World of Warships – Massachusetts Review

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Reviewing first American Battleship that can effectively run a secondary build. Hope you enjoy the review and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII American Battleship Massachusetts Replay – Discord Server


  1. Did you decide to run an actual secondary build on it this time before shit talking it’s secondary performance?

    *Watches first 2 minutes of video*

    No… no you didn’t.

    • The Fuzzy Unibrow

      He says in the video that the accuracy of the secondaries makes it useless to equip Manual Secondary (because they’re that good).

      Sounds like someone didn’t pay attention very well…

    • I see what the build is based around. The 180 degree turret traverse is 36 seconds, which is identical to the Tirpitz and Bismarck. What is different is that he chose Inertia Fuse to make up for the poor HE penetration of the 127mm secondaries.

    • And yet, according to a few tests by LittleWhiteMouse and Lert, Bismarck loses to a Massachusetts in a secondary duel

    • Apparently all you watched was the first two minutes, because he clearly states that he was, in fact, using manual secondaries.

    • Carl Chen don’t tell me how to fucking play

  2. Notser Can you do a review of Atlanta pls?, which you have are very old and I just bought it, I would like to know a good build for the current version of the game. Nice video

  3. Hi Notser! When you were at the island in the beginning of the game it reminded me of a question I have had for a while and that question is: Why is it not possible to select which gun turret you fire first?

    It seems to me that you should be able to control this and it can be super useful when backing up from behind an island and wanting to save your first (two) turrets while already have fired the back one(s)… I guess it could be very easy and understandable to switch together with the point of view when pressing “C”. ANything about this come up at the Q&A? Or maybe if you agree you could bring it up sometime 🙂 Thanks for all your work for the WoWs community!

    • I bet that’s just another level of complexity the devs don’t want to deal with. I’d love to assign independent targets to turrets, which would be a huge benefit for boats with ultra slow traversing turrets.

    • Or the devs could create something that fires the first unobstructed turret. I’m not a programmer but that should be easier to code than giving players turret selection.

    • I agree sebastiaan92. If you can change your gun view through “C”, and we have indicators that show a gun is ready or not ready to fire…AND how long to be ready to fire. These two can surely be combined to another vacant key to scroll through and fire the next available gun.

    • I could be and quite likely am wrong but at some point or another I heard the devs will NOT be allowing single turret control. Kind of a shame if you ask me. I think it would open up a ton of new oppurtunities especially for BB’s (which maybe i just stumbled on the why they aren’t going to.)

    • Yes I meant C! 🙂 I think it would be the easiest and most understandable-to-use solution to combine these functions.

  4. So this is like a German BB, except it’s AA doesn’t suck and it flies the stars and stripes?

    *Shut up and take my money*

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      AwesomeShite it does not have hydro turtleback and has even less range than them on main battery Plus the 127/38s doesn’t have the 1/4 rule germans have Good luck with it tho

    • One of the great advantages of premium ships is that you can use them to train up captain skills rather quickly. If you go for a secondary training for a Captain on this ship, he won’t be of much use if you put him on any other american BB.

    • similiar to germans but still not as good, no tuertleback so very close range duels wouldn’t be fun, no 1/4 penetration on secondaries etc etc

    • well, the german 105mm also don’t have the 1/4 HE pen (so most of Bismarcks, Scharnhorsts, Tirpitz’ and Friedrichs (german way of this grammatical case for those who wonder) Secondaries)

  5. Is the audio out of synce?

  6. Didn’t show all the possible modules and upgrades?

  7. Slapping CQC on Massachusetts overall was look awkward but awesome in its own way. Good option for someone prefer American BB but also want CQC like German BB.

  8. Greetings Friend 🙂

  9. Yep, I’ll get this ship. ???

  10. Notser do you think we will see this ship for sale this month. This is the one I’ve been waiting for since launch of the game. Had many Cub scouts sleep overs as a scout and a dad on this boat. Most excited for this and the USS Salem. Thanks for the video!

    • I bet she’ll be in the 0.7.8 update as WG seems to be leaking info on it already. But if she somehow makes it with the next batch of USN light cruisers, I will be happily surprised. This premium has got me intrigued because I often brawl with my Bama (no choice when nobody else pushes objectives) so this would fulfill that niche better.

  11. 1980’s intro…Also WG should introduce a Radar jammer for DD’s and some cruisers.

  12. Colonel David Davenport

    Super excited about this!  Thanks for confirming for me that she is my next purchase!  Excellent overview!

  13. I’m excited about this one. More so than most of the premiums that have been offered lately. I love secondary builds. I don’t think i’m going to go IFHE on this because I’m going to keep my Atlanta captain where he’s at. Think i’m going to go manual secondaries for the increased accuracy and then hope for the added fire chance. I’ve seen some other vids where fires were pretty decent given the additional hits. And i’ve seen the same results from some of my German builds. So again excited about it. I’m not a giant fan of Measure 22 camo. I’m more a fan of the measures in the 30’s for US ships. But Measure 22 does bring back a little reminder of Beta and Wargaming has really favored the more dazzle type measures historically so using 22 changes things up a bit.

    Can’t believe Notser posted a video in where he didn’t get a single kill. Next thing you know we’ll have dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

    • Well he did a shit ton of damage/work so it was still a good “hype” video for the Mass. I’m also very interested in this boat. Brawling is one of the reasons why I love my German BB’s. She won’t have the CQB punching power from torps but that quick heal is an intriguing compensation. I also noticed even with the purported accuracy bump to the secondaries, his numbers were still on par (< 20% hits with secondaries) with secondary guns that didn't use manual control.

    • Agreed. I top leader boards pretty often with zero kills as well. I can’t wait to get this thing with some manual control secondaries for long range sniping annoying as hell secondary action 🙂

    • Shane Singleton ghost busters reference~?

    • Timber_Wulf yes sir 🙂

  14. I dunno why everyone questions my sanity for using figther on my tier 8 merican cruisers

  15. any word if this is ship will be available via mission or premium store?

  16. *Hey Notser, You know the alternate Permanent Camo that USS Massachusetts(BB59) is getting?*

    *Will Alabama(BB60) be getting that one to? or perhaps a Alternate Permanent Camo of her very own as well?*

    *Thanks for the Videos. :)*

  17. 8:45 Notser, I’ve been watching you long enough to know when you’re really aiming and when you’re sidetracked by something like your mini-map. Also, that salvo probably should have been spent on the BB. In any case, it looks like a fun ship but I really would have liked to see some secondary action. Perhaps in a follow up vid. Thanks for showing us the ship.

  18. Gonna buy it. Maybe use my Cleveland captain on her since she has AFT and IFHE.

  19. Sweet I’m in the video. MOM GET THE CAMERA!!
    I was the Lexington. NO KILLS FOR YOU! *Cackles with evil cv laughter*

  20. Audio is lagging behind the visual.

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