World of Warships: Manfred von Richthofen – I didn’t sink 12 ships, but I did OK

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I had a great game in the Manfred von Richthofen. The MVR did really well in this match and I sunk quite a few ships!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German aircraft carrier Manfred von Richthofen on the map North.


  1. you were not getting much citadel cause you were diving too late, the higher your planes are the more pen it has. unlike Haku planes which have to climb to get pen your planes are already high enough

    • pen does not change with high but with angle of impact

    • @Thel ‘Vadam Yup, but as I understand it, the lower you get in the dive the worse your angle gets. So you probably do get more penetration from the bombs from high up I think.

    • @Aerroon if this isn’t how it works now it seems like not a terrible mechanic to introduce to try and balance them. Make the Richton or hakyru player choose between dropping from a higher altitude (and therefore less aim time and less accuracy) taking the gamble for citadels or aiming fully and getting lower but more consistent damage.

    • From what I’ve seen so far, even a parseval can overpen a Tirpitz if he drops from maximum altitude. But when it gets to about 80% altitude, it’s guaranteed citadels. And below 50-60% it’s pens mostly (or even ricochets?).
      And to citadel a tallinn in that ship, you must drop to 40% or below altitude, or else it’s overpens. So there surely is an altitude factor in pen calculation.
      (Same happened to haku, the lower you went, the less the chances to citadel a bb).

  2. video title should be local bully blowing up lower tier ships xD

  3. Aerroon my boi is in a real run here! Blasting out Videos left, right and center… and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! <3

  4. I’m always so happy to see your video like this.
    This reminds me the old gameplay on Cv and the fun i can take on this class, now (for me) is not the same. I’m having trouble to playing Cv :/
    Well, thank you for this Aerroon ^^
    PS: i have question, the stock torpedos planes on Manfred Von Richthofen, is not a good chose to play to ? (i kon the Ta152 have a better speed and health, for 9s)

  5. The problem cruisers face against these rocket planes is that the cruisers have to be at full throttle the entire game and constantly turning toward the planes, but the planes are so much more maneuverable that the cruisers won’t be able to angle after a certain amount of time. One option to fixing this would be to increase the turning radius of all planes.

  6. Der Geschichtsrevisionär

    i come from a game with a 27k strike to a desmo; but i dont like the german cv’s. The HE is just missing, just my thoughts.

  7. CV just force everyone to stay on either flanks. That Tallinn in the beginning is trying to make use of space which none of his teammate have. At the end of the day, he is rewarded with getting sink by a CV.

  8. You have been reported 12 times

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  10. That Tallinn misplayed so hard and wrote “idiot” to himself it seems

  11. How many will realize you are top tier with many t8’s around?

  12. i was first confused about the title and thought “did he really manged to kill TWELVE ships ?” ..but well nevermind you did ok 😀

  13. Oh – and thanks for being the anchor for all those “Nerf MvR” threads about to start on the NA Server. 🙂

  14. idk if this is the case, but my experience with AP dive bombers is that if you feel like you are mostly getting pens on it (For me in my Weser, the New Mexico is like this). I think it’s that the space between the deck armour and the citadel is deep, so I try to drop earlier in the drop animation, such that the bombs fall at a higher velocity, and so the pen timer goes off inside the citadel and not the deck armour.

    Is this right? Or am I giving myself confirmation bias?

  15. Lolololol nice 8 kills but still, how dumb could the enemy midway be to waste 41 planes on the bisko? Omegalul

  16. RE: Tirpitz hard to citadel – Maybe the turtleback works against the bombs that hit off-centre.
    Anyway, one thing that always baffled me – overpens on bombs should cause flooding, no? I mean… there’s now a vertical hole through the ship. XD

    • It probably would be bad for balance.

    • @Aerroon Yeah, the CVs are probably annoying enough as they are. XD
      Also, I’d just like to add that I am a fan of your proposed AA bolstering after being hit. I think it’s one of the better ideas of how to balance CV gameplay.
      Going back to limited plane count would also complement it.

  17. This carrier is not so good as it looks. It isnt a supporter CV attacking DD is hard and cruiser know to angle against rockets. The AP bombs trolling 1 turn with ship and all bombs fall in the water. The bombs fall slowly compared to haku. When enemy make a AA bubble it is very hard to attack. Richthofen is only good for farming DMG and i have it too but i prefer Haku and Midway. I can play better for the team is my opinion Richthofen is the Slawa under the CVs

  18. 4:34 He could have uninstalled the game.

  19. I’ve gone over to the dark side. I actually watched CV gameplay.

  20. Fishing and Gaming with Bandit

    Aerroon, I’ve noticed the AP bombs are mostly effective going thru the super structure into the citadel. Maybe I’m wrong but it just seems you get cits when the bombs land in the middle of the ships.

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