World of Warships – Map Changes

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Discuss map coming to and , hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. I’m excited to see how these changes affect play. Now when will the change Okinawa?? That one needs help too.

  2. Okay, this new Tears of the Desert looks waay more Minotaur friendly than before

  3. Great, more islands to crash into ¬¬

  4. Tears of the Desert has needed this for a long time. Not so much Trap.

    • vipersocks the change in trap are huge esp the channel in the north for DDs to camp, the german DDs will love it. New meta all BC calling it first here.

    • Indeed Skyven it will be excellent for my Z52, what I’m saying is this map was fine before and didn’t need change in my opinion.

    • Tho I agree that trap is okay the way it is. The minor tweaks to the map creates new areas to come in at on that B cap. I’m one of the few BB players that would use those gaps to push B instead of having to use the wide channel or coming in from A side (or whichever cap is in the south west area). Plus it gives me a second firing opportunity on Ships that are trying to flee behind the island.

  5. Wouldn’t it be nice if they decided to rework Epicenter? It seems to be the least popular mode by a long shot

    • Dave-ish yet everyone bashed Bastone mode.

    • I’ve wanted Wargaming to do an epicenter mode where the map gets progressively smaller as the game continues. At regular intervals if you don’t move to the next ring closer to the center your ship gets automatically eliminated. Then again, I’ve wanted Wargaming to do a demolition derby scenario where everyone spawns out of sight of everyone else, and it’s every Captain for themselves. Last ship floating wins. Of course you would probably have to limit these types of battles to the same class of ships.

    • Kwolf, I was just suggesting that on another video about the game in general. You’d think these fools were going to die in real life if their camo gets chipped.

    • I hate ipecac center, it’s the worst thing in the game (cap circles) made into one huge cap circle.

    • Thanasis Anagnopoulos

      seems to me you want to play fortnight or pubg 🙂

  6. I think Mountain Range needs some changes, too.

  7. They should bring back ocean map. No camping, no hiding, just fight.

    • Played Ocean a couple of days ago, both teams went into a state of shock and didn’t really recover

    • Increase Ocean frequency back to where it was and, most importantly, reduce the amount of islands on the others. Easy damn fix. Instead they keep adding more of what caused shitty gameplay in the first place. Ridiculous.

    • >Ocean map
      >No camping

      What tier do you play? 3?
      Average matches on ocean are the most campy in the whole game. Especially Tier 7 and above.

    • No islands to camp behind = no camping. Sure, they may be able to run, but they can’t hide.

      And, no I’m not stuck at Tier 3. Have had numerous T10 ships for a year or more. Haven’t even played in the past few months. Got sick of the island camping. Fewer & smaller islands on those troublesome maps would directly address that crap. Instead we get these useless efforts from WG again.

    • i like an open water only map,, but i really hate the color design in ocean,, the water and sky are same color and its really hard to judge speed cause there is no land formations to calculate speeds,, and in this game it can be a pain to see the difference between half speed and full speed,, but yeah some color changes would be nice

  8. Tears of the desert two thumbs up as for trap squeezing the islands together between b and c will be a mistake and please look up the definition of iconic getting so tired of the misuse of the word

  9. The new Tears of the Cruiser map has a smiley face at the middle…

  10. I like the open water areas. I like ocean… Yes I am the one

    • You are not alone. I think most maps have way too many islands. A few here and there are ok, or two big like in two brothers, but maps plagued with islands also promote passive gameplay, you are funneled to some specific areas that dds like to make torpedo soup.

    • Juanfra Valero I don’t remember the name of map. But I feel like a tank and not a ship.
      I would also like more history maps. Solomem islands is great because the history behind it. I wish they did not like that.

    • Ocean is awesome.

  11. personally i dont really think Trap need any change. i like the map, i just hate the A lemming train on domination

  12. New ToD could be changed to a 4 cap domination map – each team starts with 1, with 2 neutral caps NW and SE.

  13. I am happy about this change for tears of the desert getting it when you are in the Atlanta was never fun you could jump out and kill 1 DD and then dead or camp like everyone else and have people shit talking you

  14. I think these map changes are great!! I think it will make for more “fun & engaging” gameplay. I’ve been wanting new/more maps for a long time and I feel this is a step in the right direction.

  15. Are there mode changes to Tears of the Desert ? Because Trap is always Domination and the blog shows the Domination config (btw the northern spawn now has complete C advantage with radar cruisers in the new version). It suggests that ToD is changing from Epicenter to Standard battle.

    In any case, ToD is changing to Mountain Range Mk II in layout, which is not really an improvement. And the change from Epicenter to Standard battle makes it uninteresting to DDs while it was the most DD intensive map in the Epicenter config and free ocean in the middle.

  16. I love these two changes! Especially Tears of the Desert that’s now a smiley face 🙂

  17. the changes look fine.

    i must say your hate of a camping style game just doesn’t mean anything to me. the bold smart team can beat the campers. i enjoy the opfor camping, it let me sneak my DD to spot them so my team can focus them dead. when my team can work out how to do that.

    • on tears we have seen millions of bold smart teams get rekt by campers because the cost to traverse aggressively is too great and btw random pugs aint “teams” ..they 90% of the time are a conglomorate of selfish , moronic idiots who cant tell arse from ellbow carried by a few intelligent people.

  18. BREAK need it too WG!!

  19. 3:15 they want islands to allow you to push, but they dont care if radar sees your DDs through an island to try and make a push.

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