begin, so….. GG WG I guess? 🙂

    • Rocketmaster 2016

      Mammoth Mk3 i think it already started

    • Ronald Thompson

      I don’t get it. Why are people so afraid of something that takes over a minute to get to target, let alone a version that takes over 2 minutes and only damages 1 class of ship? (CVS don’t count, you put those out of their misery with guns)

    • Ronald Thompson Only WG have the answer for that. For us? Just roll with “Why not”. 😉

    • To be fair, I should’ve been more afraid of the Asashio on the enemy team the first time I met one in battle. I’m ‘camping’ B in the middle of an intense fight with the enemy, when a group of deep water torps from the Asashio takes 2/3 of my health, because I was clearly camping and had to be punished.

      Because that’s what the Asashio does. Right.

  17. Edward Izquierdo

    I’m so enraged, I’m going to go on multiple killing sprees in Tanks now in his name sake.

  18. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Outstanding damage record in a Hindenburg.. Even with the L!! But nobody!! but nobody!! can get you up for a W.O.W. vid like Jingles.. makes you feel like you’re right there, thanks Jingles…..?

  19. Petition to rename the “Conqueror” into the “Coward”?
    I’d say yeah, because frankly all those people brawling and getting stuck in with the Coward is the exception rather than the rule.
    WoT has Scumbags, WoWs has Cowards.

    • I prefer “Canceror” for its game play effects, or “Mongqueror” for the quality of many who use it.

    • Descartes Shaman

      Canceror is more fitting name. Bec its designed like a cancer, it plays like a cancer, and all the driver of that ship have a big cancer on their brain for even driving that ship.
      It also dies like a cancer, bec everyone hates it so if its got spotted everyone will focus fire it like u cemotherapy to kill a cancer.
      Conclusion: It is a big floating cancer that dont have any merits whatsoever to be in the game.

  20. The Prinz Eugen has 12 guns and is a tier 10 now!? WG, I know it needed a buff but this is a bit much.

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