World of warships – Massachusetts

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Here is the brand new USN tier 8 BB, the Massachusetts.
It is an American secondary battery specced ship.
it’s primary guns are unreliable and can be horrific but it’s compensated with 11.3km range secondaries.
I think it’s a fun and certainly not a bad ship HOWEVER to make it work you need a exp captain.
My captain is:
Tier 1: PM (+1)
Tier 2: AR
Tier 3: BFT
This ship requires a dedicated captain as you can.
Enjoy 😉


  1. first!

  2. It’s games like these, why i love this game. Sadly they are way to rare

    • These are like when you just enjoy playing your ship, are close to win after an epic game, see chat congratulating the kamikaze, then realize you are the kamikaze. 😀

  3. As legend has it when a team lemming trains if you listen carefully you can hear Pink Floyd “The Wall” playing in all the seashells.

  4. Sailing broadside on to a flambass? That’s a paddlin!!!!!!

  5. You mentioned in Twitch about damaging consumables like Radar. I doubt they will do that as those are items people pay upgrades for. You know you would be pissed if you bought 6 of them and did not get to use one from some lucky shot. On the same token the smoke screen generator would also be kill-able at that point too. So I will disagree with you on that one, but I do think there should be a counter for it. I am still partial to the chaff cloud as a swap-able for smoke.

    • Well I just said it would be interesting, besides they don’t need to be destroyed, only dmged like engine and rudder are

    • Would be interesting as now you would have ships where the repair module doesn’t work and you flood out. The repair comes off cool down and gets taken out and you burn to death. Your AA doesn’t work because it was taken out and the torp planes get through. It would completely change the game, but I mostly see the down side to it as it will reduce survival rates, especially to the ones who get stuck in a bad spot or don’t pay attention. No I think that would lead to reinforcing the bad habits; BBs’ will have more reasons to stay at extreme ranges and DDs’ will avoid caps and just use long range torps out of fear of being to close and seen. Could be wrong though, will not be the first time

    • GotAFarmYet? They need to change maps to offer more cover.

    • No that doesn’t fix the issue as it still leaves you open to attack from their teammates. The issue is the same to many radars and no counters. Chaff clouds would be the best IMO as it can use the smoke mechanic that is already there, it just blocks radar and vision. Cover might help against them and a few other shooting, but it doesn’t block the radar which goes thru it to give your position away. Destroyers will still avoid caps and spotting especial now that BB AP can kill them, or at least take them out of the game with 10% HP left. DDs’ were suppose to be the BB killers and now they have to run from them, BB players might finally be happy though.
      No the argument is still the same how is WG going to counter the radar power creep. Flambass argument about make it possible to damage is a interesting take on it, but I think that will lead to module damage overall. They nerfed the British HE spamming BB that could print a new ship every few minutes, by making it a longer timeout. Now imagine you are playing that and just as you are about to hit the key boom, there goes your heal. Now you have to wait for it to recover again like a gun does as you burn down. Module damage is something that will open a whole new balance issue worse than supplying OP new ships.

      Making changes to the MM I though might have merit, but again does it matter if each team has 5 radars which is where it is heading. No DD will cap or spot if a team can radar you one after another for the entire length of the game and with 5 per side they will for at lease 10-15 minutes of it until enough ships are sunk.

    • GotAFarmYet? Maps not having enough cover at high tiers is how you got the sniping meta in the first place. Fixing that would he the first step in getting rid of the sniping meta.

  6. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    That dispersion is troll level (in Russia game trolls you). Wonder if they’ll buff it.

  7. what a match ._.

  8. llljustcallhimDave

    You used doubloons to pay for something

  9. That Iowa, gets to T9 and still doesn’t know to shoot at superstructure of low HP BB’s bow tanking.

    • The chat: Oh he didn’t miss, he just hit the island

      Wait, what?
      Did he hit Flambass?
      Then he *missed*

  10. Christian Nelson

    VIP = Very Important Person.
    WIP = Work In Progress.

  11. 19:04
    5 kills, no kraken?

  12. I understand they had to nerf something with such strong secondaries but I feel they went too far with the dispersion nerf.

  13. when CV was all mighty, and glorious, 12 kills is possible. But nerf after nerf after nerf after nerf untill the year of CV.

  14. how was the gearing spotted in the end?

  15. Which do you prefer for Ranked? Alabama, NC, or Massachusetts? And Which do you think is best in your opinion?

    • NC for ranked Massa for random fun and Alabama well i guess the song brings back memories..

    • I played Alabama During last Ranked Season, from R23 to R10, and I loved her the whole way. She hits hard like a Battleship should, and Dodges Long Range Shells Like Heavy Cruiser. Next Ranked Season if its T8s again, You Will see me in The Mighty Alabama.

  16. andreas pedersen

    “Karma is a bi-itch…” LOL

  17. Hey Flambass i have idea for Radar pls tell wargaming that it will be a good idea to make it so u only spot ships when u have line of sight and it schould only spot ships in the view line u are looking so not around the whole ship

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      WG already knows about this idea and has said something among the lines of “that’s too complicated for new players”

  18. that iowa lmao

  19. “It takes real self control to be SO bad!”

    Not really… total oblivion is all that’s needed. 😉

  20. Your last kill is pure skill, no luck lol

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