World of Warships – Manual Auto-dropping

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Here is an example of what you can expect to face/play in the next ranked season called SPRINT if you pick a CV. There is going to be only 2 options. IJN Zuiho and USN Bogue which is showcased here.
The power of Bogue over Zuiho is in fighters. It can very easily take care of IJN fighters and then molest the rest of planes, but Zuiho can do cross drops and multiple strikes.
I hope this helps and that you enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I’m not sure how “fun” this will be but if players chose to ignore CVs, they will be dangerous. At least to everything but DDs.

  2. I just clicked the notification so fast, it just said that the video is unavailable (private) haha xD

  3. As *Jingles* would say ————————— *’Keep Calm and Carrier on’*

    • As Ociex (The Jingles award winner for the worst carrier player ever) once famously said..

      “You guys must be new here right?
      Carrier doesn’t move…

      We have planes!”

  4. If you want to not risk being completely shut down by enemy CV bogue will be good, but there’s probably going to be so many texas you can’t really use CV anyway, it will just leave a handful of cruisers to viably drop

  5. アドミラルヒッパー

    Unicum player kills new players with laughing.

  6. Use combination of ‘M’ map and ‘zoomed in’ map. That’s way easier to control and keep oversight. If there would be manual drop I would definitely go carrier this ranked season. Can do so much more with that

  7. Hello, Flambass.
    I have Bogue, everytime i come to random battles, my fighters got raped, even from Zuiho with only 1 fighter squadron, can you shot me what commander skills you’ve got?

    • Well don’t fight over enemy ships. If you get locked with your fighters over enemy AA, he can win that fighter fight and then you’re screwed. Skills for CVs are rather obvious rly

    • Have air group modifications 1 and 2 modules installed. Captain skills to dominate other fighters are dogfighting expert and air supremacy.

  8. “I could kill that CV so easy right now, but instead I will let him farm out team some more making this game harder than it has to be.”

    • he didn’t want to ruin the guys game, it’s just t5, let people breathe

    • Exactly , because I didn’t come here to snipe a CV, I came here so I can show ppl what to expect out of next SPRINT ranked season if they’re into playing CVs

    • All I read is “I would rather make it seem like it is harder so I look at least on parr with Flamu”

    • Hahaha okey buddy, whatever you say xD

    • @NoMercy Mate no one has a problem with you fapping to flamuu and only him . But other people have their own fkin brains and dicks and will freely choose to fap to whoever they want .

      Also lemme take my time to introduce you to something that people possess, its an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity, aka the brain.

      Oh wait never mind because i forgot that you should first possess one to understand what it is 😛 Fucking dickhead.

  9. I still think Zuiho in a division with a good AA ship is a better/stronger option then Bogue divisioned with anything, but solo, yea, Bogue is probably a better option

  10. The following ships can be citadeled with HE DB.
    Danae, Emerald, Iwaki, Yubari, and barely the Friant.

  11. 5 months ago:
    *Sees Flambass on enemy team*
    Me in chat: Hi flambass! 😀
    *Flambass detonate me*
    Damn it.

  12. This was a fun game to watch. Oh look my follow at the bottom. XD

  13. Damn what a stomp. With how BB heavy it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be pretty brutal. Do you go aircraft HP or aircraft servicing time on your module 3?

  14. I’m putting my Montana captain on the Texas for Tier V sprint ranked. While slow, it’s an average-DPS, quite-tanky ship with great AA. If I go carrier, I’m going Zuiho. Fighters are weak, but I can cross drop.

  15. Andrew Christopher

    So….I’ve been watching on the borders. Watching gameplay, listening to commentary, seeing how it applies. Originally I started following iChaseGaming but there wasn’t much variety. Then Jingles recommended that if anyone wanted to know how to truly appreciate the game, to watch your games. So, while I haven’t subscribed (don’t know if I will) this is the FIRST EVER carrier gameplay I actually enjoyed. For watching WoWs replays in the span of 4 years, that’s a compliment of the highest order from A.C.

    • Wow, and I didn’t think too much of this particular match but I thought it might be useful for rookies, ty for kind words 😉

  16. This video so clearly demonstrates the OP of American planes vs Japanese. They are literally untouchable. This is the reason I gave up playing my Japanese carrier line. The american carriers are OP as F$%k! Everytime I saw an American carrier on the opposite team I knew I was f%^ked. You can’t do a thing as a Japanese carrier against an American planes. Your fighters are utterly hopeless. Your torpedo bombers and dive bombers are cannon fodder for American fighters. Not once did I ever get the upper hand against American fighters. Japanese fighters can’t even catch the American torpedo bombers and dive bombers and on the odd occasion when you intercept they can’t shoot them down. I have literally lost an entire squadrons of fighters attacking American torpedo bombers. As soon as you see American fighters you can just forget it. You ain’t winning. There is a VERY clear bias going on in this game when it comes to planes. Don’t waste your time playing Japanese carriers. If you want to play a carrier play American. You won’t be tempted to put your fist through the computer screen if you do.

    • The thing is that in higher tiers an American CV is worse than a Japanese CV, when you start to have more than a squadron of fighters and with the strafes American CVs can’t do much, and your planes get faster than the American ones.

    • Yeah high tier is a nightmare for american CV. We have to wait till tiet bloody 9 to finally get a second fighter squad. Where as the IJN will outnumber you and dispose of your fighters with ease

  17. Kotori Minami_chan16

    I liked for that torpedo that you aimed INTENTIONALLY to hit the enemy Zuihou.

  18. Don’t have Kamikaze but minekaze with 10 point captain is pretty close.

  19. I dont know why WG’s aproach to the CV rework is completely change the gameplay .Why dont they just reduce the size of the squadrons increase the size of spare planes and reduce the duration of air droped torp flood duration and damege(because obviously the air dropped torp is much smaller and will make much smaller hole in the ship than a surface launched wich is much bigger) and do something about those AP bombs

  20. why is it “cross-drop” instead of Anvil attack?

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