World of Warships- MASSIVE Ranked Overhaul

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Hey guys, so WG is overhauling Ranked Battles, and its looking like its gonna be a change imo. Enjoy!


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  1. huh guess farming for shikishima is not going to be that impossible now

    • TheGuardianofAzarath

      Unless they reduce how much steel we get/remove steel from ranked altogether. Remember, steel is supposed to be hard to get (at least in high amounts), so if it gets easier to accumulate in ranked, they’ll probably just restrict it to clan battles, which i don’t play. All they’ll reduce the amount you can get per sprint, if they add steel at all to the new system.

  2. I think there is no way to completely fix ranked. Maybe it gets better, but thats it. In multiplayer and competitive games, matchmaking and rng plays a role always so it can’t be 100% okay ever. You will still get too good enemies, too bad teammates, bad shell dispersion and good dispersion.

    WG will probably just “balance” it like randoms, so it cant be enjoyed

  3. I’ve stopped playing Ranked just now. I have never seen teams that are this brain dead. Shimakaze fights Kleber with guns, Conqueror shows broadside to Yamato. Also I’ve seen to many bots already, ranked is absolutely no fun

    • I feel ya. I was in match yesterday where both teams were desperately trampling over each other in a contest to lose. Our carrier refused to spot, and then he took his boat on a suicide run against a Venezia and a Richtoffen. Went about as well as you’d expect.

    • I dunno I have had some great games in ranked this season, some were total blowouts but most have been very even nail biters. Worst I saw was a yammy spam HE allllllll game… that was bad.

    • I can’t stand the back and forth bs. I quit when I had three stars in rank 10, lost all the way to 2 stars in rank 9 because of shot teams, bs rng…f it. It’s no fun

  4. On the way to 12,000 subs, just passed 17,000? Go to bed, you’re tired.

  5. sounds good to me

  6. That’s the thing with ranked I hate. It’s just enough players to mean that a good player(s) can be helpless from as little as a single bad teammate. When it came down to 3v3 ranked sprint everyone loved it! Why? Because it was small enough where individual commitment mattered, the games were fast, and you weren’t competing with 7 other people to save a star if you lost.

  7. It sounds like WG is just making it 3 times the grind.

  8. Everybody: Finally able to get steel.
    WG: drops rewards to 20 steel per rank.

  9. I understand that after reaching rank 1 im Gold you can in the next Sprint new grind.. allerdings wenn Season beendet ist you start all over with bronze lower rank

  10. The new concept will not change status so much. What I want to see is MM selecting players after their skills( PR, Average Damage and Win Ratio) not ships. I’m really bored to play ranked with players with low stats, but big wallets. WG could make them a super league…

    • I have posted that on forum 20 times. How hard it is to match teams according to their skills? Experiencing battles even in ranked where avg wr differs by 10% between teams. Of course your team will get wiped out when you have avg 45 and playing against team with 55

  11. won’t solve anything decoupling your rank from wins is the only thing that will solve the problem, the player can’t control what the bots on their team do.

  12. Star system is still the biggest problem….if it is not addressed then ranked will still be a no for me

  13. Oh so you saw the montana shoot he into a broadside ship too

  14. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I’m a little apprehensive about this new system, and how it will work, i guess I’ll wait and see what the new rewards will be before i decide whether to try it or not.

    The problem with the star system, is that the highest scorer on the losing side gets to keep their star. If they didn’t, that would/should promote better team play, as it stands, most just play to save their star, unfortunately, i don’t think WG are going to remove that any time soon. They are aware of how devisive it is, but one of the WG staff on their stream yesterday said that he actually likes the system.

  15. What this change means is that poor to average players will stay tidally locked in lower sprints while the better players have opportunities to go bash each other to death and then complain how poor the competition is or how poor their “super team” is.

    All I can say is go for it….

  16. Maybe if they lowered the number of players in each battle to where your own effort mattered, then I’d care. Still sounds better than the previous system where only the rich got richer.

  17. WoWs biggest weakness is the near lack of Teamwork in Random Battles.
    It’s what players complain about the most.
    WoWs could introduce incentives for teamwork, this would improve the gameplay experience massively.

  18. WG servers have no capability to follow and process personal actions and make a rating. Ship rendering is still seconds behind minimap

  19. Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

    its a slow step in the right direction… separating players from the “team”(or lack thereof) element that is pretty lacking in this game despite there being 2 teams in every game… it just feels like you’re constantly just 1v23 for who can pad out their stats the best during the match with total disregard for any of the actual objectives. i did also have some issues with connectivity earlier today while playing and i’m starting to think it’s some kind of an exploit that i’ve been seeing a LOT of people abusing the hell out of and that’s having high ping/poor internet connection and the ship automatically avoiding incoming shots by forcibly turning to avoid it… i was CONSTANTLY having to try to wrestle control of my ship throughout one game because it kept forcibly turning every time someone shot at me but it dodged about 85% of the incoming shots… there is most definitely some severe botting issues that need to be addressed!

  20. Kinda simple- remove premium and steel/ coal ships. Level the playing field for all players . WG would hate it, due to loss of income , but fair for all players – thoughts?

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