World of Warships- Massachusetts: What Happened?

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A bit of a surprise ending to this match in Massachusetts, enjoy!

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  1. george marnelakis

    Haven’t played the game for 4 Months, did they nerf my love?

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      george marnelakis they have not, she is still at maximum awesomeness

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten There seems to be have been some secret or inadvertent nerfs. I always start first game with Mutsu and it seems sluggish and dispersion has gone up considerably. Some other ships seems to be similar too 🙁

  2. Bold Persian Immortal

    Send this to jingles

  3. I love this ship, literly bought it 2 days ago and havent played any other ship since. Its really fun to play but imo its not worth 46 euros.. 25/30 maybe but not 46. Great vid tho

  4. devs stike coz you cit him and ram him alone its not dev stike if someone else shooted between that time

  5. Try running IFHE with Mass. It allows the secondaries to pen most deck armor up to tier ten. You’ll see your secondaries go from good to God tier.

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    As much as I hate what the Massachusetts is, I have to say you play really well Waiting for more videos!

  7. Dev strikes are amount of damage within a certain time. You can dev strike by firing two turrets, then a third a couple seconds later, or by ramming immediately after heavy damage.

  8. You ever gonna get on twitch? I miss nearly all your streams because they’re on YouTube ?

  9. she is no NC total different class shes 49 feet shorter and you feel that in the turns her draft is deeper and she has significantly better torp protection its more then double NC. NC and Washington were first they build those 2 then changed to the South Dakota design to get more out of roughly the same weight they made 4 of them of a planned 5 then came the Iowas they made 4 of them of a planned 6.

  10. Also drop the manual secondaries and put on IFHE this ship has a built in 40% accuracy increase on the secondaries the IFHE is needed bad it ups the pen to 27 mm which means all cruisers become food and all t7 and below bbs also become food.

  11. Russian Bias always protect.

    Well, I’ve got, and I’ve seen a lot of Devastating Strikes in Minotaur, especially while I was shoting a “sequential” fire.

  12. The Nelson hit his heal just before you ramed him = devastating strike.

  13. I guess you killed the Nelson in a circle of your main armament cooldown?(2 cits plus ram)

  14. 6:03 to show you the power of flex seal… I sAwEd ThIs BoAt In HaLf! Phil Swift is hilarious.

  15. Did anyone else notice the extra explaining at the beginning?

    CC in the making?

  16. Do you use the HE pen for secondaries?

  17. MidnightPhoenix07

    Dev strike is 40%, not 50, and it’s a single ‘salvo’ so damage dealt close together counts toward it – the two citadels followed so close by the ram was more than 40%

  18. I’m only here to temporarily satisfy my thirst for Georgia

  19. They call me Orby

    My God how you pronounce that destroyer’s name gets on my nerves XD great video though and gotta say I love your content.

  20. Awesome battle thanks for the video 😀 .

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