World of Warships- Matchmaking Has Been A MAJOR Problem For Two Years, And It’s Gonna Get WORSE

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With the continued addition of hybrid ships and more and more gimmicks being added, WG has seemingly refused to work on/improve Matchmaking since the addition of hybrid ships two years ago.

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  1. Nothing will change until people stop giving WG money.

    • I think we should do likw WT community do. Stop playing WOWs for a week.

    • ​@tsuaririndoku yea that protests didn’t last 3 days as people were seen in the official stop playing warthunder discord streaming warthunder in the voice chat. XD

    • ​@Neverluckyyeah, but it still worked

    • @Neverlucky But it does worked. Huge number of players drop is all it takes to make any Game company raised their eyebrows. For WG sake I think we need maybe a week. Huge players decrease would crippled WG.

  2. As a programmer, I can tell you that the change would most likely be rather simple (just add a few flags to the ship info telling the matchmaker whether the ship has hydro / planes / radar and adjust the matchmaking algorithm to take these into account). But the main reason this won’t change is because weegee simply doesn’t give a flying f**k. The matchmaker is crap, a fact evidenced by the last change that was brought to it, which was over a year ago, which attempted to balance the number of divisions in each team (if you remember, they made it that there can’t be more than one more division on one team than on the other), which still results in games where you have a 2-man division on one team, and two 3-man divisions on the other.

    • how easy is it for them to add a filter ?? like most games you can filter the matches you want.

    • The MM isn’t crap. It does what it is supposed to do, but that isn’t to give you balanced matches.

      It is supposed to get you into an addiction by giving you highs and lows randomly.

  3. It isn’t only about hybrids, Recently, I had mutliple matches as T6 against Yumihari. It is braindead. As T6 BB, you can’t do anything than hiding, because the Yumihari deletes you from the game with just a few salvos, regardless how far you are away and how you angle.
    That’s just an example – low tier matches simply make no sense anymore, especially if the low tier ship is a cruiser.

    • Yumihari? It doesn’t have any advantage, other than detect and a sec on the upgraded rudder shift, over Amagi (the actual IJN battlecruiser), same dispersion, same guns (albeit 2 less of them), worse armor (including torp protection), same speed, the spotter plane is a joke (give me a normal spotter please), and there are T6 BBs that overmatch it (any RN plus Bayern, Mutsu, and WV)

  4. The bbs are always, really always top tier. It’s no fun to play a Mainz or any other light cruiser as bottom tier. You just can hide, because you are target no one for every bb.

    • I have this issue whenever I play the Baltimore. It seems like 80% of my games are uptiers. The other day it kept putting me in uptier battles with 2 subs and a CV so I basically was spotted the whole time and getting focused by everyone that could shoot me. I was forced to kite away the whole time and was out of range to be able to shoot back. Literally felt useless

    • @Gary Stewart I totally agree. You are my number one target, when I’m in my sub too…

    • @Marco M Yeah it’s so frustrating because I want to play islands and be a cap contester with the Baltimore since it has radar/hydro, but the CVs force me away and then I basically can’t play the game.

    • Sarcasmo The Third

      BB main here. I stopped playing at tier 8 as nearly always food for T9 and 10’s. I miss my Bismark and Alabama. I stick to T5 thru T7 mainly and get mostly even tier matches, but that’s a bad spot for most cruiser lines. I find T9 and 10 dull sniper fests (as I prefer to brawl) or you are food for subs or get pecked to death by carriers. Double up tiering is no fun no matter what ship you are in. 1 tier up you can still have fun. I dabble/suck in cruisers and it’s really really painful to get double uptiered.

  5. They paint themselves into a corner by bringing more complicated types is ships. Even a battle cruiser should be treated as a separate category for match making.

  6. Even if AA has the meme of not really mattering I think at a glance the enemy side also had far better AA ships than your side, making the Kaga (already a good CV) have more of an advantage than the Saipan and you combined, plus I don’t think the game even checks for commander levels meaning there’s a more than 0% chance that either CV doesn’t have the AA damage mitigation skill.

  7. Not to mention recently i was playing tier 8 ships only to find myself at being the only tier 8 ship in a tier 10 game, and there was not even one tier 9 ship. I mean how ridiculous is that. And it happened twice. I suspect it’s due to a reduction in the amount of overall players in the game. personally I would rather wait an extra few minutes at the beginning to make sure I get into a reasonably balanced game. I would rather waste three minutes and getting the right match than waste 20 minutes and getting in the wrong game.

  8. I agree with you, for many month I’ve been having the same issue, and think the match maker needs a rework, in order to allow both sides to have equal opportunity to win .

  9. Took a 2 year break, and nothing has changed for the better enough to make me feel it’s worth coming back. I experienced this MM issue a number of times in the last couple weeks while playing my Hipper.

    • Now there’s a ship that needs a buff!

    • i took a 1 year break, returned to play a few ranked games and holy shit. its one sided my entire team was made up of WR 35-44% and the other team of WR 45-60%, every game i had 2x the xp of the 2nd player on my team, the player quality has also dropped, most now have 0 skill and rush their way to T10. you can sink 90% of the enemy team and still lose because you just cant carry these teammates.

  10. I’m in agreement about the MM issues and that coding in a greater parity with radar and Hybrid would help, but I would take it a step further. Upper tier ships have become so powerful (18″ guns the new norm) especially when combined with the prevalence of rectal cancer (subs), bottom tier ships (8 vs 10) make the game NOT fun. US BB Mass, Ohio have super short ASW. Hindenburg and the entire Dutch line have NO airdrop ASW. Many of these could be greatly helped just by going to a +/- 1 tier, but as more cancers are introduced MANY ships need an ASW buff or ALL sups need a torp nerf.

  11. Matchmaking is why I see so many people in Co-op these days. It isn’t just for easy mission completion, folks are quite tired of the unbalanced Random matches. Used to be only 1-3 people on the human team, now we might see 1-3 bots and that is in the early hours in the morning.

  12. Its different playstyles. You have to play around it.
    These games go for longer because you have to wait out their radar. Some lasts 12 secs, others can go for 40+.
    Its doable, easier in dd’s with 12km+ torps.

  13. The best is when you queue as a tier 8 ship and you end up being the only one on your team and the rest of the lobby is tier 10 with maybe 1 or 2 tier 9s per team

  14. Could you imagine if they went back and redid axis v allies! Radar ships and hybrids would all be on the allied team!

  15. There’s definitely much to be desired when it comes to mm. I think there are a plethora of things people could potentially complain about. I think it makes a difference when one team is stacked with well seasoned, high win rate players and the other team is filled with rando casuals. Those games typically end very quickly, often times in a flawless (or nearly so) victory for the better team. AA is also something I feel is vastly overlooked. I main multiple CVs, and I’ve experienced matches where my team very obviously has zero AA defense (or visa versa, poor guys), and the enemy team AA is so strong my planes barely have a chance. In those matches sooo many teammates are crying for air support that I find myself concentrating more on fighter plane placement rather than attacking, making me almost useless/irrelevant.

    I also feel cruisers suffer the most when double tiered, especially at t8. A t8 cruiser in a t10 battle is typically relegated to HE spamming from behind islands and bbs praying to not ever be noticed. I love my t7 cruisers, but dread those t10 matches in my t8s. Or i just really suck at this game? Very likely, but anyway…

    I participate in more lopsided matches than I do evenly matched ones that have the potential to run the clock out with only 1 or 2 remaining ships on either side (CV face-off!!).

    I absolutely agree that there are quite simple things WG could do to tweak MM to vastly improve its performance.

  16. The thing is u take a team with 45% winrate DD and a team with 65% win rate DD it wont matter how good your bb and cruisers are or how bad theirs are…DD seem to have 3 times the ability to win a match vs a kiting hindy or azuma or a bb sitting in the back so despite a 12 on 12 only the skills of the dd player will matter one good dd can carry

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      that is if the BB all unwilling for forward to team .. play DD also here, yes I do agree a well performing DD helps but this now is exaggerated by Cruisers and BB all unwilling to ever forward group and team … so it made it so that the DD seems far more important than they are .. fact is we now just had floating gun batteries instead of for real fighting BB and Cruisers

  17. one thing that always bothered me and I am not completely sure I am right about this is how 1 player can be skilled in a particular ship but be much worse when they take a different ship out for a match. I know I play much better in a few ships than I do in other ships that are universally considered better overall. I believe they just take the average skill of that player and use that as the basis instead of taking the individual skill rating for a specific ship which in turn would be much better for matchmaking.

  18. Prisoner of the Highway

    I quit randoms a couple years ago. I have no regrets lol. WG seriously needs to increase the number of ship categories though. Consumables like radar is a little tougher since most of them are optional. I don’t think WG can code well enough for that.

  19. I always try to division up with friends when possible to minimize the matchmaking issues. We also try to stay at T7 or below to avoid the nonsense at t10 with all of the superpowered subs, carriers, and static gameplay. I’ve been playing for almost eight years and a +1/-1 mm spread has always, and still does, seemed like the most logical way to fix the broken system. My personal feeling is that War Gambling refuses to implement this due to low game population or possible longer queue times.

  20. Battlecruisers should need their own ship icon, this way they instantly get sorted in queue, as for radar cruisers its kinda border, as some people dont build them for radar, and yes i know it is stupid. maybe a divide in heavy / light cruiser might help.

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