World of Warships – Massachusetts Preview – Kinda Odd, But it Works [WiP]

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On paper, the Massachusetts looks strange, but in practice it does actually work.



  1. This ship seems Fun, though I already own Alabama so IDK if I will buy her,

    I heard that she has the Most accurate Secondary’s in the game, around 40% more accurate, so with Manual Fire Control, AFT, you have a Atlanta I’m Every way on each side.

    • It’s gone from a definite no buy to a strong maybe. I’ve got Tirpitz and Bismarck and enjoy the brawling fighting style on the somewhat rare occasion I can get into the brawl of my choosing. I wonder how she would like as support to DDs capping.

  2. This thing is basically an Alabama and North Carolina with good secondaries

    • Yeah its sigma is terrible. It also has a fast-reloading heal, which means that it can be in what feels like a constant state of repair. This is the ship you charge in headfirst with and don’t give two shits, the antithesis of the Battleship Camping Society

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      With the battleships players I tend to see (especially when I’m playing cruisers), a ship that almost requires you to push in a little would be welcome. As long as the person behind the keyboard knows that and knows how to play it.

    • We already have these BBs.
      Seems not to work this way though…

    • It’s Alabama that trades main gun accuracy for the secondaries that Alabama should’ve already had to begin with. The USN 5″/38 guns are way slower firing than they ought to be.

      I’d say give all other USN ships with 5″/38 secondaries (plus Atlanta’s main guns) the 4-second reload that Massachusetts has, and give Massachusetts a 3-second secondary reload.

    • charliedontsurf334

      I run my Missouri with AFT and the secondary range mod. It’s only 9.1 km, so no german BB but it has really helped me scaring off DD’s.

  3. Star Born Michael Hall

    I’ve been on the Massachusetts a South Dakota class Battleship after PAC East 2015 Wargaming Event.

  4. Woooo! Massachusetts and crates!

  5. Angel33Demon666

    Hey iChase, what are your views on the changes by WG to disallow people who are not in the CC program to make money from content produced using their game?

    • The game is WG’s intellectual property. Their decision is legally valid.

    • Angel33Demon666

      In the EU, EULA’s are generally disregarded in court decisions in favor of deciding upon the actual facts of the matter in the case. In the US, reviewing the games and components of it falls under the doctrine of fair use. Barring other content, while legally valid, is in my opinion a dick move.

    • Under fair use its totally WG choice other games do similar things though I think you should be in it to build up viewers first which would likely lead to good things

  6. Why take AFT on a USN CL? It doesn’t work on 152s, you won’t want to be using your secondaries, and they all get defensive AA as part of their super consumable package so thats no issue

    • Eagle262 usn cruisers take aft for the increased CV no fun zone around them.

      Esp for USS Worcester because her main guns are dual purpose (they’re also AA guns, so their capability as AA guns is buffed, and can reach minotaur levels)

    • well when you put it like that it sounds like a great idea

    • yup, AA range mod and AFT gets you a 7.2-7.5km “no fun zone” for CV’s with USN cruisers. ironically it also pushes the higher tier secondaries out to 6km on the cruisers as well.

    • you can get Worecester AA with the AA-rangemod and AFT up to 8.6km actually, nice no fun zone I would say 😀

    • Noname Nameless

      AFT especially for the T9-T10 lights wouldn t make any sense indeed as you ll need a 2nd 3pt skill (SI for the heal alongside DE) as IFHE and CE will be de facto mandatory and then, you wouldn t have any pts left for AFT.

  7. I love secondary ships, I find them fun to play so I am happy to finally see something different than the german (or french) ships that will be viable with secondaries.

    • USSEnterpriseA1701

      IJN BBs used to be the go to for secondaries, but that was some time ago. Doesn’t stop me from running secondaries on Nagato, Izumo, Yamato, Musashi, Ashitaka, and ARP Kirishima. Not all of them have fully specc’d captains, but they can perform nonetheless. I do think I should point out that I more or less gave up on random battles a long while ago once the concealment/sniping meta took over, but co-op is heaven for anyone that wants to make use of secondaries and I like brawling.

    • The big problem is this, you can only use a Massachusetts secondary build captain on that ship.It won’t work on NC or ‘bama or Miss etc.So you’d end up investing in a 17/19pt capt for one ship only and given it’s a premium ship, that sucks.

    • USSEnterpriseA1701

      Some people have ship specific captains on premiums anyway, heck, some premiums pretty much require it to do well, Graf Spee is one example. The captains I have on my two Graf Spees, don’t really match up well to any other German ship I have. Just depends on how you choose to run your fleet. I have a couple of ships that have more than one trained captain with a different build depending on what I feel like doing with that ship, but I also have at least one specialized captain for each ship. Provided you have slots free in your reserve, you can swap around as needed, I think I’ve only ever had to add 4 or 5 slots myself, got all of the rest free from all of the events and other things that ended up giving us free capt. slots.

    • I have a specific captain for Belfast, simply because Belfast is the only RN CL that uses HE, so why would it be an issue if Massachusetts requires a special captain as well? not to forget WG could easily do a split line for the USN BB’s and make them secondary focused in a similar manner to Massachusetts.
      Another possibility is to build the ship differently, focus on BFT, AFT, CE or FP depending on your preference and use the captain on your NC, Iowa or Monty. You will be giving up on either concealment or survivability, but you are buffing your AA for these ships while still having relatively effective secondaries on Massachusetts as you’d just be missing out on manual secondaries. It’d be a decent middle ground in my opinion.

    • Secondary ships are great. It’s not that effective but it’s just so annoying to be on the receiving end.

      A dedicated high level captain for a premium ship is kind of a waste but if the ship is nothing like the rest of the tech tree, I think it’s better than not using the full potential.

  8. Shedin Dhinakar

    The ship’s good, if it also has NC AA then there will be a huge overlap between AA build and Secondary build then this is the best build.

  9. Always need more BB brawlers to change the sniping meta.


    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      The only thing sniping meta right now are Monquerors border humping and spamming HE from maximum ranges, yet still get 2-3 fires per salvo…

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Half of the Yamatos I see do the same thing though

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Well at least the Yamato or late tier USN BBs – are actually the most optimal for it – considering the 460mm 45cal gun and Mk6 and mk7 guns with mk8 super heavies – have the highest penetration of all other guns past 20km…Not to mention late tier USN and IJN have the best dispersion/accuracy… and the fact that they use All or Nothing Armour – designed to resist shells at long range engagements…

      I’m not saying – it is acceptable to snipe at max ranges = clearly it is not – as it gives crappy dmg yield – and USN/IJN BBs are suppose to tank for the team and bust flanks with their firepower – at mid ranges.

      What I find absolutely retarded – is German or British Battleships sniping at max ranges…

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      British I can see (since most people just use HE instead of their still powerful AP, and tend to play them like US light cruisers behind islands), but when I see most of the German battleships on my team sitting behind me when I’m in Russian cruisers or US battleships, I don’t expect a high chance of winning. With the popularity of German BBs, I’d expect more people to realize how they’re supposed to be played, instead of sniping and complaining when none of their shells hit anything.
      High tier USN should definitely be at mid range even with their accuracy (although I’ve gotten some really fun salvos and kills at max range in NC), but Yamato has much better secondaries than most people realize and the guns are even more brutal close up. I just wish more people would realize the strengths of their battleships and play with the team.

  10. Did you test her yet facing a Bismark? 🙂

    or other: on the same tier, wich BB would you chose as you fav ?

    thanks for the vid’s & stuff 🙂

  11. any comments about the Massachusetts’s performance in north Africa? disabling a battleship moored in port is comparatively easy but its was still a big gun matchup

  12. i realy like the Massachusetts, just sad that the secandary shell speed is so slow, I want a BB or a cruiser that have fast secandary sheel speed so thay can hit fast and small ships, More Brawling ships for the brawling players.

  13. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    Will definitely be buying this fun ship it’s a chunky monkey 😉

  14. I’m looking forward to the Massachusetts release . my game user name is [JACK] Judith_Chase

  15. Alejandro Ochagavía

    Damn, I kind of wanted that ship, but I can’t spare a 19 pt secondary spec captain for it…

  16. Pay to win a company that makes money with naive players in a nasty way.
    A few players and those who have paid a lot have success the rest is cannon fodder.
    Never start playing and do not spend money
    I can say that after 3000 fight it is a nasty dirty store.

    • AlwaysBakedNeverFried

      3000 games? you are just beginning mate

    • This is how free online games fund the game we play if it weren’t for people who spend money on premiums there wouldn’t be a game for those that just grind and get nowhere. Each to their own really but you don’t get anything for free.

    • Dude there’s no pay to win in this game trust me I have plenty of premiums and 13000 games over 2 and 1/2 years, if there was ptw I’d have experienced it. I get killed in my kutuzov just as fast as I do in my chapayev, and kill just many in my Alabama as I do my North carolina. Its just pay for a cool ship/reskin with an oddity or two.

  17. Crate comment 😛

  18. Mattias Berggren

    This is a comment!

  19. 😨 wholy cow. Great battle!

  20. Looks good, might get her. If only because I’m a collector SOB.

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