World of Warships: Manfred von Richthofen – Definitely Secondaries

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The secondaries on this carrier are also very effective. They seem to be the most effective way of dealing with destroyers.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German aircraft carrier Manfred von Richthofen on the map Hot Spot.


  1. I like the pronunciation

  2. good tips, i’m using them and getting better stats each game

  3. I like to call z-46 as ji yon ju roku ジ-囧十六 because the position of her guns

  4. You say you’re running Lutjens, but I didn’t see the notification that it proc’ed?

  5. You rrrroll your Rrrrrs rrrreally well. Scottish much?

  6. German CVs should have the option of trading airgroups for more secondaries!
    Great video, commentary like ASMR but less kinky and more educational

  7. Hipper – 8 lv!!!!!
    Cruiser on 1/3 hp, not BB!!!
    He dead after 1 all guns fired conqeror with HE shells!!!

  8. This is how mine is full secondary

  9. even a broken squirrel is right twice a day, wait

  10. Amazing vid as always, but that Rrrrich
    thoven at the start though sounds so good

  11. nice match to bad you lost a second flesh wound on the ohio would have been awesome

  12. Why don’t you use multiple waypoints while playing CV’s?

  13. Born a soldier from a horseback to the sky, that’s where the legend will arise

  14. That Hipper player ish making me wonder if he even know how to play. :’3

  15. surviving is just to pad your kill-death-ratio.

  16. Imagine putting the old lexi with the 4×3 203mm guns.

  17. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if that Hipper was simply damage farming – allowing the conqueror to heal and let the HE rain.

    After all, 90% of cruiser players only care about dpm and their own personal bests rather than the success of the team.

  18. 2:07 Interesting that enemie ships can avoid successful AP rocket attacks by holding [A] or [D]

  19. Im not even on your server and I want to blacklist that hipper.

  20. Bad players like Hipper are one of the main reasons why players turn toxic

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