World of Warships – Map Tactics: Big Race

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One the oldest maps in the game gets a maptastic treatment in our video series! Where, how and when? We have the answer!

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  1. dashaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  2. Do the Solomon Island next!

  3. Yuyuko Saigyouji

    well its true but sometimes war cant be applied by only book of strategy we
    should polish that book and create new one

    welp its happen to me that strategy wont work if there were a yolo team
    who has a high morale and dont afraid to sink but inflict massive damage

  4. good advice

  5. Sehr schön gemacht für die neuen spieler eine gute anleitung weiter so
    bitte :)

  6. lol teamwork….hahaha nice joke.

  7. What the heck WOW this is not Dasha, you have deceived me.

  8. where is dasha i will cry

  9. I can smell the greenscreen :)

  10. what ever happened to world of tanks

  11. what ever happened to world of tanks

  12. No Dasha, dislike

  13. Muahahaha… Haven’t even start this game but should I?

  14. Restuadi “ewaru” Studiawan


  15. JuiceboxVanHouten


  16. World of Warships is the best game!

  17. Best map :D

  18. THIRD!

  19. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Hello early people

  20. Knyq Gymory Barbosa


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