World of Warships- Massachusetts Mayhem

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Watch as Eddie absolutely rocks the Tier VIII Premium American Massachusetts in his replay!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Yes first view

  2. Normal consumables on a Tier 8 prem is like gravel in my eyes

  3. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Are carriers any good in upper tiers? Langley is fun but I dont want to put too many resources down the tree just to be frustrated later

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Colin .K thanks, that was really helpful

    • can’t speak from own experience, since I haven’t gotten that far myself yet, but I hear T8 CVs struggle to do well more than any other ship class when the matchmaker sends them into a T10 battle. what I hear of the T10 CVs, however, seems to make that worth it in the end 🙂

    • @Th. K. yea, Tier 10 does make things nice as long as you play smart. I just got off a match in my Yoshino where I shot down 35 planes from an enemy Kaga i was hunting, those matches are a pain but at the same time, said Kaga could also face a Fuso and wipe the floor with it

    • Colin .K, stuff like that is why I believe the matchmaker for T6-10 should be limited to +/- 1 instead of +/- 2. at T5 I don’t mind facing the occasional T7 ship too much, but at the higher tiers changing the matchmaker would probably lead to a more balanced experience for the players, with less frustration and therefore more fun 🙂

    • @Th. K. Its crazy to think that an Amagi can face a Yamato one match then delete a Fuso the next

  4. I don’t know why, but recently dispersion has just been screwing me. Sooo many times perfect broadside but somehow miss

    • In regards to my Massa, same. Perfectly broadside, can’t connect. When I do connect, 5 over pens. Like wow…. I feel like it’s time they revisit the stats in Bama and Massa and tweak for the modern meta. Massa needs a range buff to main battery. Buff it to say, 19.3 instead of base 18.3. It’s not enough to deal with HE spamming high tier cruisers now. They out range you, which is just nonsensical.

  5. Good show Eddie!

  6. I so want to add Big Mamie to my port. I just got my first Tier 8, N. Carolina and it’s been painful. So much to learn.

    • NC is an excellent ship. Far superior accuracy to the Mamie, still better then Bama. Better range then both. About as squishy as either. Lil slower turning, but not terribly so. Get good with NC and then move on to Mamie and you won’t have any problems adapting. But don’t hop in Mamie and expect to do well. Her guns can be really trollish. And have a 19 point captain that you can dedicate to her for maximum effect.

    • The thing I found with my Mass is that you need a high skill Capt. and build total secondary. Which means I can’t move my best Captain to any other ship.

    • @Weggie Smurf Yep, my captain for her stays on her. Only bb captain I have with IFHE. But it’s not unusual to get 40k damage with my secondaries in a good battle. That being said, with this meta shifting to all this HE and fire, sometimes it’s hard to get in close enough to do any secondary damage at all. At least for me, I hate pushing into a Smolensk, Friesland, other flame throwers. At that point, I really feel her limited range, especially when spotter is on cool down.

    • M. S. My first 5 battles were bottom in tier 10. HP piñata time. Welcome to the neighborhood lol.

    • @Aras Pundys Basically when you hit t8 your in deep water territory now. The sharks have better lasers then you most the time.

  7. Not a big battleship player but that was nice.

  8. That was a great battle, and the teamwork with that tirpitz was nice to see

  9. Love my Mass. Had 4 cqc strikes in one game before. Thought that was great til the jingles replay of one having a kraken in one with just secondary kills. ?

  10. Im never this lucky, everygame im play in my Massachusetts, im low tier against Tier 9 and 10, so far out of my 600 games in the Massachusetts Ive been low tier for over 450 games

  11. Around 12 min he should have made a turn to port and this wouldn’t wouldn’t have been a dramatic finish and the Tirp might have lived.

  12. Mass can overmatch sinop.

  13. Awsome game.

  14. Do I detect a little Sea Lord Bias hrer ???

  15. Thank you so much for putting my replay on the channel, I really enjoyed the video

  16. ???????????

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