World of Warships: Massachusetts Isn’t Great For Brawl

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Massachusetts is not that great in Brawl. The lack of torpedoes makes no ship respect you.

0:00 Massachusetts vs Massachusetts
5:29 Captain Skills & Upgrades

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US battleship Massachusetts in Brawl.


  1. Nothing better To watch u at 3AM 💯❤️🔥

  2. Me just casually nuking Le Terrible’s in brawl mode

  3. Well this is going to be controversial….

    I think it really depends on your playstyle. If you’re really good with the Massa, then go ahead. If your really good with Le Fantasque or Le Terrible then go ahead. I’m more scared of someone in a trash ship who knows the ship than someone in a good ship who doesn’t know the ship.

    • Nothing really controversial about it. Just cause a ship is good in some formats doesn’t mean it’ll excel in others. Mass is a better ship in Random/Ranked than say Tirpz or Odin, but how confident does a Mass feel in this style of 1v1 against either? Not very. And it’s prone to yolo DDs more so than the latter two. And just how well does Mass handle well played CAs? Again… it’s going to have issues in this format with charging CAs that are going to tank it, don’t have to worry about torps or hydro, n just yolo torp it.

    • The problem with Massachusetts vs battleships is that her secondaries don’t pen 32mm. Some other battleship secondaries do.

    • That’s actually the Truth.

  4. Awesome Gameplay!

  5. You could just turn around

  6. Me in the Odin : seen Massas run all week – for good reasons *diabolical laugh*

  7. Massachusetts just slaps in Brawl, even against dd´s

  8. well bottom line is dont get greedy to fire all your guns

  9. Bismarck in motion, king of the ranked season

  10. With a title like that, I already know it’s going to be a banger.

  11. Massa has a pretty decent shot at just out-trading the Prinz Eugen cuz 27mm overmatch. As, me how I know -_-.

  12. massa slaps everything, nothing stands a chance, torps dont mean anything to massa captain that knows what hes doing

  13. I have to disagree. But it could be my build and playstyle. It can take a shitload of damage and deal a lot too. Mainly use AP and secondarys, rarely HE.

  14. Henrik Gerner Hansen

    You are also on the best map for massa.. space to manuvre and run from CAs

  15. I was click baited. I wanted to see a snuff movie with you as the victim.

  16. great video, I myself playing with Bismarck in 1 v 1 and its not really that bad, 2ndaries can do a lot by the time someone is close to torp you and + hydro its usually dodgeble

  17. MeG_a_ReX on Blitz

    Well its at least better than powercrept Bismarck

  18. put the dont die when ramming flag on. wont lose as much.

  19. When it comes to the build, “emergency repair specialist” is basically a waste, since the battles are so short. I would take the “secondary and main gun specialist” instead, since it gives you 10% faster reload on both main guns and secondaries. Also, I would probably switch the torpedo skills for PT and AR, since closerange torps are pretty obvious anyways, it you know when the enemy swich to torp tubes (which PT does), and AR helps you in a long figth.😊

  20. Can’t count how many Massas, Odins and Tirpitz I have torped to death in my Lo Yang…

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