World of Warships- Marlborough First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier IX Premium British Battleship Marlborough! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Whaled for repulse. She is fun but patch day teams are miserable

  2. It’s good against DDs because the dispersion is so bad it’s actually good in this case since they can wiggle all they want, but they’re taking hits regardless.

  3. Maybe a buff such as super heal could make the ship more viable, hope WG would consider it.
    Welp for 18 euros for me it’s fine especially for the final rewards.

  4. Tamás Kerecsényi

    This is pretty much a copy-paste Vanguard with different turrets. Marlborough’s citadel is likely bigger than the whole of Petropavlovsk lol – oh and since you have 356mm guns you can’t overmatch anything with AP at T9 so have fun… I’ll be stopping with the dockyard at the Repulse.

  5. I do have a feeling most players grind the dockyard event just for Repulse

  6. The WW1 naval enthusiast in me is so happy that we are getting Dreadnought and Repulse for free. Grinding down the German Bc line already, they are really fun.

    • I’m at the Rupprecht right now, oh boy it is SO FUN, I got 4 Close Quarters Expert in the first match on her, it’s insane! Can’t wait for Schlieffen

  7. Got the Dreadnought today but going for the Repulse. Looks like everyone and their grandmother is going after that high citadel of yours in the video at one point.

  8. Great review. The ship turned out pretty much as I expected it would, after watching Searaptor’s first look video on it. Very high skill floor needed to do well in it, unless division-ed w/ a smoke generator of some kind. The AA doesn’t look like anything a TX CV would worry about either, so have fun with that.

  9. christopher shrank

    Thanks. Planned on passing on the Marlborough. Repulse is looking good, and Dreadnought will be nice to have, even if low tier game play is lacking. Edited to add: If you plan on doing the full dockyard, get the starter packs before you unlock the third phase. I just did, and noticed the starter packs are no longer available.

  10. I whaled it, not for the ships but the 10k steel you get. The ships are a bonus

  11. First I can tell you the ship does appear to be quite big compared to the average destroyer

  12. Was in game with you. Not suprised my your less that stellar ratings of this ship’s review. Though we were falling back, holding a hard push on that flank, I noticed you were taking as much damage as I was in the Donskoi. Good thing we had a good team to push hard on the other flank and get those two caps. Always enjoy you vids. By the way, because you got me curious about what an average player can do, I’m grinding the French DD line to see how many games to T10.

    • As the Friesland in this match, I tried to speed stank and draw fire from him. Lost track of the radar and got screwed by my mistake. Was hoping he would nuke the Ibuki too, he was a really good shot

  13. This looks like a cruiser that has been scaled up to become a battleship.
    This ship won’t tank a lot, but it will do a lot of damage.

  14. I ran into a bunch of these yesterday it randoms. Judging from what I saw it’s ok. A giant cruiser really and definitely NOT worth the time or money. Wg really needs to step up these dockyard ships. That being said. The repulse is quite good. Happy holidays

  15. I devasted a full-life Marlborough, with my Carnot. The Distance was 8KM. For me it’s a pass 🙁 I looks nice thou.

  16. The Marlborough is probably the first ship i (a filthy f2p finding every chance to find some supplies or credits or, extremely rarely, a new ship, i can get) am glad to not possibly be able to even scratch the surface of the dockyard missions. I always saw them as time-consuming tasks that bore me extremely quick. Hell, with the Hizen dockyard, i just BARELY got to the taichibana, then the construction missions got too big to keep grinding without losing interest, utterly curb stomping any attempt to get into said grind. Yet, it pains me to know i’ll probably never get Repulse unless she becomes available later on for something like coal or dubloons, she seems like a blast of a BC to sail around in at first sight alone.

  17. That camo reminds me of the gas tanks just south of Boston. I would always see them heading to Cape Cod on 93 south.

  18. WOWS knew all of this before releasing the ship. I think WOWS has taken the idea of British BBs having soft hulls to far. The citadel armor is the same as Lions, but is all above water. Lion is easy to citadel. The Conqueror has a mostly above water 406 mm citadel. All the British BBs are wrapped in 32 mm plating. The Marlborough needs a better sigma and the specialized repair team. Then this would be on the same level as Lion.

  19. 16 guns was awesome on Lyon tier 7 french bb. The ap on this ship is still good, but you need that broadside. With the right rng you will delete cruisers in 1 shot.

  20. The Steel, by buying it outright, is worth it, especially, if you don’t have a Clan Battle type of clan. 8k Steel goes a long way in getting your next Steel ship. To each his own… 🇺🇸

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