World of Warships – Match with no CVs = Fun allowed

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A in a DD where there were no CVs, I was top and they only had 1 radar.
Ofc that radar was on my side and was going whole for me so it didn’t rly feel like it was only 1 radar, or that I had it easy but MY GOD it felt good.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. CVs make DDs play so difficult that games without them are even more enjoyable since rework happened

  2. The last time I got games without CV it was before the rework 🙁

  3. No peeping Toms? Shields to double front!

  4. Great to see the great Flambino back in a DD doing what you do best, with none of that CV bullshit in play. Thanks for the memories Flambass.

  5. ROFL like you never took someone else’s kraken before today hahahahaha

  6. Russian Bias always protect.

    Well, since uptade 0.8.0 I used to write in chat: “NO CVs! Honey, pop the champagne!” 😀
    But it’s sad that 90% of matches doesn’t give much pleasure…

    …because of CVs >.<

  7. So , everyone agrees the game is more fun w/o CV’s … good job WG .
    Hey .. what was the old counter to DD’s ? ….. it was DD’s .

  8. DDs do have something to counter thick armor. It is their torpedo shaped weapon. Oh wait they are torpedoes.

  9. Wait how old is that replay? Are you cheating on us? =D

  10. Seems CV got no place from the majority of player in this game.
    Before or after rework no matter which one

  11. Nicholas Nicholas

    Christ is risen!

    Didn’t know you were Orthodox too.

  12. They where dual purpose but only raised high enough to defend other ships (if I remember right) that is why later ships had the X turret removed and true dual AA mount added (think Haida).

  13. On the radar front (before people complain I am a DD main) I always find it funny when people pull the realism card out for it 🙂 That is unrealistic but DD’s carrying huge amounts of torps they can reload is fine (Yes Japanese did have reloads and quick turn around but still not many), the command and control system is so good you do not even have to see a ship to aim for it (yes plotting but whole different ball park of realism) and smoke being a magical substance that works differently depending on each ship etc etc.

    Yes radar is annoying but I think the delay already implemented along with maybe the radar ship giving it location away (maybe just on the minimap) would balance it.

  14. inbefore he gets a game with 3 CVs…

  15. My salt has driven them away, victory finaly!!!

  16. I got a match with no CV today.

    The BBs complained about the DDs, our 3 DDs got 8 kills between them, cruisers were still hiding behind islands.

  17. Well played Flambass! I am still trying to get younger so that I whem I grow up does get as good as you!???????

  18. Hi, Flambino. I just want to say I appreciate your hard work and content very much. I’ve been trying to explore new streamers lately, and they all suck compared to you.
    The level of interaction and fun you have while still trying to pay attention to everyone in chat, is just unparalleled.
    Much love from Florida, the scorching hot anus of America.

  19. Seriously. There is no excuse for radar seeing through islands. If they can do line of travel calculations on shells, they can figure out line of sight on radar.

  20. Charles Machinist

    I haven’t played for about 2 weeks now. Game is just not fun anymore with the CV meta the way it is.

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