World of Warships – Map Tactics: Strait

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Today we’ll talk about Strait—one of more unusual maps.

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  1. first like

  2. Hey WG EU why do you cheep out and just vo the ruskie? I want a european meatheadmilitia and some personality here! I play tanks and ships on eu and i know of Luke and Ectar while i can name atleast 10 people running the YT comunity on the murica channel. Who is with me?

  3. ” Cooperate  with your teammates. “, very impossible in SEA Server.

  4. Can you pls add wows blitz, I want to play!

  5. TheBigBadRedMantis

    can anyone tell me the difference between ap and he? like i know that vs destroyers he is best and vs heavy ships like battleships you should use ap but how about cruisers, i tried and it goes sometimes better with he others with ap. O and I can’t wait for the game to introduce more ships and maps. This is the game I like best from wargaming.

  6. matthias prince

    This is not map tactics this is just have a brain tactics

  7. I love this map when I’m in a DD there is almost always a battleship hiding in the labyrinth islands no doubt he is too busy complaining at his team to fight, a beautiful easy kill for any hungry DD

  8. If anyone play wows blitz give me link i need that game

  9. I would expect the game developers of all people to realize their game doesn’t involve teamwork, teamwork in Random battles is a myth….

  10. So many people that should watch these videos and at least try to learn something… GJ WG!!!! o7

  11. where is Dasha <3 ?

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