World of Warships – Map Tactics: Solomon Islands

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  1. World of WarshiTs.

  2. Any tips on how to use my aircraft carrier? I keep losing when I go into a
    random battle with my aircraft carrier :(

  3. World of Torpedoes.

    Because who cares about ships, its all about destroyers in fart clouds,
    showing torp skill by clicking two buttons. SKILL. Or planes that can drop
    bombs on top of your head. SKILL. Or Planes that can get point blank and
    drop torps at you. SKILL.

  4. Γιώργος Τσιαμασιώτης

    Actually, about CVs, I have found that G4 and F4 are two very good spots,
    as long as you are absolutely certain nobody is coming through B.

  5. you can only research the Missouri with 750000 free xp? its stupid

  6. i just had a awesome game in my Fletcher launched 2 salvos BUT only ONE
    torpedo actually made it into the water,……what the actual FUCK.

    next: i was attacking a Chapayev i was SOOOooo close to him that his
    torpedoes blew me out of the water, only his torpedoes were still in midair
    air when they hit me, the end of his torps were practically still in the
    tubes.”The plan was to ram him”
    And the game takes longer to load sins the last patch and we got that
    STUPID spinning bug back AGAIN.

    tactics my big fat hairy ASS.

  7. Where is my girl?

  8. step 1 to win on this map: pick shiratsuyu

  9. Top 10 Entertainment

    Solomon is in the Philippines

  10. João Marcos Araújo

    There should be a version of this map for high tier matches.
    Since WG already declared that doesnt like long range engagements. Solomon
    Islands in the worst case scenario engagements happens at max mid range,
    never long range. Even the ones that are coward or afraid of someone
    scratching their paint will have to close the distance.

  11. I always enjoy these strategy/ tactic videos. That said I sometimes feel
    its more of a review than a chance for me to learn a new tactic most of the
    time. This video was different…oddly the subject matter was a map I feel
    I know very well and understand. I really picked up a couple of new
    techniques on this video as well as helping me to explain to me why a
    situation I was aware of exists and why. Very interesting. Also..I think
    it’s wise for Wargaming to pursue this type of…advertising or
    promotion..whatever this is? I think promoting World of Warships as “The
    Thinking Man’s Game” is very clever and effective as well as accurate. Sure
    there will always be poor players and Potatoes. That said coming from 15k
    games in World of Tanks I think that this game is far more interesting from
    a strategic standpoint. The tempo has a lot to do with that. You have time
    to make choices and think things out. Cheers WG. I have beef with you here
    and there around the edges but when I put it into perspective I get a lot
    of entertainment value here at a very reasonable price.

  12. how is this map only for tiers 2 to 4. i mean well i played the solomon
    islands a few days ago with a tier 5 battleship

  13. Where Dasha is???

  14. Gfirst thing to do carrier players cross torp the middle and see what
    happens I got like 20 kills from that

  15. I call that narrow straight “Death’s Door”

  16. nose para que veo esto si despues hago cualquiera :/

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