World of Warships: Massachusetts in Ranked – Planes Everywhere

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New Ranked season is live. Turns out the Massachusetts is pretty good against planes.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US battleship on the map Mountain Range.


  1. First again!

  2. data unavailable

    First! (It has been quite some time since I last said this)

    Thank you for all your videos Aerroon!

  3. I guess I am the 3rd first guy.

  4. Just wow.

  5. WOW, a non weeb intro LOL. Finally.

  6. Damage will be reduced because of saturation

  7. That was a juicy one.

  8. Aerroon, I think your content is absolutely FANTASTIC. One of the best WoW channels. Please keep it up, you deserve well over 100k subs for your quality.

    • I think these secondary armament baised ships are strong in ranked but not in randoms.

    • @jay Vee lol u should meet my massa in random. You can constantly achieve these kind of results if you know how to drive it. Just did one very similar 2 games ago with even higher damage.

    • @dOob Tom Not all players with Masschusettes play her very well at randoms. I see a lot of them die early in randoms because of pushing forward to much to enemy flank.

  9. *Operation Ten-Go flashbacks*

  10. I wish people were more vocal about overperforming USN prems as they are with RU ships.

  11. to much skill gap in cv player, and 75% you will win if your team have e-chan

  12. In a hipper last night I had some fun. a Mass and a tirpiz decided that they wanted to push the cap I was in. There was one problem. An Island between me and them and I had Torps ready for them and 2 BBs backing me up.

  13. Moral of the story, never dump your entire air wing near this guy

  14. Sorry…my eyes or your video is blurry to watch. Pretty ugly at full screen(worst I’ve seen in several years).

  15. Michał Banasiak

    I think You can easily skip CE for Rank, on MASS brawl anty DD style. You are almost always visible. Firstly because of close combat, second CV are everywhere now. IFHE will be beneficial for some cruisers much more.

  16. Well…your aim is lame. Still royal though. Keep it up!

  17. Wow such a good agressive gameplay, and you carried the right flank alone👍👍beautyful play. I think i would have died when enemy Massa stopped you with dd on your left, Martel on your right hiding behind the stone also crossfire to your left side from the other flank. I would start shooting the cv as it got spotted, and die fast. But you come over all of them one by one! GG.
    Btw, you should make a list on recommended ships for t8 ranked.

  18. Cossack is going B Takao is going B Odin is going B Bismarck is probably going B…… Atago is B

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