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  1. battlestations?

  2. not nice why no uk able win loyal subs and tweets 🙁 ahh ba bi

  3. Alien isolation , hmm :D

  4. Dark Souls 1 !!

  5. I heard the PAX camo increases enemy shell dispersion like the camo you can
    buy. However, I haven’t been able to find anything official on this. Do you

  6. How long is it gona take him to realize that we cant see his mouse ingame?

  7. Hmm…Play Agario? Maybe?

  8. You could use AP against Omahas.

  9. phly play FROM THE DEPHTS.please

  10. tunnel vision

  11. Omaha whit last hull gets a range increase to about 14,3k add the 20% range
    whit captain perk and it’s even more deadly. But you have to give up 2 torp
    tubes and few guns.

  12. Verdun

  13. Phly play star conflict

  14. lol that would be a funny easteregg if randomly on islands there were
    treasures that you can dig up by shooting on island and get like 10k
    credits bonus :D

  15. do some phan mail Phly!

  16. VerticalFpsGaming 21

    Try playing planetside 2

  17. battlefield 4???

  18. Piper was the best part of the vid

  19. Jason Mcfigityfig (just some aussie gamea)

    silent hunter 5

  20. How can you get the marblehead if you didn’t win

  21. @phlydaily cant answer on mobile for some reason but battlefield badcompany
    2. Normal or vietnam expancion

  22. nice ;)

  23. Play a Star Wars game

  24. i like how they used the sound for the motion sensor from Alien for the

  25. M&B Warband.

  26. piper is telling u he’s hungry

  27. TF2 !

  28. play dont shit your pants.

  29. Farming Simulator 2015 pls

  30. try sniper elite 3

  31. Phly, you should do Telltales the Walking Dead, that would be awesome! :D

  32. You should play War Th-
    World of Ta-
    Rocket Le-

  33. Play one of the scp containment breaches games or a type of horror game :D

  34. Arma III breaking point mod

  35. Yo Phly, you give up on your Phlycast channel or naw? Star Wars too…
    multitasking game is weak.

  36. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  37. lemmings ?

  38. Play the binding of isaac rebirth? :D

  39. Ultimate Gundam,mk2

    why not play train fever again I missed that:-)

  40. Hey Phly, tiny request, would you please review the Colorado?

  41. why can’t I get the damn amagi pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it got the most
    likes this is continuing to happen

  42. It pains me to see you scrolling in and out every shot. Just press Shift!


  44. Universe sandbox 2! 😀
    And f@#! up the solar system as much as you can :3

  45. asetto corsa

  46. FNF

  47. Ok Phly lets make a deal then, ok? You have to use the T32 but you use a
    plane of your choice. Ok?

  48. Powerhaus/Phly should try Planetside 2

  49. XCOM: Enemy Within

  50. Play Hunie Pop for F4AFridays! It’s less painful when drunk.

  51. aww didn’t know ya had a cat ya mind show’n us her in yer next vid?

    also cats don’t listen to commands XD

  52. Goat simulator

  53. Fantastic Video! Love it! Keep It Up Man! :D


  55. Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic

  56. At some point, we’d like to see Piper again!! 😀 Didn’t you get another
    kitteh as well, IIRC?

  57. Insurgency!!!!

  58. Bad Rats – Literally Best Game on Steam

    actually not

  59. play the old school EVASIVE ACTION!

  60. Is it your feets that smell now Phly?
    The interwebz has smelled funny all day now.

  61. WORLD OF WARPLANES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡☆★☆★☆♥

  62. Kerbal Space Program pls!

  63. Ohh! an old game, still super fun
    Star Wars Republic Commando (2005)
    Probably you already played it, but speedruns are still fun
    Kinda like Skyrim

  64. Try Ksp again with Bd Armory 😀 Maybee watch some Tutorials before cause Bd
    armory is a complex mod

  65. Congratulations to the winners, enjoy your new commands!

  66. I would love to see some Kerbal Space Program, the game is awesome.

  67. Piper is telling you that Baba did something bad, lol.

  68. at 15mins they had their scout plan up which slightly boosts range

  69. Geómetry dash for the win

  70. KSP would be nice!

  71. Club Penguin!

  72. Phly, FYI, there was a contest on the forums during PAX where almost
    everyone who entered and mostly spelled out the word “PAX MARBLEHEAD” by
    killing enemies with one of those letters, got the ship , so your statement
    about only being able to get it via going to PAX is incorrect. (roughly
    2400 players now have the Marblehead cruiser and the 500,000 credits)

    I suggest you check up on the forums every now and again mate, there seem
    to be quite a few things you miss…


  74. Goat simulator

  75. Play supreme commander forged alliance

  76. I vote for Homeworld for a Free For All Friday.

  77. wargame red dragon!! Play it or u go gulag

  78. Sniper Elite, Would be fun to watch !!!

  79. Play Company of Heroes 1 or 2, it’s a really really fun RTS! :)

  80. fifa 16 demo

  81. Yandere Simulator

  82. bro you got to play chivalry medieval warfare honestly getting kills in
    that game is so satisfying lol

  83. blitzkrieg 3

  84. How do you put multiple waypoints on the autopilot?

  85. resurrection of erection

  86. kerbal space progrom russian space simulator

  87. meow

  88. i hope the make the USS Indianapolis

  89. Play maybe Unturned or Tankionline :)

  90. please phly

  91. and rocket league

  92. try out the sm.79 and da maus in war thunder

  93. world of warplanes?

  94. Barbier Pierre-Louis Barbier

    Some Zao gameplay please. I want to see it in action

  95. Phly, what are your thoughts about the new premium Pershing with rockets?

  96. Kerbal space program ples

  97. hello kitty online! Also get something strong to drink! GO HAMS

  98. Phly, it could be that the omaha that was shooting at you had the commander
    perk that gives you more range with guns that are under 155 mm in caliber.
    For instance I can get my Cleveland to shoot out to about 17.4 km with that

  99. +PhlyDaily Guess the other Omaha had the captain perk with 20% range for
    guns under 155 mm ;)

  100. Unturned

  101. BF 3 or 4

  102. we want Star Wars back !!!

  103. maddness interactive

  104. play duskers

  105. Phly are you really not firing AP in omaha/murmansk/marblehead ? seriously?

  106. its actually hydroacoustic not hydrostatic:)

  107. Mechwarrior Online! Giant robots!!!

  108. Insurgency!!

  109. play wargame red dragon

  110. imastalker - something :D

    I didn’t get a code :/. But I’m still happy that I can watch your video :)

  111. play war thunder get the t24

  112. f you had torpedos you would of won on these team works

  113. Rising Storm

  114. What a cute cat. Love my felines

  115. Was the range difference around 14:50 because of a scout?

  116. Carrier for a Marblehead trade….sounds pretty sweet to me, lol Man seeing
    the carrier fully ablaze like that was awesome.

  117. war thunder on ps4 xDDDDDDD

  118. please play homeworld

  119. Kerbal Space Program

  120. Kerbal Space Program

  121. Rise of Flight

  122. @PhlyDaily , you should check out some Total War games, possibly Arena?

  123. play Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2

  124. mad max?

  125. Age of Empires 2!

  126. Planetary Anhilation in MP With Slick an Co.

  127. Do “shower with my dad simulator” Best game ever

  128. play until dawn


    (yes that is its name) :P

  130. forza 6

  131. play “Don’t Starve” because its ridiculous!

  132. the game sounds is to high

  133. The intros with Piper are the best intros! :D

  134. From the depths

  135. kerbal space program


  137. my name is not Max Ström

    Play Tetris pls

  138. congrats for the winner :)

  139. So what game should I try out for *FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!?*

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