World of Warships- Massachusetts Manual Fire Secondaries

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Hey guys! Today I try out manual captain skill the Massachusetts and well, its a blast!

Have a replay?

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  1. I plan on using IFHE on my Manual Secondaries Massachusetts captain. Just sucks I’ll miss out on a second tiers 2 and 3 commander skills. It’ll put them at 27mm pen instead of 20. More cruisers will get pen damage instead of shatters.

  2. Finally hehe, next skip MLG turrets as they are so fast on the Big Mami and skill IFHE, this will boost up your dmg even more.

    Keep up your great work!
    All the best from Germany, Pepe

    PS year and grind two more skill points hehe

  3. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    5:36 Sea_Lord: Omae wa mo shindeiru
    5:37 Tirpitz: Nani?
    5:38 Tirpitz: *proceeds to EXPLODE*

  4. Me too I do have a 16 points captain on Massachussets, but instead of AFT, i prefer IFHE: distance is “only” 9.4 Km, but power of He shells is a lot more. test it Lord, you will enjoy! 🙂 Nice video tho

  5. Heal doesnt undo the effects of adrenaline rush bro, if you had used the last heal you used earlier your next one would have been ready in time to take that last torp and you might have got the DD.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Zach Oakes-White unless they’ve changed it recently, healing does decrease the adrenaline rush bonus last I checked

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten no on the perks description it says reload time decreases with hp lost, which I think means how much dmg you’ve taken not how much hp you have left

  6. Wish the pen was better for the 127mm got 300 hits for 20k damage last week with ifhe but still one of the most fun ships I have

  7. Best T8 premium.

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