World of Warships- Maya First Impressions: Another Actual Good Japanese Premium?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the new Tier VII Premium Japanese Heavy Cruiser Maya, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Ship Intro
1:48 Ship Stats and Characteristics
9:10 Commander and Module Build
11:42 Gameplay Review


  1. Good for ranked bronze I think. I think they sell stuff like Maya and FR25 specifically targeting the huge portion of players staying in Bronze league on purpose. A lot of players enjoy staying in T6 and T7 and don’t get capped on by the MM. I like it amd I think i has high skill sealing, but Weimar is still the best 🙂

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @kr4ftt random sucks due to +2MM and subs, and ranked sucks due to potatoes dbag teammates. It takes effort to be motivated to even play this game at this point.

    • Randoms sucks for cruises because of subs? You freaking kidding me? How a sub can hit you when you have quite short damage party cooldown and good speed? Am I seeing bottom skill players here complaiming?

    • konstantinos Papagiannis

      @kr4ftt tbh i feel pretty bad playing in gold league atm, limited carry potential ships , same pepega teams,t10 cv’s. t6-7-8 far more enjoyable in ranks than t9-10.

    • konstantinos Papagiannis

      @Vytautas V spotting is enough to ruin your game, even if u dodge or dcp the 1st set of torps u will eat the 2nd set…

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @Vytautas V am I seeing another member the same toxic pos community that pays respect to the flamer alter?

      I think the answer is the same for both of our questions?

  2. you could probably launch torps at 9 km if they are chasing you or coming towards you. something people don’t always think of.

  3. 15.3km gun range + squishy armor, count me out. As SLM said, you’ll be seeing T9’s constantly and there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get into gun range against T9’s and getting absolutely bitch-slapped for it.

  4. Feel like this ship is nicely balanced, downsides and upsides.

  5. Freedan48 Blackstar

    well I do like the review lad, but how is it compared to its tech tier equivalent,I know the The Atago is basically a Myoko, But may be more fair to compare it to Myoko, then the Atago.

  6. I feel all T7 cruisers should get 1-2 heals. Facing T9 and overmatch just ruins the game if you take 1 unlucky hit, even with attention to angling.

    • @Weaboo Trash I see the upside but no heals hurts any CA when you could face a Musashi for example. Angling in a light CA does nothing against most BB guns.

    • @Richard Hardslab to be fair the British light CA line explodes with a disapproving glare.

    • @Greg Shewan You mean the British light CL line. CA is heavy cruiser, CL is light cruiser.

    • @SdwCdrGhost Nuked by Amagi?
      you must have eaten Flak with is only way AA can stop anything, but Flak is pretty easy to avoid especially in fast planes like German ones.

      Never really had problems with uptiers, but it might be just me as i tend to over analyze ships, so i can formulate game plan by seeing ships im facing.

      DD’s its remembering the enemy concealment ranges and match-ups i can do well against if there’s none i avoid directly engaging enemy DD’s unless i have other ship for screening.

      BB’s i mostly don’t care, overmatched you can be even by equal or lower tier BB’s.
      but it worth remembering what you can overmatch and what can overmatch you, additionally note that BB’s that don’t have overmatch tend to have higher damage output than BB’s with overmatch even tier higher (though there are exceptions to this, especially between tier 9 and 10)

      also 35-45 degree angle isn’t even ricochet angle, you need min 45 degree to even start bouncing things and 60 degree to almost guarantee* them
      *note that ships aren’t flat planes and even if you’re exactly at 60 degree, there might be part of the hull that isn’t at 60+ degrees.
      also Superstructure, guns and other flatter surfaces like Casemate guns can be still penetrated normally.

      Cruisers on other hand yes, they tend to get shafted.
      though not all of them, it kinda problem of the weird power curve WG has made for them.
      tier 5-7 are balanced over each other, then you have power spike of tier 8 (damage, tankiness and new thing/gimmick), tier 9 is most of the time just tier 8 but with heal and 6 slot upgrade and then another power spike at tier 10 with more tankiness and large bump in firepower…

      on other hand DD’s only really serous bump is Concealment upgrade at tier 8, similarly Battleships with 32mm plating… firepower and tankiness are mostly incremental upgrades with larger bump between tier 9 and 10.

      ye, Coop Bots being broken for long time now is a issue… they need to really bring older less forgiving bots, maybe as alternative “Harder” Coop mode…

  7. Maya: She’s just like Takao, only different!

    I’m actually excited for her though.

  8. Dade if you have the money to spare, go for this one. I’m not typically I cruiser player and I still love her after my purchase last night. I think you wouldn’t be disappointed.

  9. But this ship looks much stronger than the IJN Tone which is in tier 8 for some reason.

  10. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Maya is an AA boat, but shes a *japanese* AA boat. Irl she wasnt even good at that since japanese AA was eyeballed, wheras by this point everyone elses large AA guns had radar range finders and proximity fuse shells

  11. Her firing angles are far superior to Myoko. One of the best feature

  12. Surprised there was lots of comparisons to the Atago but none to the Myoko, its tech tree equivalent. There, it shines a little less. Some interesting highlights from that comparison:
    1. Its HE alpha is reduced for some reason. 3300 is typical from Furutaka to Ibuki (Zao gets to 3400). Maya has 3000 despite firing the same shell (it looked like) and having the same turret. Sure there is a reason somewhere, but I couldn’t spot it. So, 9% less damage.
    2. It has only 8 turrets to Myoko’s 10. Would love to know more about turret angles on Maya because Myoko’s aren’t great. So, possibly less relevant that it has once less turret.
    3. Range is less than Myoko, which never started out great.
    4. Reload is 2.5s more than Myoko. Overall, the max HE DMP is 87k compared to 141k for Myoko.
    5. In an interesting quasi-plus, Maya has way better secondaries than Myoko with about double the max DPM. Although it you need it, you’re in trouble.
    6. While Maya has more torps that do more damage, their reload is terrible by IJN cruiser standards. So, the max DPM of the torps is very similar to Myoko. Although, how many people launch torps every 76s in a Myoko anyways? Torps are obviously still a bonus with better angles and more punch and speed when you need it.
    7. As noted, AA is a slight buff compared to Myoko. Still sucks, though, but better than average by IJN standards.
    8. Rudder shift time is actually way worse than Myoko at 10.1 vs. 7.1. My Myoko has 5.7s rudder shift with the module applied. So, distinctly less maneouvreable and makes steering gears mod 1 almost essential to play.
    9. Base conceal is better on Maya at 12.4km compared to 13.1km, which makes up for the range. And with the torps at 8km instead of 10km, you probably wanted to play 1km or so closer anyways.
    Also, a note on the torp angles: obviously rare and good, but the same torp angles (or close enough to it) are on the Yoshino and the Atago. But yeah, that’s it. Makes it less good (slightly) at kiting, but better and pushing and yoloing.

    Overall, on paper, the Maya has “better” torps (more torps, more damage, more speed, better angles, less range, worse reload), worse guns (probably at least 10% less damage), reduced turning, better concealment (although reduced effect due to less range), all compared to Myoko. So, roughly equal to Myoko but some things buffed and some things nerfed. But, what it does have that is a major improvement is the heal and the reload booster. Both huge bonuses. Myoko is a little lackluster at its tier compared with the other ships in its line, so this is probably a difference maker for those who were looking for a more useful IJN T7 cruiser. But also looks to be a high risk/high reward kind of ship. So, great for ranked, in principle (and in practice based on the stream).

    I’m thinking of getting one.

    • that’s because maya plays like atago (which also is on-paper the worst ship in t8 but is couter-intuitively one of the best in the hands of good players) and trades all that stuff relative to myoko for access to the atago hull design.
      Her casemate has a wormhole in it that well-placed shells get caught in and sent to the bermuda triangle for minimal damage, her citadel roof cannot be overmatched by anything in her tier spread making her immune to plunging fire, and her low freeboard and large superstructure cause the game’s auto-aim to deviate shells toward superstructure overpens instead of citadel full pens (and also encourage most shells to strike that roof that can’t be penned, which then bounce off it and go into that bermuda triangle wormhole).

      and then she also inherited all the things that were given to atago over the years to counteract the fact that all the pay-to-win people that don’t know what they’re doing bought atago and performed terribly in it.
      maya gets the tier 8 heal, tier 8 hydro, tier 8 fighter plane, and a (honestly kinda useless) reload consumable to make up for the lost gun.

  13. Maya looks pretty good. Thanks for reviewing her.

  14. @Wote you need too division with friends.

  15. konstantinos Papagiannis

    if u dont like subs u should make wg listen with your actions , from the moments wg testing subs i stop buying from em and i play only ranks. maybe they will listen

  16. @konstantinos Papagiannis I don’t understand how to get out of gold league of ranked. I hate being forced to play T10 all the time.

  17. @Wote don’t disagree. I only meant that I don’t understand how people don’t get bored of the coop gamemode.

  18. konstantinos Papagiannis

    @Joshua Lynas tbh i feel pretty bad playing in gold league atm, limited carry potential ships , same pepega teams,t10 cv’s. t6-7-8 far more enjoyable in ranks than t9-10.

  19. When I got this ship I looked at the stealth and the shorter torp range and thought that I wouldn’t be using the torps very often. Five games and four torp kills later I realize how wrong I was.

  20. re: your comment on Maya torp angles – it has the same angles as Atago (and I think Takao), so as expected for a sister ship, I’d say. It’s the techline cruisers that have the bad forward angles.

  21. on armor:
    while the armor layout does have lots of places to get penned, the weird cheek on the front, and the shelf on the back that catches citadel roof bounces (all bad)

    like atago, maya does also come equipped with the black hole in her casemate where well-placed shots get abducted by aliens or something

    Also like atago she has a large superstructure and low freeboard, encouraging superstructure overpens instead of casemat full pens or citadel pens.

  22. Heh, I was on the enemy team in the game at 17:45. Did very well (top of my team, as I recall), but still lost. Last night was just a string of Ranked losses for me, though. Feels bad.

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