World of Warships: Massachusetts, Mixed Signals [WiP]

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The Massachusetts is a premium T8 currently in testing. All stats are subject to change. It’s designed as a brawler but has a dmg con that makes you want to run away to the zone wall. This ship is currently suffering from an identity crisis.


  1. I still don’t get it what’s the meaning of potential damage?does it matter the exp you gain?

    • Potential damage is kind of the damage the enemy tried to inflict upon your ship. So shatters misses, bounces, torps that got very close, that kind of thing. And I think you do get a little bit of xp for it.

    • The more potential damage you get means that you tanked more damage so you do get mo xp

  2. So its better than Alabama in every category.

    • The Alabama is more accurate and has a better damage control party (less cooldown). The Massachusetts has better secondary range and a better heal (less cooldown). The Alabama is the better ship currently. But the Massachusetts is still in testing.

  3. Thanks, Aetam. I’ll make do with my North Carolina. and Missouri. Cheers,

  4. Smärto M. Zimmer

    So, in game design of this ship is a wierd ship?

  5. Yea that’s just A Typical of WG, lets make it a brawler then cripple it so it can’t do it well 🙂 It has to be a Russian thing I think. However if they are trying to make it a stand out ship they are on the right track I guess it stands out as a brawler, a really bad one 🙂 They seem concerned about making ships to powerful ever since we got things like the Belfast etc.

  6. They need to put it at tier 7 so people can drive something other than slow ass Colorado. That ship alone should ban tier 7 from fighting anything above tier 8.

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