World of Warships – Mean Green Killing Machine

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It’s mean, you hope it’s green, because it’s a total killing machine and it’s made of mother Russia steel.
Kremlin is one of the best ships has ever seen and with Kuznetsov counter all of his weaknesses, probably as well.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Justin Tolentino

    Ah, Dexter’s Lab, I see you are also a man of culture.

  2. I once went caving just north of Vladivostok visiting family. Great acoustics, but too many stalinites.

  3. Lol that Dexter’s Lab reference. Damnit Flambass your making me feel old 😛

  4. Typically normal glorious Soviet balance. Nothing unexpected.

  5. “Kremlins broadside is his weakness” proceeds to shoot enemy Kremlin at various ranges most of the time at 80-90 degrees and fails to catch his citadel. BALANS KOMRAD!

    • TheMakushimirian

      not only that, but in a game where every broadside is a weakness, saying only that as a weakness of a ship is quite… unnerving.

      “Kremlins weakness is broadside, in other news, water is wet!”

    • TheMakushimirian and cheese is cheesy ?

  6. Destroyerman Fernandez

    Hye @Flambass is it possible for us viewers on youtube to see your Kremlin build?. Also you said the Kremlin is one of the best ships WoWS has ever seen, why do you say that?. I would love to know.

    Btw, as Kremlin owner, i love the ship to death, i would love to know your reasons is all.

    P.s Keep up the vids 🙂

  7. Ringo Wunderlich

    The Tirpitz dude could have become legend by yoloing in, torping the Kremlin, poking the Des Moines and ramming the Roma earlier in the match.
    That Implacaple dude though. Almost forced a confrontation between my head and my desk.

  8. Soviet BBs are overpowered? Oh how surprised am I !?

  9. The phrase is “That’ll leave a mark!” 6:40 Not “markings”. LOL

  10. ‘what is Kremlin’ s weakness? ‘

  11. russian battleships ? you mean fake ships that never existed are better than yammy and monty? Pure russian bias

  12. I completely agree with you on beers (I just might re-subscribe 🙂 Would choose karlovačko also. Try Nikšičko dark 🙂

  13. Flambass how can you be Croatian and not like Ozujsko???????

  14. That Dexter’s Lab episode just popped into my mind the other day for some reason.

  15. Try Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Of course, I like their seasonal brews as well. But Sam Adams is _the_ Yankee beer of choice.

  16. I can’t wait until russian carriers come out, though they might have to go with imagination instead design ships.

  17. The friendly Des Moines was really your brother this match, keeping the planes off you ! Hahahh gg ez

  18. Love how after lecturing the republique about shooting he at broadsides a full ap broadside against the broadside republique does less than 2k damage:-)!

  19. The funniest Kremlin moment I’ve seen so far was when one tried to get into a turning fight with my Alabama.
    Comrade, you’re doing it wrong.

  20. The worlds best beers are Lagers from Bavaria, and Pilsners from the Czech Republic. Belgian ales are pretty good too!

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