World of Warships: Marceau – Crazy Clan Battle – [TSUN] vs [BBONE]

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A clan battle with TSUN, where things get a bit out of hand. Then we get fairly lucky. Thank you for the match BBONE and TSUN.

0:00 Game
15:00 End Screen
16:45 Commander Skills & Upgrades
17:43 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Marceau.


  1. I want to try out allowing Youtube to autoplace ads in the places it thinks are best. Let’s see how it goes.


  3. Man, What is wrong with Warships Forum..been messed up for weeks now

  4. Should I get Kuznetsov or Marceau? I have Kremlin already, but I want to try the French

  5. Thanks for this, Ae-R-R-Oon.

  6. Mmmmm ……. i wonder what “tsun” means

  7. So how does one farm coal? Is it just daily containers? Just got back after a like 2 year break

    • Daily containers, daily missions, and so on. Takes maybe 2-3 months of grinding to get one coal ship, if you get 2-3 coal containers/day

    • Just daily containers I think.

    • Thank you guys! Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a faster way

    • @urbenyeti213 Daily missions, containers, ranked sprints that give you 10k coal, you can get 15k from supercontainer if youre lucky, theres coal as a reward during some events sometimes, christmas snowflakes, you can also exchange steel for coal 1 – 10, and you have discount coupon that lowers resource ships prizes by 25%

  8. i don’t even play this game, yet this is so entertaining

  9. lol Hindenburg Threw the match by overcorrecting.

  10. As always, nice video, was fun to watch

    Anyway, I am in love with marceau as well ( got her today )
    Albeit I am running different build, instead of CE, alongside stuff like SE, BFT, AFT, I also run DE for maximum fires
    IFA kinda helps me to dodge shells, never used it before, but I like it..

    Though I might have separate second captain to have same skills as you, because concealment is nice too, and 7km is pretty nice for such ship..

    Too bad I dont have coal for Philippe, but I really wanted marceau..
    At least now I know what to get coal for… but then again, I want Neustrashimy… decisions decisions..

    • Yeah, a lot of people don’t use CE on her. I just had CE on her from Ranked so I just kept using it. It does help a little bit by making you stealthier to planes, but that’s about it.

  11. Ahh, the show’s not over until the fat lady has sung … and she took her time warming up this game. Great play Aerroon.

  12. Does you clan use tin cans and strings?

  13. Id love to play clan battles but hell all the ones that do, dont invite randoms it seems 😀

    DO IT

  15. TSUN-dere? But this is a T10 match, no Admiral Hipper….

  16. Yo Aerroon Im have trouble playing mogador. Is there any tips and tricks to a good mogador game? I would be very helpful 🙂

  17. Shikikan Deutschland

    Is the Marceu the most aesthetically pleasing dd to you?

  18. Man, here I was saving my coal for Thunderer or Moskva, and you put this video up! Marceau is slowly winning me over

    • I just got the Marceau after watching this video. But I also own the Thunderer since a good while now and let me tell you 1 thing, it’s the most versatile BB in the whole game. It sets fires, it overmatches, its super damn accurate, it manoeuvres, it’s speedy, heals come up fast, list goes on and on….

  19. You know it’s a win when the other team takes Goliath.

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