World of Warships – Match-Up: Battleships Tier 8

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Discussing the main line Battleships for Tier 8, pros and cons plus a little bit of gameplay example. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. I choose tier 8 mm takes me tier 10 i choose tier 7 mm takes me tier 10 i choose tier 6 mm takes me tier 8. Rage quitted last night

    • But musashi is t10 ship basically

    • Whine whine whine.

    • Its fine. Today I came top 5 and won in a t7 at t9. You can still do well if youre good enough or the enemy team is potato enough. Just dont be that guy that afks or rage quits at the start of the match

    • Jaden Zhou its not about the game i can carry fairly good in any ship except carrier. The problem is there is no fun in that. At a tier 7 mm i can do some crazy stuff and actually pull that off. In tier 10 or 9.. Not very entertaining. Way to serious gameplay.

    • It’ll get worse as the game gets older and more players get to tier X. Combine that with tier IX ships not being that expensive, with signals and clan bonuses I usually break even without a premium account.

      World of Tanks has that exact issue but far worse and for ages, hopefully the World of Warships Development team don’t let it come to that.

  2. Nice video. Great to compare the main line BBs. I would love to see this for all of the CA/CLs.

  3. I would love to see one of those for cruisers notser, I’m coming back into the game now and being overwhelmed with different cruiser and not knowing their advantages against me and all that. I play the Japanese

  4. I like this comparison format. Nicely done Notser!

  5. I thought all these ships were Tier X? That’s all I ever seem to get, just figured I missed the memo on them being moved to X.

  6. You think you can make a video about the same thing but only with tier 10 battleships.

  7. In my opinion the T8 is the fairest tier of the game (for battleships and crusers and potentialy Cv don’t know for the destroyers) I remember playing in ranked with T7 and it was horrible

    • yeah, for destroyers it’s not really good, mostly tanks to Lo Yang with her american smoke and 5.4km hydro

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      The only thing I would disagree with is for the T8 cruisers – while they’re pretty fair across the tier and each have different strengths, they struggle a little more when uptiered to T10 than battleships do. From playing against them, non-premium DDs also seem fairly balanced.
      Outside of clan battles, T8 ranked is definitely the most evenly balanced. T7 ranked was a nightmare – most of the ships I saw on both teams were Belfasts and ARP cruisers, and at that point the only T7 ship I had was Colorado so constantly lagging behind the fleet definitely wasn’t fun or productive. T6 ranked was interesting and it would be fun to see that brought back for a season (just took my Cleveland out and parked behind an island while I poked at the enemy fleet with 152mm sticks). T5 could also work but with anything below T6 I’d start to get concerned about new players getting in and not knowing what they’re supposed to do.

    • Phoenix, with all these idiots at all tiers (for example 12k battle players witha under 40% winrate), it is actually a good thing that on the tier are new players because this means that the chance that both teams have an equal amount of them is higher 😀 that’s part of the reason why T6 was so good.

    • Yes, basically every ship is balanced except the Lo Yang which is straight up better than the Hsienyang and Benson, and the Lexington sucks compared to the Shokaku, Enterprise, and Graf Zeppelin.

  8. I just got Republique and have no idea why people give Conqueror such a hard time when this thing has 12.1km secondaries with 13-14% fire chance and main guns with 50% fire chance, it’s crazy. /end rant

    • Yes you can. The T8-10 Germans, T9-10 French, and Massachusetts all get above that into the 11+ km range.

    • Because its fun to use secondaries to burn down enemies and brawl?!

    • Playing repub as an HE spammer is blatantly stupid

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      I will run manual secondaries AFT and fire prevention on mine Tried it on a friend account and is nuts

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Conqueror’s maneuverability is also crap compared to all other T10 BBs. (only faster than Yamato but rather meh turning circle). The armor is rather so-so despite being hard to citadel (even Hipper’s AP scores full penetration from any angle) and torpedo hit received is not mitigated with the lack of torp protection (a torpedo hit from Shimakaze takes a quarter of Conqueror’s hp which is not fully repairable with the super heal). The only redeeming features are concealment, high fire chance on main battery, and print-a-new-ship heal.

  9. Let’s be real here: This was made in prep for the next ranked season.

  10. So that’s y amagi trolls me when targets are full broadside, it is only once that I got a Dev strike by her :”D

  11. AlphaNapalmBravo22

    “CV’s are pretty much on life support” -Notser 2018

  12. North Carolina all the way, baby! 🙂

    • Kletterhase Definitely. My main BB line is the US, so I’m very used to how NC behaves (hence why that’s my go to T8 ranked ship and I can even pull my own weight as bottom tier in randoms) and I love the high accuracy guns, stealth, and AA. I’ve played Bismarck a little since getting her for the Hunt for Bismarck camo and while I like the secondaries the guns are always a letdown in comparison to NC. I’ve played Amagi, Richelieu, and Monarch on PTS servers and felt okay with Amagi’s guns but didn’t like the AA weakness and vulnerability to AP bombs, and couldn’t get the other two to click. In the right hands they’re strong, but I prefer the mid-range sneak up on your enemies and pound them with accurate fire play style that is NC.

  13. played all in-game t8 bb bismarck by far the worst in T10, poor accuracy and getting close in T10 doesn’t work

    going thru monarch it’s fine, in T10 everyone bow on i just burn them down

  14. Kaga ́s Playground

    last time i was this early wows was still in alpha and didnt have radar

  15. too bad Tier 8 is matched with Tier 10 every second match… This makes Tier 7 so much better in my opinion.

    • Though even if you are 2 tiers lower you still can perform well.

    • only things that are fine are T9 and 10, since you can’t get higher 😛

    • Problem is on tier 9 and 10, unless you do very weill in game you are losing money. Also tier 10 games are sometimes really static and less fun.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah that’s the problem on tier 9 & 10 which encourages players to camp away instead of going for the objectives despite having higher survivability over tier 8 and lower.

  16. Bismarck with IFHE and no Manual Secondaries? Not a route you want to take. IFHE works only with 2 German BBs, Gneisenau and the Grosser Kurfurst. Manual secondaries work great at range, only up close they target the belt.

    Also, never take Auxilary Armament on Roma. The main turrets are weakly armored and easy to knock out from the side and there’s no point in protecting the weak secondaries and AA guns.

  17. Nothing to do with the subject matter, but I really like the consistent overlay design in your content. Black and gold looks really good together and is easy to read without being too aggressive, especially since the text has a still background and no video. I love it.

  18. I love tier 8 BUT facing more T10 battles than T8, with now T10 “upgrades” doesn’t make me feel “fun” anymore

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Shaka kuchiki Those upgrades against T8 was my main concern when they were introduced, but I’ve played T8 battles against T10s since they were released and didn’t feel like I suddenly was a hinderance to my team.

    • Cos’ almost nobody has unlock it it requires a ton of matches, also the T10 matches are so boring are really passive, that’s why i don’t like it and with too many T10 trying to unlock those things the T8s vs T10 matches are more often.

  19. It’d be nice if Wargaming would mitigate SOME of the stupid jerry dispersion. I hit more dd’s (1 maybe 2 shells most) at 12+km then I do stationary broadside bb’s (usually none. And no, I am not a bad shot, shells land all over the target, naked or otherwise) less then 10 km only due to the fact that my shells end up over such a large bloody area. The guns have less accuracy then a young lad being dunny trained.
    Couple that with the useless excuse for a matchmaking, the Bismarck/Tirpitz are probably the worst late game bb, and quite possibly the worst late game ship. (Tirpitz less so because of those torpedos and some slight premium ship luck) I don’t mind fighting t9’s or 1/2 t10’s, but some nights I’ll only get put in t10 games with no other t8’s or sometimes t9’s. I’ll have two lolanta’s with me and I’ll still drag them into t10 games with me. And we will regularly place in the top 5-7…
    WG fix your shit.

  20. amagi ftw, but kurfust and white flag are best

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