World of Warships: Massachusetts Alone

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I end up with little support on my side of the map! I did get an Akizuki, but that’s not the type of support I was hoping for.


  1. Danest Earl Mondonedo



  3. Notification gang

  4. No, he didn’t delete the video _bottom_racer_ — you did get on youtube.

  5. Thamks for the vids. I am becoming hopefully a better bb player by watching.

  6. I’ll assume you know KonoSuba ends “today” since your server has the Aqua sticker. The novels are probably sold and here it’s not even May yet lmao

  7. I can tell you were tired. Great video!

  8. Murderous Kitten

    now do this in Radar Minotaur 🙂

  9. I am training a captain in the Georgia for secondaries. Why did you not use BFT instead of Manual? Like you said, they are accurate enough already but can do with higher rate of fire.

  10. My favourite ships, one of the few I can happily say it was worth every penny

  11. Your largest mistake ever in this game is expecting help from your team….

    • Eeeh, there were others. Overextending is also a problem that exists. I make that mistake quite frequently.

  12. Aerroon you alright? Sounding a bit low.

  13. OldSchool Gaming

    Black trenchcoat captain looked cool, how did you get him? Mod?!

  14. 2:42 This happens to me often. I push and then I find out they all escaped 😀
    7:04 How is it possible? The simple answer: they are cowards and the game is full of them 😉
    Well played :-).

  15. Good game but it felt like you showed too much broadside to the Bismarck to dodge kaga tops. Also, I use -15% to fire and floods on the captain skills I find it more useful than manual secondaries 😀

  16. peder simonsson

    haha, wtf, are you practicing your stewardess voice? A kind of quiet tday, huh?

  17. You sounds so sad in this vid, everything ok?

  18. Did you thank your team for the amazing support? :/

  19. The lack of Salem videos on YouTube is displeasing

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