World of Warships- Max Immelmann First Impressions

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Thanks for the video Sea Lord!

  2. The idea of the Immelmann is so nice, but it looking like a richthofen with same planes is a massive turnoff for me. If the planes were different, even that would be super cool imo

    • Кирилл Афанасьев

      you know, the planes that are present on both T10 German CVs somewhat considered as the last German design planes, because after WW2 all basically gone with reactive engines. That means if there were different planes on this CV it would be a silly downgrade or op upgrade

  3. 10:30 I would like to point out that you can drop these on any line

  4. I’m at 234k coal towards Immelmann. Thanks for the review.

  5. tamas lapsanszki

    I wish they gave back different BALANCED loadouts to CVs so each captain could customize his CV for whatever role they need. Could be interesting to see CVs that give up some plane type for a faster reload on another strike squadron. But then again, WG cannot balance current loadouts, so balancing different loadouts is a fairy tale…

    • Back in the days of RTS, that is exactly what I find very useful. The loadouts came in handy as to whether u want to have an AP bomb loadout, HE bomb loadout or for IJN can have more fighter squadrons or more torp squadrons was really nice. I miss those days.

  6. Gimmick for Immelman, for me atleast, is to use her skip bombers to harrass and make the enemies use their DCP to put out the fire, then use the torp planes as the main damage dealer.. And theres no need to do the pre-drop on the first squadron since she has a very descent aircraft restoration time, more repair party consumable on her torp planes. It makes your damage output kinda slow to come by. If can, drop the Skip bombers on the farthest line against cruisers and battleship, then make a quick U-turn so you wont go within their mid-range AA.

  7. *reads description* ah, i see you’re a man of culture as well

  8. No secondary build on german cv? Blasphemy

  9. Actually you dont need to alway use the third line to aim bombers, the bombs are armed when drop, so you can hit target with any of the three lines

  10. Got this baby a month ago and t10 matches became a lot more joyfull. Especially when i can skipf***k a Shimakaze 😛

  11. Finished gold league all the way to rank 1 with almost exclusively Immelmann. Don’t fly over targets – drop the bombs, press S and turn around, this way you can avoid most of the AA, and CV’s fighter – sniped many FDRs using this method, 5 minutes into the game enemy CV was gone, with 4-5 planes lost which just regen in that time. It also allows targeting AA blobs by going for ships at the edges, and avoiding the no-fly zones.

    Swap secondaries skill for planes speed, and switch 3rd mod for secondaries upgrade, torps are slow and 5% won’t change that, in fact, you can use their low speed and high range (6km) to spam smoked up ships with double drops they can’t easily avoid. Also dropping on the first line is quite viable against DDs, 2nd line is usable against cruisers to ensure they can’t dodge easily. I would recommend dropping secondary armament expert and repair specialist in favour of shorter torp arming distance and last gasp too.

    I consider Immelmann to be much stronger then FDR (got both, played both), avoiding AA works much better then tanking with plane HP, and skip bombs are much better against destroyers. FDR gets hard countered by ships like Marceau, Immelmann has tools against all classes, basically.

  12. WG logic: make bombers from two german high altitude fighters 😛

  13. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Yes the bombs do arm right away, I even did this once or twice when playing. Idk why I said it takes two bounces to arm, my apologies

    • seeratlas d' Tyria

      you WILL discover that you can use those skip bombers almost like a rocket barrage, just drop em at the first aiming line right on the ships trying to hide up against the rocks 🙂

    • I was abouta make a comment about that just now but then I looked here lol.

  14. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    *pauses bismark*

    **fires up red baron**

  15. i have been using the toffen for a while, and i can safely say i am perfectly capable of hitting DDs with skip bombers like if they were standard dive bombers.

  16. seeratlas d' Tyria

    trust me, you DID NOT ‘waste’ your resources on this Immelmann, and FDR.. Check the ‘world records’ for these ships….Off the charts 🙂

  17. Richthofen – stress on the I, not the O. Gets me every time 😀

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