World of Warships – MAYDAY MAYDAY!

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● 200 doubloons
● 2 ships: St. Louis and Premium German Cruiser Emden
● 20 Restless Fire Camouflage
● 2,5 million credits
● 7 Days of Premium

(Offer is for new users only)

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  1. Have a great day everyone and make sure you use this link to obtain the extra goodies and the premium ship: Also more EU ships are coming soon according to the devs! Swedish Destroyer Skåne FTW! Enjoy! <3

    • Keralis, with Torps you can hit the 3 Key again to change them to a more narrow spread. Also nice to see you playing!

    • Hey Keralis, are you going to check out Ylands again? The Game is now out and it’s in the Beta phase.

    • Ketalis, when using a destroyer, hide behind islands and be a scout. Destroyers are not meant to be in the front taking the hits. That is what the battleships are for. Also, cruisers are your main damage dealers and they should also hid behind islands. Another thing is that torpedos have to types of spreads. Wide spread (which was what you where using in this video) and narrow spread. Use narrow spread when attacking someone you can see, and wide spread for when the enamy are in a smoke screen. This is not something that a new player would know, but if you do want to know how to use your ships, then I segest watching “The Mighty Jingles”.

    • Oh, and when an enamy is in the smoke screen, they can see you either unless you get close to the smoke screen. If you do, you will spot them, and they will spot you.

    • If you are in a smoke screen, and you see an enamy who is far away, it is your team mates who are spotting them, not you.

  2. what minecraft mod is that? XD

  3. Hi Keralis, when will be next Planet Zoo episode? ??

  4. Stopmotioneer [KW Films]

    My favorite YouTube playing one of my favorite games!!! (Second only to Minecraft)

  5. Thanks for being probably my number 1 you tuber hahah. I’ve been watching your channel for so long, and I’m so glad I stumbled across your channel that one time long ago. From destiny to the Minecraft inspiration series, You never failed to entertain me with your content. Have a great rest of your day, a great rest of your YouTube career. You’re legendary!

  6. Welcome to wws I’ve been playing for 3 years now

  7. Welcome to the madness, Keralis, and be sure to drop a “poi” in the chat if you ever get up to _Shiratsuyu._ It’s practically maritime law nowadays :V

  8. Please do more of this! Being one of my favorite games and one of my favorite youtubers is a match in heaven!

  9. HELLE YEAH This puts up for a sub for keralis.

  10. Oh man it’s gonna be a painful experience to start an account in 2019, i’ve been playing this thing for two years now and i can tell you to brace yourself if you really want to do this. The learning curve is not the steepest but there are so many bad casual players that it will be difficult to win a decent percentage of your games unless you get good enough to carry and wargaming is throwing so many new ships and features at the game that it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything as a new player

  11. Did you know that keralis was a Navy soilder on tier kombat 7 general

  12. Keralis although i like ur videos but man i was triggered with HE Yamato, i was screaming “press the 2 key on your keyboard to do alot more dmg(AP)!” internally haha

    • As a WoWS player I feel you, I was screaming internally watching that last match so much…

    • Yeah bro I’m internally dying watching noobs play this game

    • that broadside hit with HE ….I was so triggered …. but it’s okay……everyone have their beginning

    • CookiesForEveryone

      How about overall.. T10 ship, nothing specced. no modules, no camo, no cap skills.
      Why WG gives these accounts with everything unlocked I haven’t a clue. And if they have to.. give some sort of instructions or something.

    • @CookiesForEveryone i think they gave that acc for youtubers to try everything the game has to offer cuz being in the low tiers, the game doesnt offer much Mechanics.

  13. if you like world of warships you should also try azur lane, they did a collaboration

  14. Shoots HE in a yamato next time shoot AP at other battleships

  15. In 19:03
    Keralis: *inhales*
    Keralis again: YOLO!

  16. D: look at my guns and nothing but my guns


  17. As someone with over 12,000 games, you are already better than a lot of veteran players. Take that as you will lol

  18. Keralis on the off chance that you ever play this again, I will gladly show you the ropes hahah

  19. Loquacious Lobster Lapidary

    The lack of sea shanties is depressing.

  20. The memes are real. Yamato spamming HE, DD not knowing how to use his guns. lol. Hope you liked the game.

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