World of Warships- Meet The New Most Busted Ship In The Game

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Hello guys, today we are taking a look at the new TX British Freemium CV, Malta! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. I don’t think we are playing the same game anymore. I get dev struck in my CL by Malta. it is definitely in the op league.

  2. the highest single run i got from the Malta’s APDB was over 22K dmg on a jinan. thats more than half of its 35k max hp… i think the fact that it’s also the most forgiving TX CV makes it tough to be on opposite team. ive had games where i lost over 120 planes and still wasnt deplaned

  3. I ran into a Malta yesterday while in an Austin. I did mow down a ton of planes and he only got one second drop on me, but he absolutely wreaked my ship in 3 runs. Oh, there was also a Louisiana that bombed me just to add insult to injury.

  4. I love how he just flies through the Flak clouds and it still doesn’t stop him (example around 7:30 I think?).

  5. Yeah, I thought I’d play Elbing again but got the first strike from the CV. Love starting a match with 10k less health.

  6. I still think that Midway is the more versatile CV. (And obviously Midway’s hull is more durable)

  7. Hakuryu is still better than Malta in good hands but Malta (and Nakhimov) are much easier to play well. Haku also has superior survivability due to Malta and Nakhimov having raised and exposed citadels.

  8. yeah no joke, malta can easily delete a mino in 2 strikes, i’ve seen a mino taking almost 40k dmg from single strike

  9. I wouldn’t be so tilted with these ridiculous CVs if my AA guns actually worked in Mino or Edgar. I can’t believe an AA rating of 98-100 (Mino-Edgar) with full AA build does so little its a literal meme

  10. It’s a totally different game at tiers 8+ for all playstyles

  11. same story for me in my Halland… His rockets just ripped my Halland and the AA was not so effective even against a Halland AA

  12. @Arkwel AA means nothing anymore unless you’re AT LEAST 2 ships with great AA clustered together. WG has to make CV gameplay gluesniffer proof….

  13. Grinding through the Cleveland, I can confirm the Malta can wipe it off the map with no effort.

  14. As a Malta owner I can say that it is easy to play (Hak and Midway are better tho), all planes are decent damage dealers but there are some downsides to Malta that were not mentioned. First off, it has totally BAD AA defense, Im talkin T8 AA. Ive been killed in one trip by FDR TB’s twice now, shot down 4 planes each time. Im thinking a Midway or a Hak might be able to take out a Malta in two trips with TB’s. I lose on average 70-80 planes a match which leaves the Malta with about 1/2 a squadron of each type by the end of a match, at that point you have one attack left for each type. Ive also been one shot by a Yamato at very long range, lucky RNG for him to be certain, but Midway would have bounced those deck hits. As SLM says, cruisers have to be either stationary or driving in a straight line to get slammed hard by multiple cits, and only certain cruisers will take cits, mostly UK light cruisers and KM cruisers. Ive yet to cit a Russian or IJN cruiser, havent had the opportunity to try a run on a French or Italian yet.

  15. I just had a game in a tier IX light cruiser where the malta focused on me early with bombers and attack aircraft. I was dead after his 4th sortie despite healing and hiding in smoke.

    • How many broadside salvo from a BB do you think you can survive, 4? LOL

    • @Alternate view That’s a bad comparison as BBs can’t hit ships behind islands or keep them lit.
      I can survive more than 4 salvos from a BB when manuvering and sailing away easily.

    • @Alternate view BBs have to position to earn their kills, and they have to wager their own health on it.

      Carriers don’t. Before you mention that this is how carriers work irl, I’d like to remind you that carriers were also notorious for detonating irl.

  16. Thanks so very little for encouraging the purchase of this ship, the latest in a long list of cancer-ships. WG loves these videos that on the surface appear critical while in reality promote purchases out the kazoo. FOR FREE. How many glue-sniffers clicked on “Most Busted Ship” and then scuttled off to the armory 30 seconds in? You can tell yourself content like this supports the player base by highlighting glaring weaknesses they can exploit to counter this ship. It’s a CV … WHAT WEAKNESSES? Speaking for myself the only actual defense against this ship is to avoid loading into the game. I usually enjoy your videos but I find this one to be disappointing.

  17. Ah yes, Light Cruisers, the notoriously overpowered class that’s solo-carrying every single game finally is countered by something! What a joy!

    /s obviously.

  18. You need to slow down when dropping bombs, it decreases the angle at which you hit and increases penetration.

  19. Hello, lately almost all the channels I follow are paying more and more attention to Tier 10 ships. I guess this is justified from the point of view of the fans of these channels. In-game though, for the past 4 and more weeks, the presence of T10 ships in “random battles” has become unbearable.
    I have chosen to specialize in the German T8 cruiser Mainz and the battleship Tirpitz.
    Unfortunately, though, it’s almost impossible to get into a battle dominated by T8 or T7 ships. What’s more, in the last 3 weeks I’m always if not the only one, of only 3 Tier 8 ships in a Tier 10 team. And by T10 I mean predominantly T10, not T9 and a few T10.
    This started to become a very annoying situation that pretty much put me off using any of my Tier 8 ships.
    I would really like to be able to select “no T10 ships/battles please”.
    I personally am a fan of the more historically accurate ships, those from T5 and T6 for example, to realistic ones in T8. The ships in T9 and T10 do not match these characteristics, with too many gadgets, and too much firepower, the game becomes something completely different. I know there is a large group of players who like this, but there are also those like me who don’t like it. I would really like to have the option, especially in “random battles” to limit my participation in teams to T9 ie. no Tier10 ships battles.
    Let them play with themselves, or even T9, but I’m bored of being the cannon fodder in T10 fights.

  20. Beit CVS have figured out that the wide dispersion is dd killer effect. It’s actually worse then russian for dispersion now

  21. I got wrecked by this filth yesterday evening. I was so enraged I immediately exited the game and logged off not to return for the evening. Disgusting and in a relatively good AA cruiser. I lost over 30k HP 1/2 HP from a single strike!

  22. The main issue with the below is I was trying to hug an island (limited gun range) to provide cover fire for teams DD trying to grab the cap and yes was alone with limited maneuverability, so yeah IKR lesson don’t push in, don’t protect or play for the team, play for yourself, blob up and do nothing gr8 fun and engaging game play NOT. Broken the Game.

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