World of Warships – Map Tactics: Shatter

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Full small islands and ambush points, is the perfect to be brave and bold on. But with the potential high rewards of throwing caution to the wind comes great risks. Before charging the centre head on, take a moment to think and reflect upon the lessons learnt in our latest episode of “Map ”!

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  1. Yeah well the last sentence of the video sums up my whole experience while playing random battles

  2. Gallant Fatco Razy

    new french amx ship, with autoloader cannon and rearview mirror..

  3. im just gonna go and get my torpedos ready -live poi

  4. Will you ever add a option where you can change your ships country flag?

  5. Is this a joke about french ships HE shells shattering everytime ?

  6. Too many noobs always go A+B or C+B. Not just this map, almost everywhere, comletely ignoring the map design. Glad that this video made it clear: A + C is the most viable tactic on this map.

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