World of Warships: Manfred Von Richthofen New T10 German CV [WIP]

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Manfred Von Richthofen is still a work in progress and thus subject to change.
MVR is the new T10 German carrier. She’s fun to play and doesn’t bother DDs!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German aircraft carrier Manfred Von Richthofen.


  1. Yeah, finally Manfred! ^^

  2. What is the purpose of sacrificing 3 planes at the beginning of the match? (0:21)

    • I call it “dumping”. The idea is that you do an attack with the planes immediately so that they fly back to your carrier. Now if the entire flight gets shot down then the 3 that I “dumped” are safely back on the CV.

    • If you look your health stays the same but you have fewer planes to lose. So it gives you a health buffer before planes get shot down.

    • 50Shades OfNothing

      @Kevin Hunter it doesn’t, you just do it to save planes

    • @50Shades OfNothing huh I guess they fixed it. I remember it used to be that way, but I don’t play carriers.

    • Saving planes, so you won’t get turkeyshotted out of the sky by bunched up AA.

  3. really looking to this one .. for a long time. thanx

  4. Aerroon: “I’m not encouraged to attack DDs so I guess everyone wins.”

    Minotaur who got deleted: *cries in the corner*

  5. Kristof Kolumbus

    Halloo Aerroon, Schneider here. Well, NDA lifted, so you can show your audience, what this beast can… but:
    1. you dont neet to be too scared to turn around ( showing broadside ) in front of the GKs – you are Fredy hull, with slightly less main armor belt, but pretty workable turtleback. You would survive it really easy .
    2. AP rockets – they have brutal pen and as WG said, they ( on T10 ) are similar to 8″ AP shells – you saw…
    3. AP bombs – you can citadel really everythink, that has citadel. On FR BBs you need to “aim” for area around main turrets – so your bombs dont need to go through the superstructure. Any AP bomb can citadel them there.
    4.Torps / dealing with DDs… – bro, Pro CV players are hunting and just wrecking DDs with these 55 fkng knots torps, and if you are not Kleber / Marcau or somethink similar, you will just eat them.
    TL,DR: They are pretty scary… Especialy this Manfred.
    Just listening to your last minute of the vid – you got it. This is Fredy hull and with IFHE you can do fkng brutal thinks, cause of your CE and secondary range, etc…
    Cheers ✌

    • wouldn’t it be worth switching out CE with Manual secondary’s ? u lose the amazing gab but get comparable accuracy to GZ

    • @Thel ‘Vadam It has Massa secondary accuracy so it doesn’t need it

    • @Thel ‘Vadam The main problem (could have changed) is that you can only select the target when you are at your ship, so you have to press F and stop controlling your squadron to set a target.

    • Guys, this is a carrier – you dont must waste skil points for going secondairys on a CV – this is only just for fun, but not if you try to win games

  6. Look mom CV snipe with AP rockets will be a thing!

  7. “They have no capability of staring fires, except flooding”
    So flooding causes fire?

  8. FDG hull Tanky as all hell, ridiculous long range powerful secondary battery and because it’s a CV you only get five second fire duration from enemies and then a powerful AA suite. Hmmm floating fortress?

  9. That accent!!! I still love it!!!❤️

  10. Thank you for this video Aerroon 🙂

    I’m realy hype, and i see the armement for Torpedos planes.
    Why Wg have choses this torpedos / bombes model (BT 700) T.T Why not use “normal” torpedos and not, this protype / hybrid torpedos . (Speed ​​is not a justification)
    Well i think after the rework Cv, the Bf110 for A. Perseval (and another..) this is totally normal. Same for camo on planes. (GZ like, and Me 155A and Me 155 G is same ? laziness by WoWs x) )
    But yes the Cv interests me.
    Time to work and creat mod for this line ^^

    • I have no idea why they picked that torpedo.

    • @Aerroon Thank you for your respond. ^^
      And no problem I understand and i know you can’t answer me. Me “why” seek again Wg, and i would like understand, their choice for this. :/
      (Rework Cv, Bf110 and another Bimotor on Cv, this torpedos for German etc..)

  11. Got you in a game today. Was a little disappointed I wasnt in the video but a great one regardless. Cheers

    • Ah, sorry. I do remember, however I played many matches. Most of them were more mediocre than this one on my end or had some egregious mistakes by me.
      This one was more of a “Let me try one more time. Oh, I might as well record the commentary as I’m playing.” Somehow it worked out.

    • @Aerroon nah no problem. I am happy as long as there is New and good content. Keep it up man

  12. They should give GZ planes a T10 status as well because she has the exact same planes as Manfred :p

  13. How dou you look at your ship underwater like at 00:00 ?

    • You unlock the camera by pressing Right Control + Right Shift + Backspace. This unlocks the camera and you can move around with the arrow keys. You might also have to do a left mouse button click if you’re looking at a replay. Numpad 7 and 8 (or 9?) will move your camera up and down.

  14. “you can’t do much damage with these rock… oh my gawd… oh” lmbo

  15. I am a bit disappointed that it has GZs planes and exactly the same skin
    They could’ve done so much more!

  16. “DDs can’t shoot planes done”
    Halland: well, hello there

  17. 10:22

  18. why not improve the torp speed? You could give them 5kts + 5% more speed

  19. if you just look at cv balance manfred is pretty well balanced. pretty much as strong as the over t10 cvs in randoms while being unique. in comp haku is just the jack of all traits so no hope there. so i guess well done wg nice cv line but welp overall cv problem still remains but at least this line fits in quite well

  20. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky.

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