World of Warships – Maximize Line Splits

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Close × – Details how the Soviet DD split was carried out for the player


If you had Commanders with specialization for Gnevny (tier V) before the update has been released, then the Commanders will be retrained to have specialization for Podvoisky (tier V) — also, a Commander with 37,000 Commander XP (6 skill points) and specialization for Gnevny (tier VI) will be added to your account
If you had Commanders with specialization for Ognevoi (tier VI) before the update has been released, then the Commanders will be retrained to have specialization for Gnevny (tier VI) — also, a Commander with 88,000 Commander XP (8 skill points) and specialization for Ognevoi (tier VIII) will be added to your account
If you had Commanders with specialization for Kiev (tier VII) before the update has been released, then the Commanders will be retrained to have specialization for Minsk (tier VII) — also, a Commander with 88,000 Commander XP (8 skill points) and specialization for Kiev (tier VIII) will be added to your account
If you had Commanders with specialization for Tashkent (tier VIII) before the update has been released, then the Commanders will be retrained to have specialization for Kiev (tier VIII) — also, a Commander with 12,900 Commander XP (9 skill points) and specialization for Tashkent (tier IX) will be added to your account
If you had Commanders with specialization for Udaloi (tier IX) before the update has been released, then the Commanders will be retrained to have specialization for Tashkent (tier IX) — also, a Commander with 12,900 Commander XP (9 skill points) and specialization for Udaloi (tier IX) will be added to your account

Explaining how to maximize your return on investment from Ship line . Credits, Commanders, Premium Camo detailed to the best of my ability. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. I didn’t quite understand the premium camouflage deal; you could get 2 camouflages from Baltimore, Pensacola, and Cleveland once the split happens?

    • I had them both, so I just got screwed.

    • If you mean that you missed out on an opportunity to buy prem camo on ships that moved up a tier, then yes. But WG left the decision up to each player on whether to buy the prem camo before ships were moved. You did not get the shaft if you did not buy the prem camo.

    • Milton Herrold, III

      So you also got a Yugumo camo. You still retained the “value” of your investment and got a freebie on top. That’s not getting screwed even if you don’t like how the split worked out or got less value out of it than someone with less invested.

    • No, I bought Tier VIII Fubuki camo, not Tier VI, which is a waste of money. I also bought the camo before the relentless IJN DD nerfings that started in Beta and never stopped.

    • yes they did with the IJN DD’s

  2. do u think the RN cruiser line will get a split. perhaps some of the tougher cruisers with 8inch guns?

    • The Pan Asia line is a mishmash of ships that were ex American and British ships with the only exception being was alot of ex Japanese ships being transfered to the Chinese Navy.

    • You mean like the Murmansk? (OMAHA)

    • Jerry Gilmartin The Murmansk was the USS Milwaukee.
      The RN loaned the HMS Royal Sovereign to the Soviet Union which named her the Arkangelsk.

    • Yes that is what I am saying in response to Michael Mitchell that the Omaha class Cruiser was a perfect example of his comment: “wonder when WG is going to add the US made Lend/Lease ships to the Russian lines? We did send them some Cruisers and destroyers after all.” The Omaha class ship USS Milwaukee was lend leased to USSR, since this is already in- game it makes his question redundant, eg WG already has done what he is asking by including the Murmansk into the game about 2 years ago.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if a British heavy cruiser split happens at some point. Tiers 8-10 would need to be paper ships, but Tiers 9-10 in the light cruiser line are also paper so that’s not really a big deal. And appropriate paper designs to fit those tiers do exist.

      Tier 4 (if they go that low) could be Hawkins in World War I configuration. Tier 5 would be York. Tiers 6 and 7 could both be County-class ships since there were 3 subclasses (Kent, London, and Norfolk) with considerable variation between them. Tier 8 would be Surrey, which was intended to be a 4th County subclass with a substantial increase in armor (146mm belt, 140mm bulkheads, 76mm deck) and at least some proposals added a 5th twin turret as well. And Tiers 9 and 10 could be the 1940/1941 design studies with 3×3 203mm (of a new improved design with heavier shells) and 3×3 234mm guns.

  3. Notser, I didn’t quite understand the part about the credit. Since I’ve sold the Pensacola, should I rebuy it just for the credits?

    • Not really. You get half the cost refunded when you sell it. So buying a Pensa for 7 mio (tier 7) and then getting the “New” New Orleans at tier 7 to sell for 3.5 Mio + “free” tier 6 Pensa to sell for half of 5 mio (tier 5) is not even breaking even… However, buying back to tier 6 Cleveland for 5, and then getting the free tier 8 to sell again for half of 10 mio (tier 8) would be worth it if you factor in the recoup for the tier 6 replacing it…

      Most value for money is definately to be had in getting free high level commanders and premium camo

    • Only rebuy ships if you can get them through sales in my opinion or you need some slots to double commanders/premium camo

    • u get free slots so i think its worth it…u also get a refund when u got multiple ships so its probably worth it.
      ill still try to wait for a discount

    • there’s a sale now I think

  4. @Notser still hoping for the upcoming UK DDs this year, and the CL/CA UK split, hell even with the CV rework this summer, maybe the UK CVs also??? I bet Fem will be VERY happy.

  5. Great tips @Notser. Really appreciate the insight and humor you bring to the game. I wasn’t aware of the fact that your 19 captains essentially make a lvl 15 love child. I will definately use that feature to get free high level captains!

    • Just make sure this isn’t confirmed with a article yet, merely this is how previous splits worked. I’d plan and enact that plan once Wargaming releases their plan. They have written a article detailing previous splits so I assume they will remind us again for this

  6. Christopher Wilson

    Ton’s of talk about this but when will we know?

  7. Does anyone know what happens to the premium modules from Super Containers? If I have the extended Radar module on my Baltimore right now, will that be copied to my tier 9 Buffalo and the original still sits on the Tier 8 Baltimore since it can also equip the radar module?

    Maybe someone remembers what happened on the russian split in terms of speed boost module equipped…

    • Arkhannan the soviet line split was implemented before the Supercontainer deal. All the splits predates the implementation of the special upgrades. But the upgrades were simply demounted or remained in the tier (in this case tier 9).

    • When they’ve removed or changed ships in the past (special events like halloween steam punk boats) they remove all mounted modules and put them in your inventory. I suspect they will do that for this change.

  8. Notser do you know what they will do about the special gift camo on the New Orleans? I assume it will stay on the NO but will they also give one for the Baltimore? Only asking because it is not a pay for camo.

    • I have no idea on that special camo, I assume that is a special case where it stays on NO and you won’t get a special version for the Balti. Maybe just a regular prem camo?

    • i would assume the camo stays on whatever swaps to T8.

    • It will stay on the New Orleans

    • In the Soviet DD split there was an issue with two Tashkent camos. They were both kept on the new Tashkent (or the respective one you owned if you only owned one of them) and one camo was added to the new ship replacing the Tashkent in its former spot (Kiev). I don’t know if one of these two camos is/was a reward camo – if that’s the case, the NO will most likely be treated similarly.
      As the special NO camo only has 50% commander XP bonus (which is worth less than the $-camo’s bonus), they will probably give you a similiar camo for the Baltimore as well. They won’t loose money by doing so – but they would risk a shitstorm if they didn’t.

    • The special NO permacamo has both 50% commander XP and 50% free XP bonuses, while the regular NO permacamo is 50% ship XP. I wouldn’t be too surprised if that special camo ends up on both the New Orleans and the Baltimore after they move down a tier.

  9. Maximilian Schäfer

    do we gain port slots aswell ?

  10. Misaka -Railgun- Mikoto the ace of Tokiwadai

    Should we also buy again the modules of the ships ?

    • dhanushka sachintha

      I think they give Exp and credits

    • I don’t know on that one, perhaps? Hopefully someone knows

    • If I’m not mistaken. The modules are removed for free and will need to be mounted again. You will NOT get extra modules. I remember having to pay for modules again when I was given my free Tashkent during my owning of the Udaloi.

      With that said, there’s no loss of investment if you do purchase the modules AND if I’m mistaken you get a free 8 or 9 mil worth of modules

  11. Do I simply just need to assign the 19pt commander to the cleveland and be done with it? Or do I need to train or start training the commander as well?

    • It was indirectly related, because there was no reset and the whole community went full QQ mode until WG finally gave in and gifted a reset event to the players. If you play this game daily (btw, i have 7000 battle under my belt myself) and follow news and reddit then you should know about it. You also can still research the official news after the previous splits to see that these reset events in fact happened.

    • The commander resets were more likely related to the commander skill tree changing, which also happened a couple times, and was unlikely to be related to the tree splits. And regardless, even if it coincidentally did happen in about the same time in the past, it is not something you should be counting on in the future with any new splits. It is much safer to assume no commander resets and play it safe than count on it and be screwed.

    • But a commander skill reset is not the same thing as a ship retrain. If I have a 19-point captain on my Cleveland, it will end up on the Pensacola (VI). If I keep him on the Pensacola, I will want to retrain him. That was free after the Russian DD split. But if I want to MOVE him to the Cleveland (VIII), that will cost money (as it did after the Russian split).

    • I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but this is how it works. My 19 point captain on the Udaloi pre-split, ended up on the Tashkent tier 9 post split, no retraining needed, already fully trained for the new tier 9 Tashkent, no cost. To move it to the new tier 9 Udaloi in the alternate line post split, you do need to reassign and retrain (with elite captain exp, dubloons, or simply playing games).

      So a 19 point captain on your current tier 6 Cleveland pre-split, will end up on the tier 6 Pensacola fully trained post split. To move it to the new tier 8 Cleveland, you will need to reassign and retrain. Don’t count on WarGaming giving you free captain resets after the split as I’m positive those were related to other stuff.

    • Lightninger exactly. People are saying, though, that wargaming will give free retraining, thinking that means they can move their captain from the Pensacola to the Cleveland for free. That’s not true.

  12. Basically just make sure you own the Cleveland and you have your highest SP US captain on board

  13. They will probably make an already middle of the road line worse.

  14. Notser, the captains do not follow the ship. When the Russian destroyers split, my Udaloi captain moved to the Tashkent, which occupied its former place in the main line spot and I got a new captain in the Udaloi. I had to reassign it to the Udaloi and retrain it, which was a pain with it being a 19 point captain.

    And the number of skill points on a commander had nothing to do with how many skill points was on your current commander. It was based on what tier the ship was in.

  15. gues the biggest question is how to avoid playing the pensacola ……….. again.

    • If you (like me) haven’t progressed the American cruiser line, and work yourself up to Tier 7, never play the Pensacola at Tier 7, won’t you get the new ship after the split and can work on that one towards Tier 8, thus avoiding the Pensacola alltogether?

  16. From my experience in this, the commanders and the exp stay on the main line. With both the previous splits they gave me nothing on the new ships.

    • They should have given you a commander with a base level of skill points (6 skill points for Tier VI, 8 skill points for Tier VIII, etc)

  17. Still want an T10 Super Akizuki !

  18. what about congratulatory camo for new orleans? will I get it on new baltimore? that nice premium camo reward of 2 years of wows collection

  19. But if I do not have a garage slot then??

  20. if you have a fully unlocked cleve you will get a new fully unlocked t6 in return NOT a t8 cleve fully unlocked afaik. also you do NOT want your cleve cpt in your cleve when they split because if you have a 15pt cleve cpt you will have him moved and trained into the new t6 ship which is the crappy pepsi and he will be wasted and they will give you a new 10er in your t8 cleve which is a WASTE. so move your cleve cpt elsewhere and he might not get regraoned so he is usable as t8 then. sry bout that but that is a lot of false info for such a video notser 🙁

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