World of Warships – Marseille, Mecklenburg, Iwami First Look

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Showing Marseille, Mecklenburg, Iwami, and Edgar in port on the PTS. I’m very intrigued by these additions and would love a chance to play them to really understand them. Hope you enjoyed the discussion and have a wonderful day!


  1. I met a Marseille in pts and it felt like it has Improved AP.

    • French have good AP, that’s all.

    • Mad_man_savage 45

      Yeah but it’s going to get smashed easy at it’s tier most bbs have 457 mm guns which means the bow and deck armor is nonexistent might as well be free citadels

    • i met marseille in PTS
      and wow the gun spread was so wide when i was bowing in with a petro lol

      i thought the gun would be as consistent as other cruisers

  2. Pretty sure Mecklenberg uses the FdG hull; Iwami I believe is a Hizen hull. Both look intriguing. Edgar is just a fat Minotaur and will likely be even easier to delete ( I am assuming it will be slower and less maneuverable ), and Marseilles looks like it wants to sit bow in or slightly angled but with only 25mm at the bow it will get face punched by anything 406mm or bigger. Not sure yet how I feel about these new French large cruisers; with the guns all forward positioning might be more challenging… We’ll see I guess.

    • Even 380’s will punch through her bow. But in all other respects she looks very strong. Bigger guns, more range and faster firing than Mecklenburg, LOL.

    • 25mm…its a disaster….u have right immediately when i see ship excited but when i i see 25mm bow disappointed…

  3. Amagi but with torpedos…sooo Kii. lol. Definitely looks like the Kii concept brought up to tier 9.

  4. at the 16:28 ,,,did i see a second citadel plate ?

  5. Does Iwami has the Hizen hull. At least it has something very close to it.

  6. I think Meclkenburg could be a cruiser at T10, just too OP.

  7. Super Minotaur, yess! I would like to see it in my crosshair soon

  8. I think I can safely say that super carriers do not belong in this game at all. In my humble opinion, carriers are broken and to introduce super versions of them is akin to throwing oil on a fire.

    • At least they have weak deck armour plating so they are relatively easier to kill!!! Wish other T10 CVs had similar plating

  9. Is the reload bug fixed? For the faster firing guns?

  10. Finally, Battlecruisers that occupy cruiser slots

  11. i seem to recall reading somewhere that Iwami was supposed to have enhanced secondary accuracy…

  12. Thanks for the review notser 👍👍 been waiting Mecklenburg review

  13. the german will have the worst gun angles ever. baaad ship…

  14. The French battle cruisers have improved secondary accuracy

  15. I honestly dont think mecklenburg should be built for secondaries, it simply doesnt have the turret angle. The torps shoulda been slapped on gk tbh. And the secs are meh as it has less than gk and we have schlieffen.

    However, given its accuracy, with 2.05 sigma and BC dispersion, and dank reload with 25 seconds base and around 22secs with reload mod, it could be a a good sniper, would mostly shoot HE give the small caliber, but as you said the AP could be chonky on broadsides given the sheer volume paired with the accuracy, it could really punish cruisers.

  16. Iwami reminds me of Hizen a lot?

  17. Mecklenburg = Tier X German Marlborough?

  18. It’s an FDG hull for the Mecklenburg by the way.
    Wish the FDG had that side armor and turtleback angle too tho

  19. Notser, I am happy you didn´t jump ship when the CC-walkout happened. You were one of the first CCs I watched as a beginner and you are still my address to go to. Love the way you present stuff on Youtube, this was a very pleasant preview. Stay safe!

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