World of Warships: Marceau – The Way It’s Meant To Be Played [WIP]

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Marceau with HE spam at 16 km is quite annoying. I love it. She’s still a WIP and subject to change though.
Marceau was given to me by Wargaming review purposes.

World of the 10 destroyer Marceau on the map Islands of Ice.


    Also, check out the speed tournament by Citerella.

  2. Honestly this is a ship we don’t need in the game…..Tier 10 is so cancer already

  3. Looks like a fun ship Aerroon, I’m looking forward to this one. Poor BB’s tho, nice game mate 🙂

  4. I’m really impressed by your skill (to find convenient excuses and stuff to blame for mistakes).

    Seriously though, the Marceau looks really strong and I’m not sure why WG felt like another HE spamming open water DD was needed. This looks really unfun to play against, and I think that needs to be considered while adding a ship to the game.

  5. That’s probably the worst gameplay you can experience in this game 😀 Who thought of that?

  6. little titanic cosplay….
    that joke killed me 😀

  7. Re-specced my Kleber for long range today. Its now lethal at anywhere up to 16km, as various BBs and a poor Minotaur that i ambushed found out. Marceau looks even worse.

  8. Finally unlocked the zao legendary mod and wow its really really nice, wonder when they will re balance all the others apart from the des moines oh and the shimys for random spamming 😉 Cheers

  9. This it’s exactly like everyone was playing the Khaba 2 years ago, before the Nerf it!!! Exactly the same ship and same way of play

  10. They nerfed Khabarovsk because it was amazingly hard to hit because of the speed, range and ruddershift. Now they have two other ships with the same stats but even harder to hit because they’re stupidly fast plus the ruddershift time is insane like the speedboost. Well done WG… Well done

    Please bring it for Coal so we have the next stupid spamming ship like Smolensk available for everyone.

  11. Yup!, Just what the game needs…another HE spamming potatoe friendly ship @T10!?
    …like we dont have enough of these already! lol

    Kia Kaha Aerroon, great review and game play…as always 07

  12. WG: *Does Something The Game Dosen’t need*

    Community: *Shocked Pikachu Face*

  13. yeah this is the definition of what we dont need in the game, let alone high tier… if i was that alsace i would have been far less polite

  14. Damn, this game need Chemotherapy. ..

  15. Well apart from the fact that WG is swtiching one T10 Spammer for another in the armory, I’m looking foward to this ship. I’m not sure if I’ll use the 16km of range setup, tho…

  16. Aerroon how much do you like the Prinz Eugen voice?

  17. Winning friends and influencing players again I see, Aerroon? Well done.

  18. Went to the doctors today, found out I had Marceau 🙁 Yeh, the terminal one

  19. This ship was announced to become available for coal, which means that many people will get her. And because WG is WG they changed vital aspects of the ship to make it impossible, or at least very inconvenient, to use the ship as commander trainer for the other high tier french DDs.

    • That is definitely true! However, I think if you’re going to be getting T10 reward ships, you probably should have at least one 19 point captain already. At that point you don’t need a specific captain trainer ship. You can just play your 19 pt captain ship and collect elite captain XP.

  20. Nice game, thanks for the recognition, was the shima on the other team. Keep the vids coming

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