World of Warships – Maxximum Overdrive

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Yes, I know that’s not how you spell “Maximum”, but Stephen King never got bogged down in the details and neither do I.

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  1. My work day just got better. Thanks Jingles!

  2. “Not until I switch it into MAXIUMUM OVERDRIVE!”

  3. “Hey! I’m up late enough to catch the jingles vid as it airs! Oh, a Des Moine is in the featured div?! Sweet! I hope he does well!”

    -My poor, unaware self. Having forgotten that this is warships and cruisers must be punished.

    Fantastic BB play though!

  4. His division members are acting like Flambass and Mr. G. Bromance at its finest.

  5. Akhtually Jingles, you can citadel a Gk or Preussen over range, because you have plunging shots, that come through the deck. The turtelback makes it nearly impossible to get citadelled on shortrange.

  6. AcTuAllY the GK and Preussen are Zitadelle magnets when playing the Yamato and the distance goes beyond 25 kilometers. Because at that distance, the shells just fall straight from the sky like ap bombs, launched from a plane, flying overhead. And the 30mm deck plating has no chance to defend against the nine 460 mm guns of this nice old lady.

  7. World of logistics, the game we really need

  8. World of Logistics sounds like a fantastic AFK clicker. XD

  9. Big Swede Wulferine

    Great show, but … am i the only one that noticed AbyssoAmerica,s comment about german ships in scapa flow in game chat? I loved it 😀 (Time about 1:40)

  10. DM and Salem obviously trying to confuse radar into thinking there was only one ship.

  11. not only did they introduce low bow plating battleships to confuse things up jingles, they also introduced battleships like slava, kremlin, petro, that have HIDDEN internal plates that in most cases stop even yamato and musashi shells.
    And we would never know about these hidden internal plates if the data miners didnt find them for us, because WG never intended us to find out…

  12. It was still a bad idea, but I wonder if the two cruisers at the beginning were sailing in such close formation in an attempt to closely combine their air defence umbrellas. Make it so that any aircraft approaching were hitting twice the AA as they tried to conduct a strike on effectively a single target.

  13. 5:47 looks like the Preussen unintentionally angled when it was dodging those torpedos so they at least know that big angry red triangles are bad.

  14. Ah Jingles, you brought a smile to me today. I served on the USS Seattle AOE-3 in the mid 80’s as a Quartermaster. The was helmsman for 700+ UnReps. I haven’t thought that evolution in years. It really is an amazing task to have a carrier 50 yards to starboard and an Aegis class cruiser 50 yards to port. Thank you for the memory recall.

  15. VideoGameHaven2000

    The ally CV player seemed to do fairly well at the end in terms of support. Suppose the only thing they could be caught for was maybe putting the fighters down a bit too late against the torp bombers, but still good assistance.

  16. Stephen King was my favorite author when I was a teen. I read everything he ever wrote, and at a formative time, to the point that I re read those stories now and find I SPEAK like his characters.

    Stephen King had a hand in raising me.

  17. Don’t forget Jingles, wargaming also added ships with ice-breaker bows, so now there are ships you can only half overmatch from the front

  18. I’ve always wondered, why does WoWs measure armour in millimeters, and frankly not many millimeters, when the real versions of the ships had multiple inches of armour?

  19. Still the most infectious and genuine laugh on YouTube

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