World of Warships – Massachusetts Impression

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Testing a new American , the Massachusetts offers a unique secondary build potential. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Battleship Massachusetts Replay – Discord Server


  1. They should drop it to tier 7 so we have something that works better than Colorado.

    • T7?! In real life this ship is more modern and better than an NC in every measurable way. It was arguably a more powerful ship than Bismarck. It’s an Iowa minus 5 knots. T7!?

    • charles monroe yeah, T7 sounds great until some poor soul in a New York has to go against it 😛

      This was a modern BB, where as everything prior were basically souped up dreadnoughts.

    • Jaden Zhou I like my izumo, more than Iowa. But the truth is Musashi has way too much hp and better torp protection, and better resistance to fire.

    • Put Washington in early-war configuration at Tier 7 would be my choice.

    • Colorado is like a boxer. Use it as a sweeper to clean up all the low hp ships your team refuses to finish.

  2. Her sigma is 1.7, not 1.8 actually.

  3. Notser…you didn’t have manual secondaries. Of course your hit rate was crud. I feel like you did sorta did this ship a disservice by not having it. I mean you aren’t wrong in the end, I’ve run secondary builds on the NC before and tested it in brawling range. Same secondary guns, less range, but its still disappointing. Giving it the 1/4th penetration German HE secondaries have might help a bit but I feel like they might have to go a-historical in order to make this thing work as a secondary focused boat.

    • Superuser009 Put simply: more. To give you an idea, Yamato has a total of 30 secondary guns, 4 more 127mm guns and 6 more 155mm guns than Massachusetts, and more of those guns can fire directly ahead or astern.

      In any case, secondary armament is always a shadow of what it should be in real life so battleships don’t dominate (even more than they do now) over cruisers and destroyers.

    • Palladiamors I

    • lets face it, all secondaries are pretty worthless without manual secondaries. However imo 5 twin 127s per side just isn’t that great to justify going full secondaries

    • at the same time US secondaries should have much larger volume of fire..
      US 127mm/38 15 – 22 rounds per minute

      Japan 127mm 14 rounds per minute initially, 8 rounds per minute sustained
      155mm 5 – 6 rounds per minute..

      German 10.5cm 15 – 18 rounds per minute
      German 15cm 6 – 8 rounds per minute

      about protection: North Carolina and South Dakota 127mm have 50.8mm all around armor, Iowa have 63.5mm

    • Superuser009
      The *number* of secondaries isn’t the issue. The big problem is that they fire so slowly. American 5″/38 secondaries historically had a *minimum* rate of fire 15 rounds per minute, and typical was 20 RPM. In World of Warships, they’re stuck at a mere 10 RPM. Combine that with the anemic 5% fire chance and the fact that 127mm HE will shatter on 21mm or thicker armor, and making this ship secondary-focused isn’t really worth it in its current form. Now if the rate of fire of the secondaries was doubled, that would be different.

      There would still be the issue of shattering unless it hits the superstructure, and since Manual Secondaries and AFT are mandatory for a secondary build, the only way to get around that would be giving up on Concealment Expert. But if the secondaries are firing every 2.565 seconds (with BFT and Mike Yankee Soxisix) and given the (in)famous rainbow arcs of 5″/38s, you’re probably going to get a good number of superstructure hits and start a few fires when brawling with an enemy BB.

  4. After watching Majash’s and your video I’ll pass.Already have the Alabama and this ship gives up too much armor protection and accuracy for a mediocre secondary buff.Keep up the good work.I really enjoy your content.

    • Yeah, I watched Majash’s review yesterday. Notser seems to have the same opinion.

    • Yeah same here; don’t see the point of this one when the Alabama is almost the same; plus this will need a new captain to use her effectively; unless ofc you are one in a million who runs a secondary spec Montana o.O

    • definitely something to consider, she will require a completely different captain if you want to exploit the gimmick

  5. Testing secondaries without manual is useless dude, what is this

    • ArmchairWarrior

      yeah really. 11.3km secondaries are super ineffective without secondary mod and manual secondaries. Basically halves the effective distance without the mods, reliable at around 6km or less:/

    • I don’t care about manual secondary. If I have ships on both sides of me I want them firing at both. I think I would be too busy with the main guns.

  6. If this game survives long enough, we’ll probably be looking at a second line of American BBs featuring South Dakota class. There’ll probably be 30 different nations by then.

    • Just Monika well, if I recall correctly having nearly the same speed as the NC had a lot to do with having more powerful propulsion, but I think early in the war it wasn’t able to maintain 27kts because.of reliability issues.

      Washington’s famous stealth kill on the one Kongo at point blank had a lot to do with Sotuh Dakota being unintentonal bait because of mechanical issues. She took a ton of fire though and survived, which was a huge compliment to her design.

      Either way, I’m excited for Massachusetts to be in the game to finally show off US secondaries, since they were used quite extensively in the war… However the divide by 6 HE pen statistic really kills their effectiveness…

    • Alex Quantum you can’t talk about fake tanks without mentioning the Polish line 😀

    • Yeah basically all early and pre-war american fast BBs had problems related to their drive shafts and screws. Sodak got past her less-efficient hull design with increased horsepower .

      Although South Dakota might have been more resistant to shellfire, she never really got the chance to utilize this capability. During the action off Guadalcanal that you mentioned, the largest shell she was hit with was a 14″ HE/bombardment round. The only AP shells that struck her were cruiser caliber and smaller, which is well within North Carolina design parameters.

      I would be more let down by the accuracy of the secondaries than the pen. It’s not pointed out very often that Washington also pummeled the Ayanami with her secondary battery in the same engagement against the Kirishima, *at night*. 1/6th pen sucks but is perfectly adequate against superstructure and destroyers which is supposed to be the secondaries’ prey. I mean, destroyers seem to do just fine with 127mm guns against other destroyers and capital ship superstructures.

    • Just Monika I’ve run secondary builds on the Monty for giggles because the RoF is so high. It can chew up a DD that gets too close and starts enough fires against other BBs to help with one on ones.

      However, I run IFHE on my Kurf, so each she’ll it typically doing damage… Once they spoil you, it’s hard to like other secondaries lol. Last night I had to hide in smoke with 5% HP in a ranked match to stay alive, but my secondaries did 60k damage on a Conq, not counting fires, it was great lol.

      I’d still like better HE pen simply because I want secondaries to matter more outside the German line. I’m tired of all these concealment builds where people snipe at 20km.


    • João Pedro Couto Cruz
      The South Dakota-class is very similar to the North Carolina-class, true. But…so what? The game will need to keep introducing more ship lines, and sometimes that will result in a few very similar ships in the lines. That’s just how it is. What else is there to put at Tier 8 of a second USN BB line other than the 1939 South Dakota? The 1920 SD (likely under the name Indiana) would work for Tier 9 in a 2nd line. Tennessee could be the Tier 7, Pennsylvania the Tier 6, and Nevada the Tier 5. I don’t know what would go at Tier 10, but probably either a Montana variant or a shrunk-down 3-turret version of Tillman IV-1/IV-2 with 457mm guns.

  7. 0:50 “The accuracy is lower.” Let me prove it by deleting a CV at 16k in a single salvo. =/

  8. It isnt your kill until your name is on it in the kill feed. Theres no such thing as a kill steal, just securing the kill for the team

    • I feel like this will need its own individual captain, priority target, nerd rage, BFT, AFT, probably an extra heal and manual secondaries … dropping concealment for a 19point build

  9. Plays a secondary gun ship without a full secondaries build “this ships secondaries suck”

    • Sentrygun84 Yeah fairly typical for this CC. He sometimes has little nuggets of info that rounds out what other CC’s talk about though. Grain of salt though.

    • MFT wouldn’t have increased the effectiveness in this battle and with only 25 hits at standard it would have been a complete waste of points. It works for the Germans as the turtleback is effective at the same range as the secondaires allowing a good operational window for a full secondary build, the Alabama and Massa are both more vulnerable at that range.

    • USN secondaries are artificially nerfed to be terrible, they increased the range for this ship but changed nothing else

    • flashtirade
      Yeah, the biggest problem with USN secondaries isn’t the range, it’s the reload. Most guns in this game use their historical maximum rate of fire as a baseline for the in-game ROF. THat’s not the case with the 5″/38 secondaries, which have *half* their historical ROF. 10 RPM is garbage for a 127mm gun. They also have artificially low fire chance compared to other nations’ secondaries. If those nerfs were removed from Massachusetts, that would turn her into a secondary beast. But just increasing the range isn’t good enough, not with the main guns getting nerfed accuracy relative to Alabama.

  10. Notser, you didn’t mention her insane heal rearm

  11. I really hope they don’t buff the secondaries, secondaries are for the germans!

    • At this point it’s normal for everyone’s “gimmick” to be passed around to other ships with time.

  12. Why is this ship even necessary? It should be IDENTICAL to the Alabama. The South Dakota, lead ship of the class, was the only one that was even remotely different as she was fitted out to be a flagship and had two fewer 5″/38 Mk 28 mounts. This is idiotic.

    • Er, that’s my point. Since Alabama and Massachusetts are the exact same ship, why the hell would they even consider adding Massachusetts to the game? It is, as I stated, idiotic, as well as being a cynical money grab. At least South Dakota had a different secondary scheme, so could be considered “different.” But, once again, Wargaming shows it’s true colors and thinks it’s customers are stupid. They project well……

    • Kyle Stoddard The Alabama wasn’t supposed to be released to the public. It was for super testers and the like. The mass was supposed to be the public version, but people bitched and complained and wg ended up releasing the bama. Thus creating this situation.

    • Releasing Alabama to the public caused nothing. All WG had to do is forget about Massachusetts after the release of Alabama and just leave things alone. But no, they are trying to tempt the player base with another “unique” (i.e. completely pointless) premium ship. But, that’s their way…..

    • They are releasing it partly based on the demand for it from their American customers. I’m not American but do play with quite a few and they are very vocal about wanting this ship AND the Alabama in game and have told WG this. I would also say, if you don’t see a point to this ship, don’t buy it. That was what I did with the Alabama. To me, it wasn’t worth the cost/difference to the North Carolina, so I didn’t buy it but I don’t care that they put it in the game. They aren’t forcing me to buy it, they are giving me a choice and I’d rather have the choice.

    • I suppose if American customers “demanded” the ship it’s because she’s a monument (I’ve been on her, it’s pretty neat!) like Texas and Alabama. I guess that means we’ll eventually have all four Iowa class ships too, each being somehow different from the others.

      And that’s the thing that I, personally, don’t like. They should make truly “unique” premium ships. Like, say, the original South Dakota class battleships that were cancelled by the Washington Treaty. That, to me, makes more sense than releasing ships that are exactly the same in real life with some bogus alterations. There are plenty of never made but well documented types they could use. And, frankly, it’s mystifying that WG doesn’t think like this since MANY of the ships from other nations were nothing but speculation. Oh well.

  13. Until WG allows players to aim their secondary armament in the same way they do their main battery, any main battery degradation for secondary power will be unfavorable.

    I’d personally love to see a system not unlike that of the Battlestation games. Manual aim could easily be balanced by dispersion and sigma values. It would also give the game some more depth for more engaging gameplay

    • And something to do while you’re waiting for your main guns to reload.

    • No. Battleships would become way too overpowered. With USN battleships, you’re basically getting an Atlanta strapped to your side

    • richie thach with poor sigma and dispersion you wouldn’t have an Atlanta strapped to your side. In addition you would be firing one side at a time. Also, with more for a player to focus on more mistakes will be made. Without the dispersion bonuses your NC may be firing a large volume of HE in secondary armament, but you’ll typically only be landing 2 of the 20 shells fired. It’s not an unrealistic game mechanic and can very easily be balanced. Besides, this will help encourage closer ranged engagements. A common complaint about the sniping BB would be partially addressed. BB will be preforming their role more often, tanking damage for the team and laying fire on the enemy. Again, with the ranges as they are now, a very small amount of the BB in game would see the most benefit. I really don’t understand the hesitation for a true manual aim secondary mechanic. Lastly, BB wouldn’t be the only ships to benefit from this. CA/CL and select DD (looking at you Kiev) would also take part.

  14. I have a secondary build on my Bama. Love it.

    Not getting this bote, tho.

  15. I feel like even on German BBs, without manual secondaries, the secondaries don’t do much damage. I either go all out with MS or ignore the fact that the secondaries are even there. There’s no middle ground. I like the concept of an American BB with good secondaries though. Seems fun.

    • Not true. I use every secondary buff BUT manual secondaries on my Tirpitz and it’s quite effective, though secondaries have always been more of a psychological weapon rather than an actual damage dealer, manual secondaries or not. The 11.3km range combined with the rate of fire means that the sheer volume of shells at ridiculous ranges will set fires even if I’m not paying attention to a ship on my flank. It’s not going to delete any destroyers, but when DDs see fire coming in at them from beyond 10km, they tend to keep their distance. I’d prefer to have the secondary intimidation to be able to be used on all sides of my ship at once, rather than only the things I target by hand.

    • crzymn246 to each their own.

    • crzymn246 I do as you do. And I have sunk destroyers. At least if they are not full health.

  16. French BBs taught us something, the only secundaries that worth it and work are the Germans

  17. The Massachusetts should lose money on every battle, just like the real state and also should have +50% damage against french ships in their base :p

  18. Am I the only one that thought it was ironic that we saw the Big Mamie collide with a Richelieu class BB?

  19. It is a tough call, but armor should be same as it is an identical ship. Secbat baseline is same. Increasing the range would make a player not use their AA build. If CVs make a hard comeback, then I would prefer a better AA Midrange setup and less short range AA to differentiate it from Alabama. And if they do add the South Dakota, you really don’t have to change anything but maybe add more Bofors since it will be short 2 turrets of 127s. The sigma should stay at 1.8. You will never sell it if it is 1.7. I was furious when they made my Colorado get nerfed to 1.8 in new B hull instead of 1.9. Colorado needs the 1.9 or it really does become the struggle bus.

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