World of Warships: Maximizing your XP gains in 0.5.1

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Cap ALL the objectives! 0.5.1 adds a huge emphasis on capping objectives, removing it largely from damage dealing. Personally I feel like they went a bit over the top with how little XP damage dealing gives. Also how come shooting down planes still gives terrible rewards? :/


  1. I’ve started playing my Kiev in the way you do. my games have improved
    significantly. Thanks for the great tips.

  2. Sucks to be a US BB who can’t cap anything!

  3. I agree.. the capping over damge xp has been changed alot…I got top exp
    on my team the other day, with landing less then 100 hits, no kills…just
    because i capped 2 zones.

  4. what mods do u use?

  5. the soundtrack at the beginning was a nice edition, awesome work too!

  6. hi, nice videos… how are you recording? is it live game or from replay?
    seems like the post battle result is not being shown in replays for some
    reason. keep the good job.

  7. when do you usually stream? missed you last time

  8. Guy in chat… Lol.

  9. Another great vid flamu thanks very much

  10. Hello Flamu. Your videos have taught me alot. I’d like to sugest you turn
    down the volume of your music though as it sometimes is a bit difficult to
    hear you over the music.

  11. you should make a vid about the colorado and how in the name of god you can
    ever make a kill with that piece of shit…
    interesting videio btw i had no clue about the change of exp

  12. Flamu can you put a link to your modpack into the description of every
    vid?/If you use aslainsmodpack maybe some kind of config?Would be pretty
    And nice video, glad Phly led me to your channel.
    Only one thing I dont like, in my opinion the music is a bit loud/on one
    level with your voice.
    cheers Garry

  13. It’s over 9000!!! (exp)

  14. battleships wont enjoy their stay in 5.1 ! good video tho

  15. Well I think most of the “capping EXP” will be taken by DDs…these chances
    are not for the larger ships sadly.
    Amazing vedio btw, always learn a lot from u :)

  16. finally WoWS rewards for securing the objectives.

  17. You make some of the most informative WoWS videos, cheers mate

  18. The guy in chat … surprised you were able to remain so civil

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