World of Warships- Maybe We Should Calm Down A Bit About Submarines

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Just a little bit?

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  1. Really excited to see subs in the game. Subs could add a whole new dimension to the game and it’d be really cool to see where wargaming goes with them

  2. submarines look ok but what about the new super over powerd ships like smolensk i have that ship and its op why is it in the game

  3. Im so happy that wg doesn’t care about the Community if they would we would never get subs im hyped 🙂
    And BTW wg learned from the cv mistakes I have high hopes

    • Mirko Mihovilovic

      I’m kind of hyped about subs too, but the don’t listen thing…. Things have been turning into a more time demanding and monetized game this Last year, don’t like those kind of things, preferred the slow pace of before.

    • @Mirko Mihovilovic yea the directives in order to get anything over the last three challenges are like spend 6-7 hrs perday or at least 4hrs over 3 days, pretty harsh

    • They learned? They learned?!?! Ya I’ll tell you what they learned, 2+2=4-1 that’s 3 quik mafs

    • @Dunkel_hight 1 damn that was an old and unfunny meme. yes i think they learned

  4. At WG there is no shortage of stuff going on! I play a match and at the end I get this flash (depending on tier of ship played) of banners saying I’m contributing to all these different missions. I can’t study all that stuff and I might be missing out on something sweet but it is lost in a quagmire of missions. Smolensk is out and seems incredible. Regrinding Tech lines? Subs? Naval Battles, Ranked Battles and Clan Battles. French destroyers and tokens. When do I find time to seriously grind out my epic modules? To those who can keep up..more power to you.

  5. Evangeline Anovilis

    Where carriers are now is MUCH MUCH MUCH further away from where CVs where pre-0.8.0 and where any other class has been ever. And sure, we can say “Give WG the benefit of the doubt”, but how often did they deliver something that wasn’t riddled with issues unless it was taking negative feedback into account properly, which they do so rarely? Heck, with the NTC, CCs told them back in Petersburg that it was shit, yet it required one of the worst outrages across all media for them to take it seriously and not telling us to just be more positive.

    It could be an interesting idea if it was handled by someone who has a record of successfully pulling this off, not by people who cannot even balance single ships properly most of the time.

  6. So i guess by next August or September will be finally the release of subs to random battles

  7. Your speaking to a culture of needing things now, now, now. Give the kids new colors to look at, they’ll be fine for awhile. Lol

  8. Nicolas Hermosillo

    Dds will be overwhelmed with the task of hunting subs

  9. As long as it’s done well…

    I don’t trust WG though

  10. Armas Ingesson Mantsinen

    I totally think that you should become a community contributor because your opinion is very good and thought out.

  11. I think we all just need to calm down amd realize we all live in a yellow submarine

  12. I only question the judgement of announcing subs so close on the heels of the CV rework. Subs could be cool and I appreciate the systematic approach that Wargaming is taking this time. It’s just that the players are still reeling from the CV rework. More time would have been warranted.

  13. Nice vid Sea Lord. We need countermeasures for all ship types first before submarines can be added to random battles. Also not happy with the structure of the line, that WG is again skipping tiers, starting with tier 6. The projected submerged speed seems too much, there are BBs that will be easily outrun.

  14. I’ll be surprised if we have a game left to play by the time subs get in the game. I have been playing for about 4 years, and I’ve gotta say it’s changed a lot and not for the better. For the first time I can honestly say that I’m thinking of calling it quits. With all the different currencies and the sudden rush to build bigger better H.E. spammers. They are taking the game in the wrong direction. Naval battles of ww2 were about strategy. If anything to fix it right now they should cut the hit points of all the ships by a third and increase the reload times by about the same.

  15. Can we talk about Yuro being in the match with MB?

  16. I’m so close to saying fk it, HE spam raining from the heavens ,stealth torps from all directions, they’re trying to empty our wallets with mock events where you can win nothing worth the effort without paying, So dream on Dude. ???

  17. Love the casual Yuro in the chat lmao!

  18. If WG can’t even fix the carousel (not to mention the other things that need fixing) a year after the broke it, why should I expect they can get subs right (after swearing up and down “NO SUBS”)?


    Submarines were never be implemented until Halloween and now tech tree

  20. Great vid as always ?
    And Im with you!, very keen to try subs and master a new class 🙂 (really enjoyed them in the special event previously)
    Glad to see WG trying some thing new again, but taking there time this time around…could be good, could be bad, but at least they are trying!
    …looking forward to forming a wolf pack with ya 😉

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