World of Warships – Marceau, the French gunslinger

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Marceau is the new French premium tier 10 DD, you can find it in armory for 236k coal if IR;m not mistaken. It is essentially a with torps that CAN be used.

I spec my captain full concealment which drops it down to 7km, torps that reach 9km gives me options. They are not the greatest torps but they are useable. However this ship is mostly about guns.

Enjoy have fun watching 😉

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  1. ayyy flambass is playing on youtube again, must be worthy of watching

  2. “angry mr indestructible noises”
    marceau is marceau !

  3. That Submarine on the map is the USS Skate (SSN 578). She was the first submarine to ever surface at the north pole and the third nuclear-powered submarine commisioned by the US navy.

  4. Yep, it’s like “Mahr-Soh”, but you need to be able to roll the R. I’m French and I still think it’s annoying, you have to be able to use the phlegmy part of your throat/mouth.

    • さもさもさもあ

      i love deep throat too

    • Tu roules le r dans Marceau toi? 🤨
      Ou j’ai mal compris.

    • @Serge Nicolas When explaining French to an English speaker, yes. The uvula is used very differently in Germanic languages.

    • Which makes the French a perfect language for me to learn, as I don’t pronounce “R” correctly but in a way Barry Kripke
      from ‘The Bing Bang Theory” speaks 😀

    • Recently i tried to find a nice sounding name for my french bulldog puppy. To my dismay i realized i don’t have enough phlegm in my throat to pronounce them correctly. We decided Sonia was good enough.

  5. 3:39 Who would win, some democracy eagles with huge independence rockets or a smol rocky boi?

  6. Its 6:30 AM in Toronto and I’m watching flambino😂 send help I love his vids too much

  7. The submarine is the USS Skate (as you can see by the number on the side, 578… For SSN-578). I think it’s on the iceberg map because it was the first to surface in the North Pole.

  8. Matthieu Xagorarakis

    There’s no “rchhh” in the middle. It’s poronounced marSO

  9. Btw the ship for me will simply be “Sophie” … 🙂

  10. The shell velocity seems trash, and it has some volley to it for that reason on long ranges he spammer it doesn’t make so much sense.

  11. If you got the time and pleasure redo some games with cossack full concealment setup. In that hilarious 5.5km concealment I managed to kill a Friesland with cossack 😁.

  12. 6:38 Write it down : Der Schnitzelschütze.

  13. Just pronounce Marceau like “M-A-R-S-S-O” and yes we frenchies are annoying af

  14. Slawomir Chmielewski

    This ship seems like a Daring gun-wise but loses smoke, torpedoes and concealment for speed and AA. I don’t think it’s a good trade unless you division with a CV.

  15. Time for Khaba to get a buff with Kléber & Marceau everywhere, I think. Even just a bit more range would help a lot with Khaba.

    GG 👍

    • Or giving back her 10 km torps, they were good

    • Nah man that slow ass rudder makes it a frustrating ship to play.. Forced to use the steering gears 3 and then its still bad

    • If you already not using rudder mod. 3, you should use the legendary upgrade, that gives you the needed extra range at the cost of no rudder.. i use it with heals, very good at the edge of your range. Personall, i was rooting for rhe old ntc/research bureau, because that way i could give back 20% rudder shift to my Khab. Literally repairing the nerfs WG make🤣

  16. I swear if carriers get unlimited planes over time ships need to get AA repaired over time.
    Ships had crew for that ya know. WG? …WG?

  17. If carrier airplanes are going to be of unlimited number, shouldn’t ships have unlimited defensive AA?

  18. French pronunciation: ​[maʁsɛl maʁso as in the famous Actor Marcel Marceau

  19. Introducing the first Brazilian ship in Wows : The Marsão 😀

  20. It is MaggSO, the stress lies on the last syllable and the “R” is like a softer version of the Dutch hard “g or ch” sound if that is familiar to you.

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