World of Warships- Massive Nerf To Soviet CVs

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Hey guys! Today we go over a recent DevBlog with some huge changes to test ships, including Soviet CVs, enjoy!


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  1. tamas lapsanszki

    Don’t you worry mates, the nerf comes in the context of subs. BBs will be fully stationary targets hiding in the back of the map, so they will be easy targets for soviet CVs

    • @tamas lapsanszki how is it easy to avoid when the plane is that slow?

      AA also works automatically

    • maybe
      But those BBs ain’t gonna be mine

    • @I Gusti Praba Easy, don’t fly in a straight line above a Minotaur or Halland. No speed required

    • @tamas lapsanszki even without flak those would shreds the low HP planes, and with the slow speeds you would spend more time eating those DPS

    • Did you play them at all? Cause that’s not what I experienced. I had no problems killing subs in a bb. And got rolled a few times, in the subs.
      Except, of course, for garbage players who were looking for excuses to hide in the back.

  2. finally! holy shit this needed to happen the moment they announced it

  3. WG: nerfs soviet cv’s
    Me: impossible

  4. Krzysztof Narloch

    All i saw was…. we buffed the T10 CV in that dev blog

  5. wait, why are those skip bombs going faster than the planes who dropped them?

  6. If i remember right the HE alpha strike of the soviet rockets was 152k at tier 10.
    So if all hit and pen your average french BB clad in 32 mm armor would eat ~50k damage before saturation.

  7. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    came across a soviet cv in a stalingrad, popped dfaa, PS, also I have a AA captain skill to PS and only did 3k plane damage. Normally it would be 10-15k

  8. Wow. They actually nerfed a CV, and the Russian CVs at that!
    Now give Graf Zeppelin a buff it really deserves

  9. Camoresdstone 105

    I feel a decent idea for the RU CV’s is yes no heal but make them have a decent health pool and armor cause IRL soviet aircraft were basically flying tanks so no heal but they can actually take some AA would be a decent idea maybe not health the FDR though

  10. Nice vid Sea Lord, surprised to see Soviet ships nerfed. Then again I’m sure the hidden stats will get buffed to compensate or something.

  11. Darn Sea lord, actually becoming a decent CV player now.

  12. CC cannot talk about the ships beforehand anymore so what can we expect

  13. James Harrington

    God I hope so, the one time I fought against one of the T8 ones I watched as it stripped half the HP off of a NC with one torpedo run hitting with at least half the torps.

  14. These Soviet CV’s are terrible and broken. They straight wipe out DD’s in smoke screens. If you are not moving or moving slow you are dead I lost 15k health in one pass of the skip bombs in a DD

  15. Have u gone up against one, yet? I have and it was killing ships left and right with those skip bombs…

  16. I was playing against a Pobeda test carrier, and honestly, it played pretty average compared to other carriers from different nations.

  17. It is hilarious watching mountbatten slowly turn into an immelman main

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