World of Warships – Meet Dasha Perova

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Dasha Perova has been introducing all the new in-game features for a while now, but who is she, really? Get to know our fabulous host in our video profile!

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  1. Good video. :)

  2. maybe the Kiev will receive a special consumable called “Admiral’s Daughter
    on Board” and for 3 minutes combat specs of the ship will be buffed ;)

  3. Yeah ! Anyone can play ! Anyone can become a gamer ! Love this video and
    love this woman !

  4. Maddenjurassicworldandmore 05

    I had no idea what she said

  5. Are there sub-titles or translations somewhere?

  6. she plays the game… the presentative actually plays the game…

  7. pokaz cycki

  8. Good, I needed her name for a research paper (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. who dares to shot you?I will cover you with my Fuso…

  10. Jup…always i see her i have the feeling i had to move to Russia.

  11. Nice and beauty

  12. I thinked Dasha is name of new ship lol

  13. wargaming she is beautifull but dont ne assholes … you know what i mean .

  14. English please

  15. come dasha, i will show you japan from mighty gnevny! we will crush many of
    these captalist scum while we are there!

  16. Who came here for tits? ;)

  17. You really wanna make money, honey, come to the West. Hollywood will make
    or break you.

  18. Seems like a nice girl.

  19. perfect shape

  20. She is a very cute girl, but she can’t make the failes, mistakes etc. from
    WG undone.

    And i see the next fail with Patch 0.5.3

  21. She seems so lovely and happy and excited to be a part of all of this.
    That’s cool and she actually gained an interest in the game which is even
    better. Good for her.

  22. her mouth looks like a sewer

  23. yay i get to here her voice and not some dub over!

  24. Okay…um…heard of english subtitles?

  25. Is this to get all the guys who think with there man hood playing if so i
    am in

  26. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    She reminds me of Agent Carter. Not sure why. Probably the 1940’s look.

  27. Russian girls are best :)

  28. I still think that doing patchnotes and game wideos the way WoT NA server
    does em(balance managers cracking jokes how crap their weekend offers and
    patches are) is better, but it is nice to hear that the opposition to using
    actors in your videos has grown big enough for you to have to respond and
    cut your losses.

  29. I can take You to Japan, babe ;)

  30. I also want such a video about the Cap and his fish!

  31. thanks for the name, now to the… research cave (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. Dear Wargaming,
    Are there any options to see the lovely Ola again? I mean sometimes, just
    for commentary on european videos 🙂 We miss her

  33. José Carlos Pereira

    Translation pls??…

  34. We love you Dasha!

  35. I am simple man, I see Dasha, I press like!

  36. female commanders why not its in wot to so bring it to ships to

  37. Good luck captains!..understand that!…and im portuguese… I am not
    required to understand Russian…ffs…english is a universal lenguage

  38. Dasha is very beautifull !

  39. To true WG standards: an unfinished product: you forgot the translation

  40. Vorld Of Warships :))

  41. świetna kobitka, dla mnie bomba. Głosy na minusy są od ludzi, którzy albo
    mają brzydszą babę w domu, albo trzepią się przed redtube. Pozdrawiam :D

  42. Use the fucking captions retards…

  43. I miss the videos with Ola…

  44. what the hell was that

  45. what a beautiful woman, her only downside are her teeth tho :P

  46. sen iste beğen butonunu patlatırız !

  47. Why so many downvotes ? She is gorgeous

  48. boobs or gtfo

  49. All I know is she is happy to be there and excited to talk to us, Can I get
    a translation? Hey the caption button works now XD

  50. oh my god dasha… allright…

  51. When she sees the D 4:57

  52. wargaming very clever -.-

  53. ummm , what is he speaking?! XD this is wargaming EU not soviet or
    whatever wargaming!

  54. Aww she is so nice. It really caught me by surprise that she has this
    burning interest in Japan. Having been there three times I can only say it
    is so worth going!

  55. name? she stunning

  56. Nice charmingand also funny video :3 Thanks for the insight too. Also get
    her into the game (Ingame character I mean in one way or another:
    Crew/Turorial voiceover/etc) xD

  57. she looks do friendly :D

  58. It’s good,becouse the channel’s name says: Wargaming “Europe”….(and there
    is a ceczh or idk what language)
    So yeah… GG WG!

  59. thanks dasha im from argentina and i really like how you explain all the
    updates and its very difficult remember the script but you have it

  60. Them boobs

  61. I though she will undress…

  62. some people don’t know which language she speak so yeah…. GG Wargaming

  63. wtf did she say no subtitles

  64. michelefalerna yies

    Carri Armati

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